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Log Cabin Air Vent

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Mr. Mark Thoreau
Oct 12, 2020
Recently bought summerhouse from Tuin and advised to install air vent to assist with airflow and a damp free cabin, especially as now heading to the winter months.
Turned to Tuin again for their Air Vent product, as a natural choice.
Easy to order product via website. Very fast dispatch.
Fitted into log cabin easily taking recommendation from Tuin site for best place to fit to maximise effectiveness of air vent flow.
Once again really pleased with service, advice, and A competitively priced Quality product.
Would highly recommend.
Daniel Toombes
Apr 28, 2020
Great sturdy little air vent for myt Emma corner cabin.

After a little advice from the guys at Tuin, I decided to fit this in the overhang. I don't expect to be using my cabin during the winter months so took Tuin's advice and fitted one as part of the build. Will be happy to order another if I feel a little more air flow is needed later on down the line.

So far so good ! Simple to fit and comes complete with screws.
Mr. Robert MacKinnon
Mar 30, 2020
We had an issue with a dusty mould settling on the back rests on two leather couches that we have in our recently purchased Agnes. However, after a quick look on the helpful Tuin website, which recommended fitting tuin vents, we purchased and installed two vents, and within a week the mould disappeared. Delighted with the quality of the vents and the clear information on the website. Well done Tuin.
Steve Cornes
Mar 24, 2020
Easy to install and looks nice in situ. As essential addition to the maintain air flow and reduce moisture build up. Recommended!
Mr. Robert MacKinnon
Mar 14, 2020
Had a slight problem with mould on a leather chair I had placed in my new Agnes cabin. I consulted the very helpfull website, which advised me to purchase the Tuin vents. After installing the quality vents, I have no further problems with mould.
Thanks Tuin!!
Peter Snodgrass
Jan 23, 2020
After researching cabin maintenance online and reading the Tuin blog it was obvious that these were essential to maintain the cabin in best conditions. The vents are fit for purpose and suggest you recommend them for all cabins.
Mrs. Jo
Jan 20, 2020
Excellent a bit pricey though
Neil Paxman
Dec 31, 2019
This is a good looking vent cover set specifically sized to fit inside one log width of a cabin. It is a little expensive given that it doesn’t include a fly screen, but it fits perfectly, is made of aluminium (rather than plastic) and is simple to install.
I did look elsewhere but couldn’t find anything similar on the market so bought this. Very happy with installed product as looks really nice on the building.
Mr. Philip Heath
Nov 21, 2019
This was just a second vent as I thought two were a better idea, despatched and received quickly. I cannot recommend Tuin highly enough. They also replaced two double glazed windows that were discovered to be cracked when work started and the log cabin was unpacked.
Be aware that you must keep all the labelling and notes in case of damage.
Mr. Keith Taylor
Oct 14, 2019
Dispatched as soon as ordered. Small but solid. Nothing fancy about it but fits perfectly on one log and although it’s just an air vent actually looks pretty good.
Mr. Tom Baxter
Jul 15, 2019
The air vents are great, do exactly as expected and look smart against the wood.
Mr. Andy Thomson
Jul 1, 2019
Nice and easy to install for a diy'er(fits the height of a single log) and looks really good too.
Mr. David Reed
May 11, 2019
the air vent, although small, is good quality and easy to install. It should be sufficient for its purpose.
Mr. James Rose
Apr 23, 2019
Quick delivery, exactly as described and easy to fit!
Mr. David Mmorden
Feb 25, 2019
Simple to fit. Look good.
Feb 16, 2019
Quickly despatched and of a high quality steel
Mr. Graham Keith Patrick
Jan 17, 2019
This is a pretty basic peiece of kit but it does was it is designed for. It comes in two pieces which look easy to fit but obviously you need to drill a hole to allow air to pass through the vent. It is suggested to use a piece of fly gauze in the middle to keep out creepy crawlies. Maybe one of these coul;d be included but it isn't. That said, I'm happy with my purchase.
James Stewart
Jan 14, 2019
Excellent size, let's just enough air in with one fixed at the front and one at the back. Again excellent product and fantastic service from tuin.
Mrs. Elaine Carnell
Dec 14, 2018
The air vents arrived quickly and were easy to fit. We ordered some wire mesh from online to stop unwanted critters getting in. We’ve already noticed a difference as the windows don’t condensate on the inside now. Well worth having
Mr. Nigel Strang
Nov 14, 2018
Spot on! As imagined and is already in place above the kitchenette sink/hob unit in our Tuin Clock House.
Jamie Nolan
Mar 30, 2018
Bought a couple of these vents, nice and small so don't look out of place, and will keep your log cabin nicely ventilated. I fitted some fly mesh inside of mine to keep the bugs out. Good buy.
Mr. jo chan
Mar 1, 2018
Solid built and works exactly as described. Not the cheapest but happy to pay for better quality
Jan 29, 2018
Excellent product which does exactly what it says on the tin! I purchased two vents for my newly-erected cabin (also bought via Tuin) as they had been recommended to me as a good idea whilst fitting-out the cabin. Very happy with product and service.
Mr. Chris Thatcher
Jan 13, 2018
Nice finish well made product just the thing to put on a well made log cabin to allow to breath I have fitted one up high and one at floor level so cabin can breath parts where delivered from stock promptly
Rob Lenton
Jan 12, 2018
Excellent quality .Excellent service YET AGAIN
Steve Hyland
Jan 2, 2018
Great product. Arrived quickly and is perfectly sized to fit the slats in my log cabin.

