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  Garden Verandas Garden Veranda 2m Depth

Garden Veranda 2m Depth

Garden Veranda 2m Depth
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Cat No Ver2001
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Size of Veranda
Standard Colours
U Foundation
Foundation Without Drainage
Foundation With Drainage
Heavy Duty Plate
Heavy Duty Corner
Heavy Duty Middle
Roof Material 2m depth
Guttering Type
Giga Gutter 6m Max
Aluminium Side/Back Wall
Polycarbonate Side Wall 2m depth
Polycarbonate Front Wall
Post Supports
Standalone KIT

An Aluminium garden canopy / veranda with a depth of 2.0m, This is also available in other depths allowing you to pick and choose the Perfect size to suit your garden, A top Quality design that can transform your standard Patio into a Well sheltered Garden Feature, This Can also be adapted into a Free standing Gazebo/Carport/Open area with the Use of our Free Standing Kit.

This product is one of the best sellers in Europe and is growing in popularity in the UK..

Designed to be against a structural wall to protect your patio, furniture or windows from the sun. Manufactured and designed in Germany and conforms to Germany's high standards with particular regard to snow loading. As standard it is available in Four colours but virtually any RAL colour can be chosen at an additional charge.

Extremely high quality with a number of design features that set it apart from any of it's competitors in Europe. One of the best features is the completely integral guttering and clean lines. The polycarbonate roofing material is embedded in rubber on four sides.  The columns arrive in lengths of 2.4m which allows an ajustable walk through height to suit.

Included in this standard veranda is the following:

  • 10 Years manufacturer warranty
  • Integrated aluminium gutter 3mm thick
  • 16mm Polycarbonate panels.
  • Aluminium Cover Strips
  • Columns Supports of 240cm
  • Click Strips
  • Side Covers for gutter and wall profile
  • Aluminium condensation profiles
  • Mounting and fixing kit
  • Rubbers for vibration absorption
  • L profile
  • Anti dust Tape
  • Aluminium tape
  • Drainpipe for water drainage 200cm
  • Leaf collector
  • Drill bits to assist in fitting
  • Full fitting instructions and a DVD
  • Columns applicable to the width

Width sizes available in this 2m deep veranda:

  • 3.0m wide x 2m deep veranda
  • 4.0m wide x 2m deep veranda
  • 5.0m wide x 2m deep veranda
  • 6.0m wide x 2m deep veranda
  • 7.0m wide x 2m deep veranda
  • 8.0m wide x 2m deep veranda
  • 9.0m wide x 2m deep veranda
  • 10.0m wide x 2m deep veranda
  • 11.0m wide x 2m deep veranda
  • 12.0m wide x 2m deep veranda
  • 13.0m wide x 2m deep veranda
  • 14.0m wide x 2m deep veranda
  • 15.0m wide x 2m deep veranda


The columns that come with this veranda are 2.40m. This is the maximum height of walk through you can have at the front of the veranda assuming the bottom of the post is set flush with the ground. The veranda will then slant  upwards by 14cm for every 1m depth. The column can be cut as required to suit the height of fixing to the structural wall you require. The normal height of walkthrough is 2.10m with 0.30m being surplus, this can either be set in the ground or trimmed as required.


1. Foundations

There are Four options for securing the bottom of columns.

  • U Plate. This is used for fixing to an existing paving slab, concrete or decking base.
  • Heavy Duty Plate, Corner or Middle. Recommended especially for freestanding Verandas over the Normal U Plate foundations where additional strength is needed, Available in different formats to suit, These have a height of 60cm.
  • Foundation without a drain. This is a concrete post and is designed to be concreted into the ground, the columns then sits over this and is secured.
  • Foundation with a drain.  Used to secure your columns with in the ground whilst also allowing drainage through an internal pipe which can be rigged to an existing/new drainage system or below ground gravel pit.

2. Colours:

As standard you can select from one of Four colours:

  • RAL 9001 Cream - White
  • RAL 9016 Traffic White
  • RAL 7016 Textured Anthracite
  • RAL 9007 Grey Structured
  • Any colours from the RAL colour system can also be specified at an additional cost., Please Email us for a Quote.

3. Guttering:

  • As standard the veranda comes with a smooth profiled gutter.
  • Round Gutter cap as an option
  • Classic gutter cap as an option

4. Roofing Material

  • As standard the veranda comes with a polycarbonate roof. You can choose either Opal or clear at no extra charge.

As an option you can choose the following upgrades.

  • 16mm IQ Relax. This is a milky white colour and restricts the heat, ideal for a South facing veranda.
  • IR Clear. A transparent, greenish colour also designed to keep a great deal of heat out. This polycarbonate and the one above reduces the heat by 8 - 11 degrees compared to the standard roofing material.
  • Anthracite Heat Reflecting

4. Columns

As standard this veranda comes with columns of 2.40m in height. The normal height we would set these at for the walk through height is 2.10m. This leaves 0.30m that can be set into the ground or trimmed as required.

  • 3.0m - 2 Columns
  • 4.0m - 2 Columns
  • 5.0m - 3 Columns- With GIGA - 2 Columns
  • 6.0m - 3 Columns- With GIGA - 2 Columns
  • 7.0m - 3 Columns
  • 8.0m - 3 Columns
  • 9.0m - 4 Columns
  • 10.0m - 4 Columns
  • 11.0m - 4 Columns
  • 12.0m - 4 Columns
  • 13.0m - 5 Columns
  • 14.0m - 5 Columns
  • 15.0m - 5 Columns

If you wish to reduce the amount of columns for extra space you can choose a 'Giga Gutter' option. This is a reinforced and strengthened guttering profile. For widths 5 - 6m.

