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Jami Log Cabin with Shed Annexe 3x4.4m

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Mr. Roderick Benoist
Jan 13, 2020
Overall, very pleased with the service from TUIN from order to build completion. The cabin is well manufactured and easy to assemble and much great advice on the Tuin pages - Thank you :) The main criticism I have is with the build instructions. The double glazed, double door, detail for a corner door requires a sectional view of the frame assembly from end of wall log to frame insert and finishers to eliminate any ambiguity! The other issue for me is fixing the eaves boards and guttering requires a batten to fix to, but the way the roof panels are constructed will require an amount 'trimming' to make a neat job or several cut lengths. A comprehensive list of additional screws would be a benefit too I feel. Many thanks TUIN, I have already recommended you to a colleague :)
Oct 25, 2019
Great delivery with friendly helpful driver who maneuvered it through a narrow lane to get it as close as possible to our middle terraced back garden. Arrived in 1 huge package!
Now have it (mostly) finished. Most of the time was spent on the foundations and on the details - roofing shingles, doors, flooring, varnish etc. Actually putting together the walls and roof panels was remarkably quick and easy - essentially 1 day with 3 people, although with all the details its taken a fair bit longer in total.
It seems good quality, nice thick wood that all went together well (with a bit of encouragement in places!), some generally minor splits and cracks as to be expected in bits of wood but the only one that was actually an issue was a split where a door hinge was screwed into door, but we were able to fix this with some wood glue and it seems OK now, if it doesn't hold the company has seemed friendly so far so id imagine they will help us sort it. The paper instructions in the package weren't that clear - but if you combine with the videos and descriptions on this site it is quite easy. But i'm being picky here - its the first of these we have done so don't have anything to compare to, but it has generally met or exceeded expectations and all above are minor niggles.
Now its up it looks great and seems solid, it looks like it will survive the Scottish winter no bother. Having double glazing is brilliant. We put it on a timber frame base and have then insulated the floor and lain a laminate flooring and it seems to hold its heat fairly well. We haven't yet had the chance to use it much but are looking forward to it.
If we were looking for another garden building we would definitely strongly consider another Tuin purchase and would (and have already) recommend to others.
Mr. Stewart Maclean
Aug 27, 2019
Ordering the Cabin and additional items I had chosen was very straight forward and easy. The delivery was on schedule and completed very efficiently. Once unpacked and all parts were laid out and identified as per the instruction brochure. Although I did manage by following the manual I believe the quality of the instructions could have been of better quality. Also, this was wet and had to be dried out carefully before separating the pages. I had laid a large concrete base for the cabin which was made large enough for an area of decking next to it. I then laid the foundation beams on the concrete and pinned down after ensuring it was perfectly level and square. Erecting the cabin was then very easy and went together much easier than expected to be honest. The hardest part for me was the roof panels but with a little time to ensure they were in place on the outside with the inside also uniform to the roof trusses it fitted perfect. I was very impressed that the doors and windows fitted perfectly with minimal adjustments being required. Only one thing missing was a set of door handles, I reported this to the Tuin help line and within 2 days I had a new set of handles which matched the other set. I would have absolutely no hesitation on recommending this product line to anyone I know. I upgraded to the 25mm flooring, I was surprised to find they came in 2.5m lengths which is less than the width of the cabin so a lot of cutting had to be done to complete the flooring but there was plenty of extra boards so this wasn’t an issue.
Mr. Andrew Smith
May 26, 2018
I am very pleased with the quality of the log cabin. It arrived on time and the driver was very helpful with final drop point on my driveway.
I did have a couple of logs that curved lengthways but when assembled, displayed no gaps between the joints.
I have erected this myself but am not a builder or carpenter, however I found the hardest part was the first few rows along the base. I found after that it was like Lego to put together.
I would recommend placing the components and logs as close to the finished site as possible as they are heavy after a while. I also found that you need two people to lift the door and window frames into place. However, the fit was perfect.
It was fun to put together and I cannot wait to start using it.
Mrs. biddy ross
May 24, 2018
I love my cabin. My grandsons can sleep in it when they visit … hurrah!
The after sales help and advice have been brilliant too.
David Fallow
May 2, 2018
Good product! Excellent service and delivery. Timber in walls is first class, flooring and roof acceptable. Only problem was moisture in one of the double glazed panels and that was promptly resolved.
Ken Pickering
Apr 30, 2018
Tuin Jami Log Cabin Review 1Q 2018:-

Order process was straightforward although a question – asked twice – whether nails were provided remained unanswered!

Delivery was as scheduled and VERY efficiently implemented by delivery firm. No breakages although floor packages whilst shrink wrapped and generous in quantity, were very wet inside to the extent that green/black mould on several of the T&G planks meant that they disregarded for more attractive replacements.

Use of ground screws for the foundation appears to be fairly unusual, but installation was fairly seamless prior to creating a level ring beam of tantalised timber in-filled with insulating foam slabs on which the Jami was erected.

A hope of building this by myself was quickly dispelled once the 4-5th row was reached as the sheer weight of the 58mm logs required the services of a friendly neighbour (also a Tuin owner!) to lift the beams to the higher elevations.

