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More and more of us are working from home. In fact us as a company we have more staff working from home than they do from the office. It makes sense, you tend to actually work harder, you're more focused and more relaxed and more likely to put in more effort.

One of our offices is a Log cabin, it's 58mm and double glazed and is still standing and looking good after ten years of use. The roof and floor is insulated and it's toasty. In fact the main office block in Coevorden, Holland is a huge log cabin with many add ons over the years and that is lovely and warm.

None of these Garden Offices are complete! They all need insulation, lining, services applied to them, but they form the basis of lots of our retailers fully fledged offices or studios, do you really need to pay them to complete a task you could do?

If you want a completely finished Garden Office in a log cabin, a studio or a Larch framed and clad format, we can of course arrange that to any specification, please ask us for a price or details of a retailer who offers this service using our basic products as their foundation garden office.

For more information on Log Cabins please see our Log Cabins Category

For further details on the larch range of framed and clad garden building please see the Larch Garden Building Category


Ava Log Cabin 70mm 8.44 x 3.47m
1 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.7315

A substantial log cabin, the Ava 70mm building with three internal rooms. Overall the Ava measures 8.44 x 3.47m.

A very useful building which lends itself to a number of uses from an office to extra accomodation, with insulation applied to the roof and floor will make this an extremely warm and cozy log cabin.

Edelweiss Log Cabin 5.1x6.0m
9 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.08661

A thick 70mm log construction and double glazed as standard, the Edelweiss Log Cabin measures 5.1 x 6.0m. Featuring three internal rooms and second storey loft room.

This building is extremely popular with those that require a substantial garden office or studio. We have customers that also use this for patients, the orthopaedic industry loves this log cabin for their office in addition to those looking for rental holiday space cheaply.

Menorca 70mm Log Cabin 5.1 x 7.0m
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.72481

The 70mm Menorca is a variation on the design of the popular Edelweiss Log Cabin. The Menorca has four rooms on the lower floor with a single full width room in the loft and a small porch, covered area in the center at the front of the building. Overall the Log Cabin measures 5.10 x 7.00m.

With the addition of insulation in the roof and floor the Menorca makes for an extremely cozy space and lends itself to a variety of uses.

Price: £12,260.01 Save £1,865.45
Bailey Log Cabin 9.80 x 3.23m
1 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.72931

A large log cabin, made from 70mm thick logs the Bailey measures 9.80m x 3.23m. The building also features a cruciform design, the widest part is 4.35m.

It features five internal rooms making this log cabin suitable for a variety of uses, especially when insulation is applied to the roof and floor as we recommend.

Price: £14,943.84 Save £4,347.77
William Log Cabin 8.50 x 5.90m
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.7295

The cruciform design of the William log cabin produces an interesting design and a building suitable for lots of different uses. Made from 70mm thick interlocking logs the log cabin measures overall 8.50 x 5.90m.

The design produces two open areas with a lobby to the front and a seperate enclosed room to the rear.

Price: £12,940.64 Save £2,125.74
Ollie 70mm Log Cabin 7.31 x 4.98m
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.73161

A substantial log cabin, the Ollie 70mm multi room cabin with three internal rooms. Overall the Ollie measures 7.31 x 4.98m. Insulation applied to the 27mm roof and floor will create an extremely warm space.

A very useful building which lends itself to a number of uses from an office to extra accomodation.

Ennis Log Cabin 5.34 x 5.40m
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.7318

Made with 70mm tongue and groove logs, paired with double glazed windows. The Ennis Log Cabin can be used all year around. Measuring to an overall size of 5.34m x 5.30m, the Ennis also features a 1.5m canopy to the front.

Made up of four internal rooms, the Ennis log cabin can provide a range of uses including a home office, business front or extra accommodation for guests.

Kay Log Cabin 5.95 x 8.0m
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.08251

One of our larger log cabins, made from 70mm thick logs the Kay measures 5.95m x 8.0m. It features four internal rooms with a small veranda area to the front.

Suitable for a variety of uses, especially when insulation is applied to the roof and floor as we recommend.

Ardee 70mm Log Cabin 8.17 x 7.00m
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.73121

A large and versatile log cabin which features five internal rooms. The Ardee 70mm log cabin measures overall 8.17 x 7.00m.

The building is accessed via a glazed single door and has solid doors seperating the internal rooms. A very versatile building for a number of uses includeing extra accomodation or office space.

Azores log Cabin 9.41 x 8.48m
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.72991

A large log cabin designed especially for the Azores but great for use in the UK if you have the room and location.

Made from 70mm thick log the Azores measures 9.41 x 8.48m. It has four rooms internally and a small terrace area externally.

Mullingar 70mm Log Cabin 8.50 x 7.90m
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.73101

One large atrium and three small rooms is the main feature of the Mullingar 70mm multi room log cabin. Overall the building measures 8.50 x 7.90m. The buildings profile is enhanced with the front porch area.

Ideal for use as extra accommodation, an office, gym or just a space to relax and entertain.

Slane 70mm Log Cabin 14.00 x 4.90m
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.73141

A very large and substantial log cabin. The Slane is made from 70mm interlocking wall logs and measures overall 14.0 x 4.90m. Inside it has five internal rooms, please see the plan view for the layout.

Suitable for any number of uses from office space to extra accomodation, a gym or for entertaining. a very useful log cabin!

Skerries 70mm Log Cabin 10.50 x 6.50m
0 Reviews  
Cat No: 40.73131

Our Skerries 70mm Log cabin is a substantial multi room building featuring a large atrium accessed by double doors to the front. To the rear of the building is three separate rooms all of which are accessed by sold single doors.

Overall the Skerries measures 10.50 x 6.50m (exclusing front porch).

Riopa Bespoke Log Cabin 10 x 8.85m
0 Reviews  
Cat No: BESPOKE-Riopa

The Riopa 70mm log cabin is from our bespoke range of buildings. Many designs and specifications are possible. The Riopa overall is 10.0 x 8.85m and features five internal rooms and a canopy / veranda on two sides.

It also features house grade deluxe doors and windows and a 28mm floor.

Price: £28,111.09 Save £4,685.17