Metal Shed Gold - 3.01m x 3.03m

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Ms. Pauly Andersson
Aug 10, 2017
The shed is brilliant, and so worth the effort of putting it together. The colour is perfect - it looks really smart and blends in with the garden. The size is plenty; enough room to get all the normal shed rubbish in and stored around the sides, leaving a large middle area for working in.

Putting it together is laborious (it took 3 of us 2 days to complete - including building a base and boarding out the floor) mainly because many hands are needed to support the panels: Until they are fixed to the frame they are wobbly and need holding up. Once connected, it is a sturdy, watertight, maintenance free building.

One tip I would share is: while you are putting together the base have someone sit and peel all the protective plastic off of the door and roof parts. It's a fiddly, time-consuming job but needs doing before you put them together or you'll have a real problem trying to peel it off around the screws.

The delivery was fast and the shed itself was incredibly well packaged. It's very heavy though, and needs two people to lift.
Mr. Derek FREER
Jun 22, 2016
Would have given this 5 stars if the strengthening bars, purlings and ridges had been in one piece. Instead they all had to be joined in the middle, this is not best practice and weakens the whole structure. I'm assuming this has been done because of packaging and delivery costs. This practice might work on a smaller shed but not a 2.9 x 2.9 shed.
Very disappointed in the flimsy doors, I know metal sheds are not the most secure storage but would have expected something a bit more substantial. I also ran short of plastic washers and screws.
On a positive note it looks smart and will hopefully be low maintenance, however I wish I had paid the extra for a wooden shed.