Log Cabin Air Vent

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Mrs. Susan Goddard
Oct 18, 2021
We bought a Nilsson log cabin from you - everything has been great - however one of the doors had a crack in the glass when we were unpacking - you ordered a new pane of glass which was delivered last week - still very surprised that we had to change the pane ourselves! Ok it was fine my husband did it but what if I had been in my own - no tools who would have done it then ? Considering it was damaged goods on arrival !!
Other than that everything has been good
Tuin reply: Thank you for the feedback and overall i'm glad you were pleased with the purchase,

I can understand the feelings towards the glass, We do our best to package these things so they do not arrive cracked, thankfully however they are designed to be very easily interchangeable on purpose just incase.

Keir Allen
Mar 11, 2018
Quality is fine but very small. I'd suggest that for the money you might wish to source elsewhere