Most of the vents available from my local chain DIY stores weren't actually suitable for outdoor use, so I was really pleased to find these from Tuin.

The condensation problems I'd had in the cabin have all but vanished since I installed these air vents.

You'll need to source some meshing to use with these vents to stop bugs getting in.

All in all - good product, and the good communication and speedy delivery from Tuin means I wouldn't hesitate using them again.
Mr. Alan Weston
Dec 28, 2017
I hesitated buying these vents because of the price but after fitting two pairs of these, I am very pleased with the result. They are smaller than I imagined and quite discreet. Very nice that the vents are made of aluminium, much better then plastic!
Mr. craig stevenson
Dec 10, 2017
Well made vents , look good and should last a very long time
Would buy again.
Graham Palmer
Nov 28, 2017
Very good. There are no instructions so at first I was going to jigsaw a rectangle out of the cabin but then read some stuff on the Tuin website and found you only need to drill a couple of holes - nice and easy!
Jenny Fells
Nov 26, 2017
care and protect wood protection was easy to use and hopefully will give our log cabin full protection against the weather. The Window box is attractive and well designed. The air vents are compact and will hopefully provide sufficient ventilation to keep our garden furniture free from mold
Mr. Scott Sanderson
Nov 3, 2017
Got two of these for a Christoffer log cabin and they were exactly as described and very easy to fit. Highly recommend.
Michael Baker
Oct 14, 2017
Attractive, compact vents. I installed these us near the apex and a set of open/shut vents low-down on an opposite wall. Definately helps to reduce the condensation on the windows.
Mr. Tony Slade
Oct 5, 2017
Useful addition to our new build, going to be using the 'summerhouse' as a mini gym and the ventilation is a must ....easy to fit and quality product.
Mr. Peter Galpin
Sep 3, 2017
I drilled two 70mm holes high up on diagonally opposite walls , fitted soffit vents both sides of each wall and finished off with the Tuin plates which look very neat.
Michael Craig
Aug 31, 2017
Very useful item to have. Easy to fit
Mrs. Vivienne Clucas
Jun 6, 2017
Lovely product
Mr. Stephen Gould
May 23, 2017
Purchased two pairs of these for log cabin .They are high quality and worth the money and now they are fitted they look really good unlike cheaper plastic ones available in the diy with confidence you won't regret it
Sally Barker
Mar 10, 2017
Quick delivery, with free postage. Vents look good, are easy to fit and do the job intended
Mrs Lucas
Feb 3, 2017
Vents is sturdy and well made. Fits within width of one beam (most others I have seen don't). Perhaps a little too expensive.
Mr. Giles Winter
Jan 7, 2017
This is an excellent addition to my Peter 3x3m cabin. In fact I have bought 2 and this ensure a good circulation of air and it has helped stop condensation through these winter months.
Mr. Damian Lawlor
Sep 1, 2016
Great product, easy to fit and doesn't look out of place
Mr. paul lewis
Aug 24, 2016
dones what it says on the tin! placed them on opposite sides of cabin .very tidy ,glad we ordered them
mike parry
Jun 19, 2016
Although slightly expensive I am very pleased with the vents and like the fact that they will allow our Jos log cabin to 'breath'.
The screws provided are stainless steel, vents are aluminium.
I have also fitted black plastic mesh to creep insects out.
They look very neat and fit within one log height which makes them ideal.
