Halvar Pyramid Roof Log Cabin 3x3m

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Paul Hubbard
Aug 28, 2020
Top marks for the delivery driver no problems driving up quite a steep hill with his forklift. The summerhouse was very well packed with only one log that was slightly damaged. We purchased the composite floor logs. One of them was badly bowed which made the base very difficult to square. The walls of the house went up easily but we had some of the logs breaking at the ends when being hammered down. We were not hammering the ends. Fixed easily by just driving a couple of nails from underneath to reattach.
The pyramid roof is tricky frame is tricky to build and place on top of the walls. It also looks rather flimsy but after the roof boards are fitted it held my large frame no problem while fitting the shingles. The shingles are easy to fit but watch one of the YouTube videos first, as you don’t want to make mistakes. I think we were left with three strips so you won’t have many spare in the packs supplied. The shingles are a must though as they really set the house off. We topped the roof with the finial and brass ball and looks fantastic. Painting it is a pain and seems to go on forever after three coats of treatment and two coats of paint. If I did it again I would pay the extra and have it treated before delivery. It’s certainly been tested of late with the Scottish weather and remains watertight. All in all I am very happy with the house but wish there was a specific build video as the instructions aren’t clear. If it wasn’t for the silly things during the build I would had no trouble giving five stars.