Larch Pent Garden Building Type Six

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Mr. David Gandy
Aug 29, 2019
Oslo Pent Roof XL with rear a side panels
The order took a little longer than i had hoped to be authorised and added into the system so the base was well and truly ready when it did arrive. The delivery driver found us on Google Earth (we are tucked away in leafy Devon) and found himself a suitable place to offload two enormous pallets (5m Long) and then forklift them along the lane to my property. He really was fantastic, placing them in my barn out of the weather. I took my time to unload and sort the pallets first and check each item off. I was impressed with the quality of the timber and the precision cutting of each piece. Using the videos on your website gave me much useful inside information regarding construction as the documentation takes some time to get used to. All of the data one needs to get things started is there but I found myself having to make lots of calculations to be sure I was using the right lengths of timber in the right places (there were 3 different sizes of most parts and i was trying not to have all of my joints in a line to aid stability). It all worked out well in the end and looks fantastic. I would recommend this type of building to anyone. I have certainly had lots of positive feedback from those who have viewed it so far. One can always find something to gripe about if one looks hard enough but overall I am most pleased with the product and the support offered by the website. Staff that I spoke to at the telephone were pleasant and helpful too. Thanks a lot Tuin - you did well.