Lukas Log Cabin 4.5x3m with Adjoining Shed in 34mm logs

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Mr. Derek Moir
Jan 28, 2019
I was impressed with the service and delivery when the cabin was delivered we had to carry all the items by hand as no room for fork lift with joiner friend we built the cabin in 3 days then spent another couple of days putting final touches to cabin and very happy with results
B Hull
Sep 22, 2018
I was very pleased with the delivery and of the build quality of the Lukas cabin - went together well with no missing bits. It is also fair to say that I did regret my choice of cabin. I was really keen to get a combined storage /cabin so there was a limited choice in this size. Because of the rather sharp angles of the roof , inside the cabin it feels smaller than it need given its footprint . Obvious now but so difficult to visualise when choosing on the net. If I was purchasing again I would probably choose the flat roofed Helge . Also I would not go for the floorboards - which do look fantastic. It took my builder more time to fit these than large sheets of plywood ( also cheaper) which would have worked as I am covering with lino / carpet ( which Tuin do mention in their blog which I read too late!). I would also buy the guttering - I didn't at the time of purchase so had to rush to the DIY store so they could be fitted - however the downpipes are 'dangling' while I think of a fix due to not being able to affix to the walls because of the roof overhang .
Mr. Halil Enver
Apr 11, 2017
Looks great built. Fairly easy to construct. Pleased I didn't pay someone and did it myself.
The kit is a lump and so if you are not ready to construct it you need to consider where it will be stored. Final product is good quality and looks the part.
Jun 14, 2014
Excellent value product and build quality, one item unfortunately had a cut out for a joint on the wrong side but a little cut soon fixed the issue. I would suggest you make sure you have a couple of tarps available as you really need to unpack the kit and lay it out in order to aid build so may need to cover parts at night time or in case of rain. Neighbour has already been on web site looking for his own purchase !