Metal Roof Finial For Garden Buildings

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Mr. Peter Clayton
Mar 29, 2017
Not fitted yet as I'm trying to decide best way to fit it because it is not right profile for a low aspect roof which I have on my Emma cabin - can't see why Tuin can't make one which will fit properly - they'd probably sell more - hence 3 star rating. However, it is well made.
Mr. Kevin Moonie
Aug 19, 2015
I bought the metL finnial with brass ball to complete the fantastic wooden gazebo that we had purchased from Tuin. I ordered the part and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived literally a day later, well protected in a custom pyramid parcel.
Opening the parcel revealed the metal finnial and brass ball, both of which are extermely solid and well made. Also included is a screw and washer, the idea being that the screw inserts through the underside of the puramid and into the brass ball underside, where a thread has been tapped in the ball material. Naturally, I tried it out, off the gazebo, to ensure that it worked, and after a fashion it does. For me, and this particular delivery, I found 2 issues, and I must stress that this is an honest review of the parts delivered to me, so I am
More than prepared to believe that I had parts of slightly lower quality than perhaps other customers have received. Problem one was the thread on the brass ball doesnt seem to be up to the job, in that there is definate play on the screw when the ball is assembled, to the point where it rocks. Upon removal, it could be that I cross threaded the screw, but I think the matter isnt helped by the minimal thickness of material which carries the thread. It appeared to be almost unfinished, as there was a bit of swarf on the thread still.
The second problem was the accuracy of the hole in relation to the apex of the pyramid. Its off centre. If this is the intention, then I should assign another star, but I cannot imagine people wanting a finnial with a ball that is off centre and leaning in one direction. I have not returned the parts, as I really want to get things finished, and am more than happy to send tuin photos to support whats written above. For the time being, I plan to put a rivnut in the base of the brass ball, and drill the hole of the pyramid out, which means I will have to pack the apex out to ensure that the screw is in the correct position. I have also had to drill 4 holes in the finnial to attach it to the gazebo, as I do not consider glue or adhesive to be a robust solution. The issues I have had with this product will not deter me from buying items from tuin again, as their customer service from purchase to delivery has been exceptional, and with that high level of service, I am prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Mr. John Giles
Aug 23, 2013
The item arrived in a battered box and when opened had a slight dent. I was unable to fit the brass ball as the screw did not seem compatible and failed to tighten sufficiently. However, the customer service and the manner in which I was dealt with was first class. A full refund was given without any quibbling but I was disappointed with the product.