Log Cabin Air Vent

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Thomas Mellish
Jun 27, 2017
poor quality and expensive
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We would be interested to know where the quality fails, please could you elaborate?

After much research and trying to source the best product for a log size the price is adequate. We think this is not bad value compared to those in the market. We do advise though you can source alternative styles and designs locally which maybe suitable at alternative prices.

Certainly if a customer finds a better, suitable product we would be interested in it and sourcing it as an alternative. We have though tried our best with this vent so it is suitable in our opinion in size, quality and suitability.

We would appreciate your thoughts on how the quality can be improved, the price and suitability and look forward to hearing from you.
Leonard Jenkins
Aug 20, 2016
All very well in explaining the need for a vent but what about some advice on fitting? Do you drill holes in the logs or cut out a lump with a jigsaw. Might seem obvious to some but not to me. I've bought two and need advice on how to prepare the logs prior to screwing in the plates, I presume one inside and one outside. And where is the best place to fit them?
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, please see the product page for advice on how to fit them: https://www.tuin.co.uk/Log-Cabin-Air-Vent.html

For additional advice on ventilation and the location please see this page: https://www.tuin.co.uk/blog/ventilation-in-log-cabins/

If we can help any further please let us know.