Metal Roof Finial For Garden Buildings

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Mr. Andrew Bishop
Aug 8, 2022
Very nice finish and seal to the top of the pyramid roof, only problem was attaching the brass ball to the bass
Ian Turnbull
Aug 3, 2022
I had a wooden roof finial that had rotted away. As this is quite exposed I wanted to replace it with a more durable one. The one I bought from Tuin is of excellent quality.
Aug 2, 2022
I was a bit worried about buying a metal finial to replace an old wooden one but after speaking with guys at Tuin decided to go ahead. Really really pleased I did, easy to fit and well made it's absolutely lovely. Had lots of positive comments from visitors too.
Thank you Tuin
May 18, 2022
Got the hexagonal metal roof finial for a garden gazebo. The rake is about 45° but the roof rake was steeper at around 60° so it sits atop with an overhang, but looks fine. Used two nuts to keep the brass ball perpendicular and black ashfelt glue to secure the metal roof in place.
Mr. owen stafford
Apr 6, 2022
Certainly sets the roof off and finishes overall look of the log cabin.
Feb 23, 2022
The finial just finished off the cabin- made it look really special
Mr. James Andrews
Feb 4, 2022
Having finished the build, the cabin definitely deserved capping off with something a bit special - so we post-ordered the finial. Like the rest of the cabin -looks great!
Declan Rob Burke
Jun 15, 2021
Arrived very promtley and was just what was needed to finish off our new wooden gazebo. Very good product and service.
Mar 19, 2021
This had so much potential as a feature to finish off my cabin (an Emma in my case), unfortunately it fell short. It's a cheap piece of metal folded into a pyramid shape but it's not folded straight.
The brass ball again was a nice finishing touch, but given that the folds in the finial are not straight, the screw which the ball sits upon is at an angle. This took a lot of manipulation to get straight and wasn't 100% successful.

It also doesn't sit neatly on top of the roof. I have a 4 sided pyramid and it doesn't sit flush with the pitch.