martin powis
Jun 6, 2016
The air vent for my cabin came quickly without any postage cost.It was compete and looks nice on the cabin
More importantly staff were extremely helpful when I asked some questions about ventilation which was difficult to find elsewhere
Mr. Peter Kibble
May 10, 2016
Had some moisture build up in my new Hugo shed and so ordered these vents. Look good and well made. They don’t come with an insect filter but cheaply solved by fitting a fine mesh to the back of the vent. Problem solved!
Mr. pete hinde
Apr 26, 2016
I've checked out other vents and look poor. This is perhaps a little more expensive but look the bee's knees. Pete (Brampton)
Mr. Tom McCarthy
Mar 30, 2016
Was worried about moisture build up so ordered the vents. Nice, decorative and just the right size.
warren button
Mar 11, 2016
A simple effective solution to ventilating your cabin at a reasonable price! Simples!
Feb 22, 2016
Very good quality and value for money. A little bit smaller than I expected but this only adds to the look
Nov 27, 2015
Good quality air vent. purchased 2 of them to stop my log cabin getting damp/condensation.
Mr. richard hastings
Nov 2, 2015
First class service.
Mr. Nick Humphries
Oct 29, 2015
I looked around for air vents to complete my log cabin but could only find flimsy metal ones. These are very neat and fairly solid and fit easily in one of the logs. They don't have an insect filter so I used some fine metal gauze on the inside which covered the holes which I had drilled.They are quite expensive but I feel that it is worth it to get the right ones.
Mr. Brian Davison
Aug 28, 2015
I added this as a little air flow is good to keep things dry
Tom Russell
Mar 4, 2015
Great product. Well made and looks modern, clean and simple. I've used these for a shed rather than a log cabin and they have reduced moisture already. Very pleased.
Kathryn Robertson
Feb 28, 2015
A very worthwhile addition to the log cabin.Keeps air flowing nicely.Not expensive either.Glad I had one installed.
Feb 10, 2015
Good quality and more importantly fits the logs perfectly. Just punched a couple of vents with a hole saw before fitting.
Dec 30, 2014
I have already left a review for my log cabin but had the need to order 2 air vents at short notice. I contacted Tuin by email (after 7pm) and Richard was still working and replied immediately. Richard personally dealt with the order and sent it first class the next morning so that it was ready and waiting for the installation team a few days later. Air vents are two sided which look nicer as air holes are not seen in the inside of the cabin - easy to install.

Excellent service again from Tuin and another great product.
Mr. Keith Harrison
Sep 7, 2014
A useful addition to the log cabin, the extremes of temperature from the sun on the roof during the day and then the cooler nights mean that ventilation is essential to avoid condensation. I wish I'd bought 2 kits!
Mrs wilson
Aug 29, 2014
This product does the job and is unobtrusive
David Coates
Aug 21, 2014
Very good quality and easy to fit.
Keith tickle
Aug 21, 2014
The quality was fine but the vent is a bit on the dear side, I thought it should have come with some sort of insect barrier.
Mark F
Aug 7, 2014
Does what is is supposed too, solid and decent quality.
Mr. Kevin Charlesworth
Mar 14, 2014
to expensive for what they are.
Mr. susan norona
Mar 3, 2014
I was very happy with these airvents, sometimes items like these are hard to find and they will do the job perfectly, thank you for an efficient service.