Hedvig Log Cabin 3.8x5.8m

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Owen Jones
Feb 3, 2021
It's brilliant !!
We put it up ourselves which was a great experience. It mostly went to plan!
We made a couple of mistakes, but when we re-read the instructions a few times we understood what we should have done. Would definitely advise reading the instructions a few times before you start and again once you've sorted out all of the parts ready to start building.
Mr. Peter Thompson
Nov 8, 2018
Five stars for the selection choice and info on the website, the order process, payment and delivery. Apart from the detailed build instructions being only A5 size the construction went very well. We spent a long time getting the door to close properly and sorting the roofing edging finish but overall we are very very happy with the finished product. Well done Tuin. Hartelijk Dank.
Mrs. Eva Beadle
Sep 6, 2018
Very happy with the Hedvig Log Cabin. My son build it and has almost finished, just the floor (insulated) decking and painting to be done. It took a bit longer as he had to fit it in with his work.Once the base was built the cabin went up very quickly and smoothly. it is going to be my art/studio. I am 78 so could not be much help apart from encouragement. Anybody who wants a summerhouse go for a Tuin Log Cabin, easy to put up and looks great.Thank you. Eva
Mrs. Kay Roney
Dec 30, 2016
First class service from start to finish. Easy to order, delivered on time, driver was very helpful and so easy to slot together. I would recommend to anyone, I am thrilled with my cabin. Thank you Tuin.
Simon Longland
Sep 20, 2016
The quality of the log cabin was fantastic. I decided to build my own base, and using the measurements supplied by Tuin, the cabin fitted exactly. It was very easy to put together. Once you've laid the first row, it's very intuitive putting down the rest of the timbers. The only nails were in the roof slats, as the tongue and groove is very sturdy. I'd recommend the cabin due to the quality and value.
Mr. Gary Wragg
Aug 10, 2016
Delivery was on time, including excellent communications with driver and incredibly efficient and accurate offloading and placement. Having pre laid a concrete base I built the cabin single handed, with just a little help with the apex sections, in two days. It went together well and apart from a few log sections that had a slight twist ( due to the natural material ) which needed a little persuasion. They are both strong and elegant buildings and very serviceable. My only comment would be to suggest buyers should opt for the pre-formed plastic foundation rail as the standard 100x50 timber version is not so good. my neighbour has the plastic version so I could compare.
Perhaps Tuin should only offer the plastic version as standard. My brother in law has also purchased a Tuin cabin on my recommendation and is equally pleased.
Mr. Kevin Gray
Mar 17, 2015
What a great fun experience. Delivered on time. Delivery all correct and exactly on time, loaded onto our driveway as requested. my wife and I had no previous experience of this kind of work, (I am a pipefitter welder and my wife worked in insurance for many years). We followed all of Richards' advice, watched the install videos twice then unpacked and checked all items were present and correct, read the plans and instructions a couple of times.
next morning 07:30 marked all dims out on the base. 08:00 started loading out by hand 50 metres down our garden and commenced constructing our cabin at 09:00. 12:00 up to purling height. After lunch installed purlings and commenced boarding roof. decided to use light underfelt as rain was given for evening. 18:00 cleaned up and finished apart from hanging doors (completed next day in 1hr) as light was now going.
Excellent day and we both felt such a fantastic sense of achievement, and slept so well too ha ha!!!!
Well Done TUIN and Richard, thanks for 2 sets of aching bodies but we would definitely do it all again...Watch this space.
Kevin and Dawn Gray
Mr. Antony Chalmers
Nov 27, 2014
The log cabin is exceptional quality. The cabin fits together very easily and is very sturdy. Would highly recommend.