I'd recommend finding something elsewhere which is a shame.
Mr. David Egan
Jun 15, 2020
We bought the metal cap but not the finial. We just wanted something to finish off the roof and ensure it was waterproof. What we received was a cheap piece of folded and welded sheet steel. Never worth what we paid for it and it doesn’t really sit correctly on the apex.
Mrs. Sandra Hall
Apr 18, 2020
We purchased this item after we had built our new Tuin Summerhouse in February 2020. My husband and I are both delighted in the quality of the product and gives a perfect finish to the appearance to the green shingled roof. The dome is not cheap to buy but should last some years despite our British weather.
Mr. S Chatterjee
Feb 15, 2020
Classy well fitting hexagonal finial.
Graham Kingsbury
Jan 20, 2020
The Finial was an after thought on my part as I was uncertain how to finish the roof tiling, it arrived on the due date and was exactly what I needed to complete the roof which went from an average roof to a roof of quality. I have modified it slightly as the bolt to hold the brass ball on was very difficult to hold whilst tightening, however I over came this with m6 threaded rod , drilling up through the king post and securing with a wing nut. We are so pleased with our cabin the service, the delivery and the quality are all excellent and we would recommend Tuin to everyone. My Grandson has already slept in it calling it his garden suite.
Mr. Andre Barham
Dec 28, 2019
Product arrived quickly as described, will use again
Mr. Mark Rose
Nov 25, 2019
Does what it says on the box, finishing the gazebo nicely. Easy to fit, instead of the brass ball, I fitted a solar led ball, looks great.
Mr. Kevin Palfrey
Oct 31, 2019
Slight delay in delivery but good communication so not an issue. Good quality item and simple to install.
Andy Jones
Sep 26, 2019
Bought this for my gazebo roof after hunting the Internet for something simple. I bought the brass ball for the top, however when the product arrived which took nearly a week I was disappointed with the quality of the ball. The main part of the finial was OK but after parting with over £50 for this product I thought it was over priced. The ball was a hollow ball and I had to put my own screw in this to keep it sturdy. But it looks good but not worth the £56 pound I paid.
Mr. Barrie Green
Jul 9, 2019
Excellent service as always. Great buildings with lots of simple installation advice
John S
May 20, 2019
After doing a lot of research trying to find the ideal finial for a summerhouse roof with cedar shingles, I located this one and am delighted with the item. It is sturdy, well made and appears to be very good quality. I didn't go for the optional ball on top instead I easily blocked the small hole with some black sealant. I fixed it on with some grab adhesive which you can buy from any DIY shop. The team at Tuin were very helpful and attentive.I would recommend this.
O & J Emirali
Apr 1, 2019
Delivered in good time and exactly as described. The roof cap finished off the roof perfectly and hides the untidy folding roof felt that you would normally end up with on a pyramid roof. 5 stars
Mr. Peter Moody
Mar 17, 2019
Excellent quality and arrived early! Really easy to fix and looks great.
The Log Depot
Jan 31, 2019
Thank you for a fantastic product and a fantastic service. We will definitely use you guys again. We have some nice pics of it in place! if your interested then please email me and i will send them in a reply
Mr. pete dodimead
Jan 18, 2019
bought a cap and ball for our nora summerhouse, it fitted perfectly thank you
Mr. Ged McManus
Jan 16, 2019
I bought two of these to finish off a Daniel log cabin and a Kos gazebo. The product is good quality and finishes the buildings off nicely.
I think it would have been helpful when ordering the buildings to have had a more direct prompt that the finial was needs as the buildings don't really look right without something finishing them off.
I am happy with this product though.
David Hyam
Dec 27, 2018
Ordered the finial to finish off the roof looks really nice with the brass ball. Well worth the extra small cost for that better finishing touch.
Dec 3, 2018
Great product topped the roof of nicely looks great.
Mr. david alger
Nov 5, 2018
Absolutely perfect finishing touch, great quality even if somewhat expensive. You pay for decent products.
Mr. michael evans
Sep 10, 2018
Very good service quick
Mr. Paul Wilson
Aug 20, 2018
The finial arrived promptly and really finished off my summerhouse. I was unsure whether to spend the money but glad I did and pleased with the result.
Felicity Hudson
Jul 23, 2018
This is a must have if you are going to have a pyramid roof on your log Cabin.
it’s stylish & well made.
Mr. David Critchley
May 27, 2018
The finial arrived promptly and well packaged considering its rather unusual, octagonal shape and dimensions. Content was in perfect condition thanks to the secure packaging and it appears to be of good quality and looking good when placed in situ. As we still await the planned removal and replacement of the current summer house timber roof, the finial has not as yet been secured in place, however I foresee no difficulties when finally attached and am very pleased with the purchase.
Ms. Janet O\'Brien
Apr 19, 2018
The roof finial and ball make a nice finishing touch to our gazebo. Good size, nicely made and it looks elegant.
Kevin Dunn
Mar 23, 2018
Do not forget to buy the Metal Roof Finial with your Gazebo! Its finishes off the look, very well made and looks fantastic.
Mr. martin newman
Feb 20, 2018
Really good quality and finishes the roof of my nora summerhouse off lovely
Mr. D J Wilson
Dec 5, 2017
Well made arrived on time well packaged and looks superb.
Mr. Anthony Craig
Nov 22, 2017
Really good product. Though it was a bit pricey for what it is but it really finishes the look of the roof and overall look of my cabin
Nov 19, 2017
I bought a Jo’s corner cabin and built it in a few days but forgot to order a roof finial. That arrived within a few days, everything in good quality.very happy all round.
Mr. Keith Bradford
Nov 8, 2017
Finishes off the gazebo very nicely. Well made and easy to fit. I am well pleased.
Michael Bradley
Aug 10, 2017
Bought to go on top of the Daniel log cabin. High quality and beautiful looking. The perfect finish to a perfect cabin. Could not recommend this item more.
Mr. Roger Lomas
Jul 26, 2017
A bit of an extravagance especially the gold ball on top but it does give a lovely finish to the roof line and just adds to the high quality of the entire job.
Mrs. julie nash
Jul 22, 2017
Beautiful finial. Nice size & adding the ball has made my summer house stand out in all the back gardens. Fitted it with sealant as it does not come with screw holes but it has held up well to all weather elements. Would highly recommend this product.
Mr. Richard Fedyk
Jun 25, 2017
Looks really good and definitely enhances the final appearance of a log cabin. Easy to fit just using felt glue. The only consideration is ensuring that the ball (supplied separately) is vertical before finally sticking it down.
john hamilton
Jun 21, 2017
The metal finial and ball was expensive but finished off the log cabin great
Mrs. Lois Marshall
May 28, 2017
Very pleased with product and fitted as expected. Also good quality. Took a little longer to arrive than expected but that was the distance it had to travel.
Greg Marks
May 26, 2017
Great finishing touch.
Have to say it didn't come with a bolt to connect the ball on top or an adhesive to fix finial to shingles. Not a problem for me personally, but could be.
Mr. Dean Dicks
May 13, 2017
Metal roof finial arrived well wrapped and in good time. Highly recommended this is purchased to finish off any roof. The cutting and folding of shingles to finish the roof up looks rubbish. This is well made and has done the job fantastically! My only negative remark is that TUIN should stock other decorative end caps, not just the brass ball. There are many others out there provided by other companies when you purchase there products. I have cut down and adapted a weathercock to slot in the top.
Overall, highly recommended.
Mr. Peter Clayton
Mar 29, 2017
Not fitted yet as I'm trying to decide best way to fit it because it is not right profile for a low aspect roof which I have on my Emma cabin - can't see why Tuin can't make one which will fit properly - they'd probably sell more - hence 3 star rating. However, it is well made.
Mr. Clifford Hier
Feb 18, 2017
The finial is a good addition to thevroof of our quality summerhouee. It is well made and, although our roof is the shallow type , it does not look out of place. We ueed adhesive to stick it to the shingles and with the wind and rain we hsve been having it is bearing up very well.
Mrs. Janette Gray
Jan 3, 2017
Great finishing touch to a fabulous log cabin
Mr. Alan Woolford
Dec 10, 2016
Adds a finishing touch. It would be better if it was supplied with screws/bolts and washers.
Mr. Jan Lyneborg
Nov 16, 2016
I bought the Metal Roof Finail with the brass ball for my garden shed. I have glued it on with shingle glue also found on Tuins website.