5.Veranda Walls:

All wall options are available in the following colours, If selected we will assume this colour should Match your Veranda colour choice unless told otherwise.

  • RAL 9001 Cream - White
  • RAL 9016 Traffic White
  • RAL 7016 Textured Anthracite
  • RAL 9007 Grey Structured
  • Any colours from the RAL colour system can also be specified at an additional cost., Please Email us for a Quote.

5a.Aluminium Wall - This is based on a height of 1.97m and includes aluminium tongue and groove boards, U profiles for mounting and a fitting kit. Please note some cutting will be required to fit these. If you require additional height, additional board sections are available. These will be delivered in panels that Will require cutting to size on site.

5b. Polycarbonate Side Wall -These are delivered in separate parts to be fitted on site, The compartments May have to be cut to size,, Please also be aware that these panels are based on a walk through height of 210cm, if your Veranda has a bespoke height Please contact us as you may need higher Compartments.

5c. Polycarbonate Front Wall - Mainly used in conjunction with our Stand alone kit to seal off  the whole "front" side of your new Gazebo, this will arrive with a height of 210cm in individual panels, These will also need to be measured and maybe even cut on site to fit, Available in all types of our Polycarbonate roofing material to match and suit your surroundings
Please see the following reference Polycarbonate wall sizing and compartments:
  • Polycarbonate Side Wall - 200cm Depth - 250cm down to 210cm - 2 compartments Featured.

Polycarbonate Front Wall - 250cm Height and Sections,

  • Polycarbonate Wall 1m - 1 Section
  • Polycarbonate Wall 2m - 2 Sections
  • Polycarbonate Wall 3m - 3 Sections
  • Polycarbonate Wall 4m - 4 Sections
  • Polycarbonate Wall 5m - 5 Sections
  • Polycarbonate Wall 6m - 6 Sections
  • Polycarbonate Wall 7m - 7 Sections

PLEASE NOTE: these wall options May require cutting to size on site, please ensure your fitter is aware of this.

6. Polycarbonate wedge

  • Wedge - This is designed to go under the side of the veranda and provides wind shelter, it can also be used above the optional walls, it will come complete with polycarbonate to match your chosen roof material as required. Assembly will al be required on site. The wedge skirt has a maximum height of 98cm.

7. Other Veranda Options

  • Props - Post Supports. These can add a certain nostalgic charm to the veranda or to add extra stability in extremely exposed locations. These however are essential with the standalone verandas if you are not having a wall section within it.

8. Glass roofs

Verandas up to 3m deep can be upgraded to accept glass roofs at an extra cost, Please visit our "Verandas" page and Look for Our "Glass Verandas".

9.STANDALONE Aluminium Gazebo Kit:

This is a conversion kit for our German made aluminium garden verandas. You can pick from the width sizes of 3 to 7m and then all the permeations of depths available with our verandas. 

Add walls and you really can create a stunning and contemporary gazebo. Available in Four standard colours or choose your own from the RAL system of colours, additional Costs will be incurred.

When Selecting the Stand Alone Kit, the following must be taken into account to ensure your Gazebo is strong enough to maintain its stable feature.

  • Heavy Duty anchors are Highly Recommended and should be used on all of the posts if possible, Our U-Brackets are NOT recommended, exceptions can only be made if at least two walls are being used, Ideally meeting at one corner, or for one of our foundations with drainage if applicable,
  • Aluminum/Polycarbonate walls are Highly recommended, both sides and a back if possible to ensure any lateral movement is avoided
  • Post supports are also required and must be used in all available spaces, Wall Dependent
Included within the Gazebo / standalone Veranda kit:
  • 3.0m gazebo kit - 3 x 2.95m posts
  • 4.0m gazebo kit - 2 x 2.95m posts and 1 x 3.8m
  • 5.0m gazebo kit - 3 x 2.95m posts and 1 x 4.8m
  • 6.0m gazebo kit - 3 x 2.95m posts and 1 x 5.9m
  • 7.0m gazebo kit - 3 x 2.95m posts and 2 x 3.5m

Also included in these kits are U pieces to mount the veranda gazebo conversion on to as well as synthetic caps to finish it off. The standalone gazebo kit will be supplied in the same colour you choose for you veranda. 

Please note the materials will need to be cut to size as required.

10. Modifications

If you have a specific measurement you require in either width or depth please let us know as these can normaly be made to your specification.

Product Images

The product images in the detailed images section above will show you examples of the product as will all the other veranda and canopies / gazebo's pages. They will also show you the various options available.


The basic verandas are designed for DIY installation and come complete with DVD and drawings. However please understand some cutting, drilling and DIY skills are required to install this veranda. Please see the instructional video found in our main veranda category for an indication of what is involved.

Full Services: 

If you require a veranda not specified or require curves, angles, steps with complete fitting and landscaping, or if you require on site consultation and design please ask us for details of our specialist retailers who can advise you further and help with detailed drawings and a personalized service tailored to your requirements.

Approximate Delivery Time: 21 - 28 Working Days FREE Delivery*

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E Ward
Mar 1, 2017
Haven't put it up yet, but it was delivered on Monday by a friendly driver (he even helped us get it out of the pallet and under our car port in exchange for a cup of tea!) and looks great. Very good quality and we're looking forward to assembling it at the weekend, weather permitting.

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