Metal Shed Silver - 2.38m x 3.01m

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Tom May
Mar 31, 2021
Don't do many of these reviews but hopefully this will help someone.
A good looking shed, no doubt about it. All the customer service from Tuin and the delivery team was outstanding.
It arrives in 2 boxes and looks no way big enough to make a shed! I was initially disappointed with the quality, it seems thin and unlikely to be strong at all, but thankfully that would later change.
DO read the blog before, I didn't, and so laid a probase for my shed giving it nothing to secure it down onto.
Putting it up is no fun (even Tuin say this!) as it is fidly with small screws. It took me and my Dad a day and a halfnon-stop. However, the quality is good; about 97% of the screw holes lined up perfectly (out of 600 odd that quite good!). It became more rigid slowly but I am really pleased with the finished shed.
Adv: Sturdy, extra screws provided (just in case) and design
Disadv: Fidly.
One final note, the additional metal flooring that sits inside the perimeter barely fits i.e. about 5mm is all there is holding it to the perimeter base - not enough to warrant 'flooding with concrete' as they suggest.