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  Log Cabin EXTRAS Garden Building Guttering Garden Building Guttering 65mm

Garden Building Guttering 65mm

Garden Building Guttering 65mm
Guttering kit for log cabins and garden buildings guttering kit for sheds, log cabins and summerhouses guttering kit for gazebos and four sided roofs Log Cabin Guttering Guttering angle piece being used Guttering angle piece to account for roof angles

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Cat No 40.5300
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Gutter Options

Guttering kits for any garden buildings and is ideal for our log cabin. Sets and parts are available for two sides and four sided roofs. This guttering is 65mm and is suitable for our smaller buildings. For large building then a 100mm gutter is recommended.

Guttering helps your building greatly as it will divert running water away from the walls and windows which means the walls, windows and doors will stay dry and you will not need to treat your building as regularly. Of course it also helps in diverting water to where you want it.

Gutters Sets complete for (65mm gutter) For both sides.  Used on Apex log cabins and garden buildings.

  • 40.5300 Roof length 300cm 
  • 40.5400 Roof length 400cm 
  • 40.5500 Roof length 500cm 
  • 40.5600 Roof length 600cm 
For square / rectangular roofs (65mm gutter).  Used on pyramid roofs with four sides.
  • 40.5410 Roof length 400cm 
  • 40.5510 Roof length 500cm 
  • 40.5610 Roof length 600cm 

Each kits comprises of the following:

  • Guttering coloured grey
  • End Caps
  • Gutter Brackets
  • Gutter angle plate. To change the angle depending on your roof. For roofs 10 - 14degrees one way and 15 - 19 degrees the other
  • 2 x Down Pipe - 2.00m 
  • 4 x Gutter Bend 67 degrees (with one sided roof only 2 are supplied)
  • Down pipe bracket
  • Glue 125ml
  • Connection piece

Depending on your requirements you may wish to order additional parts for you configuration. We have the following parts available:

  • 40.5901 End Cap.
  • 40.5900 Gutter Bracket 65mm.
  • 40.5902 Gutter outlet 60>65mm.
  • 40.5903 Gutter Length. 4.0m
  • 40.5904 Down pipe 2.0m.
  • 40.5905 Gutter Joining piece.
  • 40.5906 67 degree angle.
  • 40.5907 Corner piece.

Please note:

  • An angle piece is supplied to change the angle of the guttering. However on some garden buildings an additional timber bracket may need to be fashioned to maintain a straight angle.
  • Sometimes larger facia boards are required to safley house the guttering brackets, they need around 45mm to be effective,
Approximate Delivery Time: 5 - 10 Working Days FREE Delivery*
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Barry Cavell
Dec 27, 2017
The guttering itself fits together OK, and it looks fine, but the fixtures for it leave a lot to be desired. First, the wood components to which it had to be screwed [which would have been fine if all they had to do was to cover the ends of the roof boards] appeared too flimsy for the job, and second, the plastic brackets which are supposed to compensate for the angle of the roof cover board do not work, because they are inaccurate. Had I used the brackets supplied, my gutters would have spilled rainwater instead of channelling it to the downpipes. I had to buy extra timber which was thicker than the ones supplied to solve the first shortcoming, and for the second I had to devise my own solutions to rectify to inaccurately made brackets.
Ms. Sarah Hamlyn
Oct 18, 2017
A good product - small size for small building so it looks in proportion - nice. Easy to install.
Mrs. Jean Almond
Aug 27, 2017
I bought this guttering after looking around at what was available in the DIY stores, very glad I did. Looks good and very easy to assemble.
Mr. Mark Rimmer
Aug 23, 2017
The guttering is perfect for the shed. It looks good and is fit for purpose.
Mr. Donald Ostle
Jul 25, 2017
took a little time to get levels correct on a 4 sided cabin but there was everything there that was needed including super strong glue/sealer for the joints


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