Lulea Log Cabin 3x4m

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Mr. tony whyte
Apr 3, 2016
Delivered without issue and on time. What I also like is the providing of spares/extras. Good quality product and erected it all in one day on my own.
Mr. Kevin Cornell
May 20, 2015
Despite the cabin arriving with straight cuts rather than angled corners Tuin arranged for a carpenter to rectify the issue. I'm very glad they did as cosmetically the cabin looks far better which has been commented on by any guest whose visited. Overall, aside from the odd length of wood with an imperfection I'm very pleased with the end result!
Mr. Simon Hall
Dec 12, 2014
I believe these are the best products on the market for the price. The delivery times are good and realistic and the wood used is as good as you can expect. I am still unsure if its pine or spruce. - I am no expert in wood.
I am totally happy with this product, but watch out for these things;
The instructions are utterly hopeless, but this is addressed by their video and web pages. –Watch them while you await a delivery.
Identify EVERY bit of wood when you open the pack. Make sure you know what every bit does. I didn’t and assumed some of the wood was just “packing” and almost threw it away! –this lead to a mistake in my build.
Get your base 100% flat. Over 3 meters no more than 1 centimetre run out. Much more than this and you are in to shims
Expect that some tongues will be snapped or on a knot or will take extra care to fit. Even with a rubber mallet care is needed banging them in.
I was slightly disappointed to see a couple of joins in the wood, so a 4 meter plank had 2 joins as manufactured. This is not ideal.

I am a competent DIY'er and I like to think of average intelligence. I think 4 stars fairly represents this product. Clearer instruction's, no spliced joins and more options for windows and doors etc would have made for 5 stars.
I do recommend this product. I would buy another.