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Pent Roof Larch Garden Buildings


Our Larch garden building range starts first with the basic structure and then various modules can be added to it to create walls, infills, extensions etc.

You can also choose the basic structure and then add your own walls and structures as required.

Larch timber comes from well managed forest and is one of the most durable softwood species. It has a very warm colour and texture. Larch is in great demand for use in building due to being tough, waterproof and high durable qualities: top quality and knot free timber. In central Europe it is viewed as one of the best wood for building houses. It is within the timber durability class of 3 - 4 and is ideal for garden buildings and structures. It is a resinous wood whose heartwood colour exhibits amber pink to reddish brown and if often chosen for it's rich colour. As it ages it will eventually get a weathered look. We can provide very high quality treatments that will allow it to keep it's natural colour so valued.

Below are just a very few examples of what can be accomplished. There are 100's of possible permutations that can be created using this modular system.


Alec Modern Larch Gazebo 440x380cm
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Delivery: 21 - 28 Working Days

Our Alec Modern Roof Larch gazebo which has an overall size of 478 x 380 cm and features a perfectly flat pitch, Supplied with EPDM and a drainage outlet as standard for drainage and open on all sides.

Price: £4,125.36 Save £382.94
Alena XL Modern Larch Gazebo 640x430cm
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Delivery: 21 - 28 Working Days

An Alena extra large flat roof modern gazebo made from larch with two open bays making it very suitable for either a carport or garden gazebo, Supplied as standard with EPDM rubber roofing and a special drainage outlet adapter.

Price: £5,123.36 Save £323.72
Fabio Semi-Enclosed Gazebo
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Delivery: 21 - 28 Working Days

A part-enclosed flat roofed larch garden gazebo in a modern style at 440 x 380 cm, Ideal for a corner location with in the garden backed onto a fence or boundary.

Price: £5,232.36 Save £233.34
Fairbank Three Sided Larch Gazebo
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Delivery: 21 - 28 Working Days

A Three Sided Larch gazebo with a pent roof and featured balustrade half wall, Supplied at an overall size of 478 x 380 cm and comes with EPDM rubber roofing to ensure it remains watertight for many years to come. All cladding for the walls is pre-treated black

Price: £6,023.36 Save £510.07
Falcon Modern XL Gazebo
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Delivery: 21 - 28 Working Days

Featuring a flat style roof this extra large Larch gazebo comes in an impressive size of 640x430cm and is supplied with a fully enclosed rear and a side of your choosing. It arrives with EPDM roofing and a drainage adapter.

Price: £7,012.35 Save £592.93
Gabby XL Pent Larch Gazebo
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Delivery: 21 - 28 Working Days

An Extra large version of our larch three sided gazebo coming in at 678 x 430 cm, Supplied with treated solid walls aswell as a section of balustrade which can be placed at either side. Fitted with EPDM rubber roofing

Price: £7,536.36 Save £602.66