Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m

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Ellen Froggatt
Feb 13, 2021
Delighted with our Justine shed which forms part of a very successful re-landscaping project for our garden. The landscaping company carried out the construction and have done an excellent job. It was apparently very straightforward to construct and we are more than pleased with the outcome. The friendly Dutch delivery driver was also very efficient and helpful in unloading the pallet.
Roland Neal
May 15, 2020
Ordering my cabin was really easy through a good website. Delivery was excellent on the week that I selected. The driver was very helpful and polite. When the lorry was unloaded some damaged components were noticed. The driver took photos and said that he would report them. I also did this. Replacement components arrived really quickly. I had a slab base prepared set up with a lazer level which is crucial. I painted the logs before building with Sadolin Classic to ensure the timber was sealed from the weather. The cabin went together very easily with exception to one long log. This was twisted like an aeroplane propellor. I reported this and a new log was sent out the next day. Some logs had some fairly severe shrinkage cracks but I sealed them with Sadolin. I constructed most of the cabin on my own up to roof level. My son then helped me with the roof timbers . The cabin went together relatively easy. We was a bit apprehensive about fitting the roof tiles but but once set out all went well. I am really pleased with my cabin. The only negative points are: The window stays & door handle are very cheaply made. I bought better replacements. The windows and doors are adjusted to fit by turning the hinges which is not easy especially on your own.
The positive points are: excellent delivery and after sales service, good website, easy to build. Good company to buy from.
Mr. Stephen Riley
Oct 7, 2019
I've just unpacked my Justine Log Cabin 5 x 2.5m kit and please although one log was damaged in transit. I ordered this cabin as this was one of the few longer shallow depth cabins on the market. Although a lower mid-range price and specification all timbers were machined well and straight (I was concerned about this having read complaints about other makers!). The double glazed windows and doors are quite basic but could be improved easily. Considering that the roof shingles were included in the price I think it is good value for money when compared to others.
Mrs. Lyndsay White
Jul 4, 2018
I was very impressed with the whole of the delivery service; the driver was very professional and helpful and it was delivered at the agreed time.
We are pleased with the quality of the materials and we built the cabin in a day with two people working on it. The only negative has been that some of the logs are still oozing sap and this has delayed the painting process and the ability to use the cabin. Other than this, we would definitely recommend Tuin for their quality and excellent service.
Mr. Scott Moody
Mar 29, 2018
Good product is now been used as the wife’s office/clinic perfect size with quality material only took 1 day to erect on sleepers
Mr. Peter Beaney
Aug 29, 2017
I decided to paint the logs before erecting the cabin as i wouldn't have access to 2 sides after it was built. that took a couple of weeks but the bonus was that i became familiar with all the component parts, so when it came to assembly it went up fairly easily, with only a few small problems, one of which was a poorly machined log at one end, which i sorted myself with a drill and plane.
All in all it's very good value for money, the information available on the website is very comprehensive, covering all aspects of the build so i took the time to read it all several times which was well worth the effort.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Tuin.
Graham Higson
Apr 9, 2017
.We wanted some workshop space in our back garden and chosethe 5 x 3m Aiste log cabin, which we almost ordered, but on re-measuring theproposed site we decided that the 3m depth would be restrictive for accessaround the back –there wouldn't be enough room to paint it, let alone fit the roof. Fortunately,Tuin makes a slightly smaller model, the Justine, at 5 x 2.5m, which would fitperfectly.

The land there has a slope and is rather steeper than itlooks. A concrete base wasn't an option. This is why we chose to use gardendecking as a base for the cabin because the supports could be made to suit.Okay, so you're probably wondering why we would go to the expense of usingdecking boards, only to be covered up. Good point. We bought rejected boards at an incredibly low price and thereason we wanted these was to provide extra underfloor protection from rodents,especially as we would be using tasty foam insulation beneath the cabin'sfloorboards.

When the cabinwas delivered, we never heard the massive lorry arrive; the driver expertlyreversed up our cul-de-sac and used the amazing forklift truck to unload our5m-plus pallet, bringing it sideways up the drive. Impressive indeed, and Itold him so.