Many, MANY viewings of the videos for the shingle installations resulted in an easy fit, although a switch in the weather from the earlier cold spell to something more approaching habitable conditions meant the shingles also switched from stiff un-wielding ‘planks’ to soft, flexible, much more easy to handle items!

Electrics are being fitted and once the monsoon has passed and the timber dried out then painting will begin – enlisting the extended family – willing or otherwise.

The quality of the cut timber answers the question of are the Tuin cabins good value for money and the real questions is would I buy another or recommend them to others – a resounding yes to both.
(photos & a time lapse video of the ground screw installation is available)
Mr. Simon Steer
Mar 27, 2018
What a fantastic product! I couldn't be happier with my cabin!

It arrived within the time slot given and was dropped off as close as i could get it to the rear of my property. Due to how my house sites it was 6 hours of carrying all the wood through the alley way that leads to my house, so that was day one!

After constructing a base the cabin simply flew up, reaching above 6 foot by the end of day one!

We finished the physical build the next day and then took a day to shingle the roof.

I have since added a lovely wooden floor and wired electrics into what is now my office, I have also added a layer of decking around the outside with some LED lights to really finish off the look

The instructions could have been clearer and we at times a little limited, but any decent DIY'er will be able to understand what is required

For anyone worried about taking on such a build, myself and my wife constructed the cabin with no help from others (she has no DIY experience)

I would highly recommend and would definitely purchase again if I move house
Mr. Austin Short
Nov 8, 2017
I have just completed, painted and fitted out my Jami chalet and thoroughly enjoyed the whole process. I deliberately took my time and certainly needed a couple of tarpaulins juring the many rainy periods, however I was very impressed with the quality, packaging and organisation of the materials. When I did need some advice the staff at Tuin could not have been more helpful and the finished effort looks great. Thank you Tuin.
Michael Walmsley
Jul 17, 2017
Excellent product quality and everything fits like a glove, if you follow the instructions and use common sense.

Initially had a problem with an uneven concrete base, mainly because the Jami cabin needs such a large base and the contractors shuttering was a little unstable. Solved by placing a single row of engineering bricks which were much easier to level and lay to the precise footprint. They also look nice with the recycled plastic foundation beams. Had to take a lot of care cutting the recycled foundation beams to get it precisely square and with neat corner mitres.

Had a particular problem with the corner door. Also found that I had to cut (nibble away) the rear upstand off the recycled beam at the internal wall position and doorways for everything to sit at the right level. Made a cardboard template of the corner doorway to ensure that I cut as little of the rear upstand as possible.

Would recommend that at least two people are involved in the wall building unless the cabin is quite small. Three people are really needed for the roof to make the task easier and accurate. Time spent building this 4.270 x 2.860 log cabin so far is; 1. Accepting delivery - 1 Man Hour. 2. Unpacking and carrying (manually) 1.4 tonnes of timber from delivery position at front of house to site at bottom of rear of garden (approx 50/60 metres), checking delivery and protecting from weather - 9 Man Hours. 3. Assembling and squaring 2 double door frames - 3 Man Hours 4. Wall building inc. windows and doors - 10 Man Hours. 5. Partial Roof framework build - 6 Man Hours 6. Estimated time to complete roof framework (diagonals) and 12 roof panels involving inserting 120 torq screws is another 6 to 8 Man Hours.

After that, I need to think about roof and floor insulation before fixing shingles and floor beams/boards. It should be noted that some time has been spent in protecting the parts from extremely poor weather experienced following delivery of the shed and during initial construction. I purchased four large tarpaulins for storage outside.

The process has been extremely satisfying and volunteer labour from retired friends was no problem as curiosity got the better of them. I've sent two e-mails to Tuin to clarify some uncertainties and got quick and satisfactory responses both times. After sales service has been excellent. I found the instructions a little basic and some thought/reasoning is required, or ask Tuin if you are uncertain. I have an electric supply to the cabin so I am now looking forward to completing the build and fitting out internally. Most importantly my wife is pleased and my neighbours are not unhappy with my small garden development.

Michael Walmsley Lancashire
Mr. James Milne
Jun 1, 2017
The Jami cabin I bought was fantastic value for money and was easy to assemble. Well designed and very sturdy. Can't say anything negative about this product it's all good
Mr. Phil Dickinson
May 12, 2017
Excellent product, easy to assemble, spent a lot of time getting the base right before starting so it went well.
emma crozier-davis
Apr 20, 2017
Very impressed with the Jami cabin, I purchased this to use the larger area as a playroom for the children with a long term use as a hangout place when the get older. The shed side is perfect for all our storage with the height allowing for plenty of shelving. The structure is solid with double glazing in the windows and doors, retains heat really well. The whole service from Tuin was excellent from purchase to delivery, the whole structure delivered in perfect order, and communication was fantastic. I used a Tuin recommended person to erect it and a fantastic job has been done. Friends are so impressed with the Jami cabin that they are seriously thinking of investing in a Tuin product. It is an investment, if you ensure that you treat it with the correct products it will last a lifetime. Tuin thank you
steve deriziotis
Mar 25, 2017
I believe we made the best choice.Quality 5 stars.Delivery 5 stars.Installation 5 stars+.In 5 hours they finished.Very professional team.The cabin looks grate.