Grande Open Gazebo 2.9x4.9m

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Craig Knowles
Dec 11, 2021
After looking at numerous gazebos online, i opted for the tuin one. It took roughly 5-6 wks to arrive. The delivery driver was excellent in dropping it off and very helpful. It took me a couple of hrs to unpack and get the 6 legs up. This is definitely at least a 2man job. I was very disappointed with the legs as they all had big big cracks in them which i will try and fill before i paint it. It certainly looks the part in my garden and overall im pleased with it. There was an extra £80 delivery charge as i live in Cardiff. I would certainly recommend this gazebo to anyone looking to buy one of these
Mr. Stanley Keller
Nov 22, 2021
Long delay with delivery but we accept this was caused by the pandemic giving rise to staffing and worldwide material shortages. Tuin were quick to respond to requests for updates via email. When the gazebo was finally available communication for delivery was good and having used a recommended installer we are very pleased with the final result.
David Spratt
Mar 26, 2021
Very easy to order and delivery arrived as promised. Really helpful delivery driver.
Assembly Instructions supplied were rubbish, but tuin video's really helped. All up now and looking very good
Chris Richards
Jan 8, 2019
The Grand Open Gazebo was delivered on a pallet neatly packed. The gent who delivered it was professional and placed the pallet exactly where I wanted it. I employed a builder and assistant to erect the structure. On first examination we noticed that the large posts had cracks in them - not a problem as this is to be expected. The build of the structure, from start to completion with shingles took 4 days. some "tweaking" was required. The roof slats were not accurately cut, some needed to be trimmed by sawing, some were shorter than the ideal length. This meant that there were uneven gaps where the roof slats me at the corners. This was not too much of a problem in my case as the structure was topped off with shingles so the gaps are hidden. I was surprised at this as I thought that no sawing would be required. The builder was of the opinion that it would have been preferable to have uncut roof slats so the they could be accurately cut on site. The completed structure is solid and has drawn favourable comments from everyone who has seen it. Overall I am satisfied with the gazebo, but the downside as mentioned above is the uneven roof slat length. It could not have been left like that if shingles were not attached which covered the gaps. Value for money good, delivery and staff excellent. I would recommend the product.
Crispin edmonds
Sep 20, 2018
Very pleased with the finished product...just what we wanted. Wooden frame was hard work to build but the instructions and video were suitable. Shingles were tricky caused mainly by the location of the gazebo but I made a mistake by not having enough overhang and hence the water missed the gutters. I sorted it out though. The gutters were not easy to fit mainly because the instructions were inadequate and I did not understand the correct method until half way through the job. Nevertheless a bit of creative glueing and badging saw the guttering completed. Nice product TUIN but please review some of the instructions.
Helen Norman-Knipe
Jun 10, 2017
We had seen some reviews which say this gazebo was easy to put together and others that found it more difficult. We fall into the second camp. You definitely need 2 of everything - ladders, drills, acro props, clamps, pairs of hands, etc, etc. My husband is a seasoned diy-er and I was his assistant for passing things and making tea and there was a lot of swearing from both of us during this installation! To be honest it was a relief when it was all over with but we are more than pleased with how it now looks and our neighbours are impressed. The delivery service was second to none, and Tuin themselves were quick to respond to a call when we found some damaged items on the pallet, although the replacements didn't arrive for 5 days. Although this is the end of the gazebo installation, we now intend building a kitchen and seating area underneath so will add pics when finally complete. Would recommend Tuin.
Mr. Paul Slawson
Aug 29, 2015
Great product very chunky and sturdy frame. Once I had ground prepared it took best part of a day to put up. Then about another day to install the roof shingles (extra product). Now it's all finished, it looks great and I'm delighted with the quality.
Mr. paul subbiani
Jun 12, 2015
Great service, great end product, but let down by poor instructions with no guidance. Wasted a lot of time.
Mr. Steven Darch
Feb 16, 2015
This product was delivered flat packed and ready to go. The gazebo itself is well made with the timber being of the appropriate size and condition.

It would be four stars except of two points. 1) Instructions were poor (though comprehensive ones available on line).
2) Fixing used extensively nails when screws were much more appropriate. We brought our own.
Mr. Don Wicks
Jul 11, 2014
Received the Gazebo very quickly within a few days. Very helpful delivery driver with fork lift placed the item where I need it. When I looked at the timber closely it did have quite a lot of splits, cracks and was fairly knotty in places. Fairly good overall.
Mr. Peter Waller
Jul 31, 2013
Prompt delivery and arrived as promised. Some elements where warped or damaged but replaced promptly, impressed!
The instructions/drawings are basic. Speaking as a former draughtsman, I think more assembled dimensions would be useful.
Looks good and will be used a lot I am sure.
Mr. Tom Molmans
Jun 17, 2013
When it's up it looks lovely, a good quality product and very well designed.
Problem is the bad manual. It only describes the first part of the build. No information on which pieces go where when closing the roof. It would have been a 5 star review with a good instruction manual. That said, it is the business when it's finished!