Log Cabin Camping Pod 2.33m x 4m - Double Glazed

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Mrs. Liz Overs Pearson
Jul 17, 2016
I am really happy with the pod. It looks fantastic and is a great space inside. The delivery was inflexible so I arranged for someone to be here all day, but in the end they delivered without even knocking on the door. You definitely need woodworking skills and equipment to put it up. My carpenter neighbour has done a great job. It is very sturdy.
Ms. Genevieve PARKES
Nov 13, 2015
The pod arrived safely and the driver was very helpful. I would have preferred an hour's notice of arrival rather than 30 minutes as I was on my way to the tip with a carload of wood from the old shed. The quality is as described and the pod looks very handsome. Some finishing work is necessary as there is air penetration between the window frame and the double glazed window. Thank you for the spare materials (in case of mistakes when building). The constant rain so far has interfered with my full enjoyment of the pod in my garden but I look forward to using it as a 'summer'house soon.