Mila Pent Log Cabin 2.9x2.6m

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Mr. Mark Rayden
Oct 7, 2021
Just purchased a Mila shed and after a long wait it arrived. Overall impressed with quality and ease to put together. I assembled this myself, so the areas Tuin need to be clearer on in the plans and instructions are the plan doesn't include the base layer, the central roof beam wasn't numbered correctly on the plan (listed as PR1) which wasnt on the list of parts and the door lock was really tricky to get working (WD40 required). I was careful to ensure all logs were well tamped down but I still had one side gap to roof of nearly an inch to fill. But this is a great product with really solid doors. Would recommend product but the wait (12 weeks) and delivery missed by 24 hours less appealing
Tuin reply: Thanks for the feed back regarding the instructions, It is fair that at times they could be better and we shall keep working with our main depot to make them as clear as possible

We're pleased that despite the small issues and delay you're happy with the result
Patrick Bligh
Jul 17, 2018
Arrived on time. Everything was included, the only unusual item was the roof cover. I had expected a cut to size length of EPDM, but instead there were 3 rolls of aluminium faced self stick rubber. I'm sure it will be fine, but it is very difficult to apply accurately, as there is no adjustment possible once you have positioned it. I queried this but was only given instructions for the EPDM roofing that was not supplied. However, the cabin was straight forward to erect and looks very smart.