It took a coupleof days, during wet and windy Pennine weather, to get to the bottom of thepallet, following the advice to stack the components in size order. We kept theroof boards and the double doors in the garage, the two window units in anestate car, and the other parts close to the building site, making the gardenlook like a timber yard.

For peace ofmind, we chose to use composite foundation beams. The idea is the put the firstrow of all four walls together, square up, then mark where to cut the beampieces that would fit between the base and the first row. Well, that's not easyas the timber is difficult to keep still on the beam's sloping profile. Thecorners also need to be mitred in order to make satisfactory joints, and I feelthis could have been cut by the supplier – then the beam pieces could have beenlaid in place, squared, fastened down to the base and the log cabin could bebuilt on top.

The instructions – that were generic, and not specific to the cabin design – didn't mention whether it was okay to fasten down the foundationbeam, nor if fastening the first row of logs to the beam was acceptable. Theanswer was not to be found in any of the online instructional pages, but in an answer to a query posted by anothercustomer. And yes, screwing the first row to the foundation beam is okay.

After this, thewalls were built quickly and without problems, and I put this down to our basebeing level and square. It took me and my wife 3 days to get to the point ofbeing ready to fit the roof boards. This was because we were frequentlyrained-off and, due to strong winds, delayed fitting the windows until we couldbe certain to complete the wall section that would secure them in place. Wheneventually we got around to hanging the doors, they went on perfectly. We willbe fitting draught strip to these and the windows after painting.

I fitted the roofboards in the rain, working mostly from inside. Fitting the felt shingles tookanother 3 days, largely because the wind threatened to rip away the underlaythat I chose to use between the boards and the shingles. We are rather exposedhere, and the extra protection was to set my mind at rest. Accessing the roofwas tricky because of the uneven ground, so wherever we moved the stepladderblocks were required to make it level and safe.

We have sincefitted the floor, with 40mm insulation between the joists, resting on 5mmstrips of wood to provide an air gap. These were cut from the packing piecesthat were included on the shipping pallet. This is one aspect of the productthat I liked: Tuin isn't mean with stuff; there's plenty of packing and extrabits and pieces included.

At this verymoment, we are slowly getting the outside painted: 3 coats on many surfaces,with breaks for wet weather. And the same for each section of bargeboard andtheir tops. This is the painfully slow part, but we're getting there. Furtherinstructions regarding the roof-edge reinforcements would have been helpful. Onepack of floor joists with finger joints hadn't been glued and, until theshingles were fitted, a number of roof timbers leaked through the fingerjoints. The joining of short pieces of timber to make longer lengths may bewhere economies are made in order to offer a cabin like this at such anattractive price.

We are happy withthe overall quality of the cabin, and the ordering/delivery side was easy. Whenbuilding, I did comment that it would be an idea if, for an extra payment (ofcourse), there were an option to have the logs treated before despatch. Then Isaw that this is indeed available. At least we are using a breathable exteriorpaint that should provide us with years of protection on this Pennine hillside.

This is going tobe one smart workshop!
Mr. Tim Hutchinson
Jun 13, 2016

A superbly designed and easy to build log cabin. The extensive blog's are a must to read through and we revisited bits throughout the build. The walls and roof were constructed in a day without any real problems. There was minimal effort required with most logs slotting together without excessive force needed. The floor and shingle roof over a further two days. As the blogs say, trust the instructions and all will be fine. The completed cabin still makes me smile when I look out of my kitchen window! Thank you Tuin!


There was a two week delay in delivery due to stock shortage; annoying BUT Tuin were in regular contact and did deliver when they had stock and on the day that had been agreed.

The generic floor pack made for hard work with additional effort required to make the joists out of 5 lengths to span the 4.7m internal length. Furthermore, the floorboards were just 10cms short of a full width which lead to much cutting slowing the build down. It would have been preferable to pay more and receive a tailored package. Additionally, the quality of some of the boards were poor which lead us to pick and choose which were scrapped and which were used. Admittedly the floor looks good and is solid and fit for purpose.

Overall a great experience and I would most definitely recommend Tuin to anyone reading this review.