Palma Log Cabin 4x4m

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Alun, Palma Cabin
Oct 15, 2021
Our Palma Cabin was delayed by around 6 weeks, this unfortunately meant we had difficulty getting someone to help with the build to begin with, and the reason I'm awarding 4 stars.
However now it's built we're getting frequent use and everone who comes over is really impressed. Cabin took just under a week to build, that was a few hours per day, and was reasonably easy considering we are DIY tradespeople. Tuin kept you reasonably updated and delivery driver was helpful.
Charles Wood
Jul 9, 2019
Good quality but a little disappointed we still had to buy screws etc, should all be included in the price.
Not a cat in hells chance this could be constructed in a day.
Paul R
Oct 2, 2018
I was about to order a cabin from ******* when the Palma came up up with free shingles. It was a no brainer for me. Thicker walls, better roof material, quicker lead time etc.
I am so glad I did, it's great! The delivery was prompt, and the driver couldn't be any more accommodating getting it to my home.
It went up very well, but you need to watch and re-watch the Youtube videos to compliment the instruction book and drawings.
Would definitely recommend Tuin log cabins.
The only slight disappointment is that the very solid building is let down by the doors. It would be very easy to break in to it. Additional work required here.
James Jack
Apr 30, 2018
Wow! Really sturdy cabin that I am confident will last for much much longer than my previous flimsy shed. Cutting is really accurate which made assembly a pleasure. Disappointed that I had to cut the profiled foundation beam to fit the door - all looked a bit mangled after I'd finished with it - I'd look for a different option than the profiled beam with this cabin next time. Overall very pleased.