The Finail fitted absolutely perfectly to my 22 deg pyramide shaped roof. It looks great and provide an effective finish for my black shingles roof. I glued it on to avoid potential leaks from screws. It's still on after some high winds up here in Scotland.

Very quick delivery and good customer service from Tuin.

Will definitely shop here again.
Mr. fran watt
Nov 16, 2016
Good quality finial to finish off my Tuin summerhouse that was built about a month ago.
Mr. Alan Tew
Nov 9, 2016
This product nicely finished the apex of my log cabin.
Renate Dove
Nov 5, 2016
Lovely product. Finished the gazebo off nicely.
Ann Thomson
Oct 16, 2016
Together with Brass Ball it is the perfect finishing touch for cabin
Mr. Lester Isaacs
Sep 10, 2016
Just the job, fitted perfectly. Had a few comments from neighbours admiring it. Thank you
Mr. Paul Heslop
Aug 15, 2016
Great product &Service
Mr. Stan Mathieson
Jul 1, 2016
Definitely worth purchasing to finish off the roof otherwise you are left with an untidy apex
Mr. Ralph Jackson
Jun 28, 2016
I was disappointed that the ball was not included in the price of the Filian, which from the pictures shown and the cost seem to indicate it was. The price is quite high for a piece of folded tin. I would have expected to pay no more that around £18 and around £25 with the ball. I have now paid over £51 just to have this on the top of my shed. My wife wanted it. I could have done without it.
Mrs. Jennifer Weston
Jun 19, 2016
Brass ball and finial completed our cabin. Very pleased with quality. The Emma cabin and finial all good quality would reccomend.
Alex Neish
Jun 15, 2016
It looks good when unpackaged but it is a much steeper angle than the actual roof angles of my cabin (Emma) so does look a bit odd when placed on the cabin roof
Keith Lewarton-Smith
Jun 11, 2016
Pleased I decided to add the finial,it finishes off the cabin perfectly
Jun 7, 2016
Super item that finished off my Classico Gazebo.
The item arrived quickly and when I had questions about how to fit it the team answered them all.
Mr. mike smith
May 29, 2016
This product was exactly as advertised, delivered on time and well packaged
Mr. Paul Hubbert
May 26, 2016
Excellent finishing part of the gazebo, well worth it to provide a clean and watertight finish to the shingles on the apex of the join.
Mr. Roland White
May 21, 2016
I have been very impressed with the levels of customer service and information that I have received from your company. The log cabin I purchased arrived when stated, and although was slightly damaged in transit - the damaged pieces were replaced the following day. The level of service was very good, and the construction was relatively easy - it would help in parts to have a little more detail in the instructions, but otherwise - great job. Thank you.
Mr. calvin woodings
May 21, 2016
A good way of tidying up and waterproofing the pinnacle. The final ridge tiles add a lot of thickness and nailing them down seemed the only option. The finial hid the nails!
Mr. malcolm kay
May 18, 2016
Gives the finishing touch to a quality log cabin
May 11, 2016
Good item, well packed and prompt delivery - a happy customer.
Mr. David Cornes
May 11, 2016
If you are building a corner cabin you would be mad not to buy one of these to finish it off, i ordered mine afterwards, but learn from my mistake and get with cabin, you have been warned
Mr. mark whiteside
May 3, 2016
Brilliant easy service. Definitely recommend.
Mr. Norman Longley
Apr 26, 2016
Very pleased with products roof & globe.
Well made good value.
Thank you.
Ernest Chisman
Apr 14, 2016
This finial gives a profession finish to the roof finials and prevents any leaking.
Mr. John Darlington
Jan 14, 2016
nice product, makes the roof look professionally finished.
Andrew Griffiths
Dec 9, 2015
We purchased the metal roof finial and brass ball for our Ingrid log cabin. It looks good and was easy to fix in place with shingle glue.
Mr. richard hastings
Nov 2, 2015
What service should be. Thanks
Mrs. LYNN junor
Oct 11, 2015
Very friendly and helpfull staff. Amended order a few times as I was unsure of what I required. Must say email for review bit prompt as item not delivered until Friday.
Mr. Brian Davison
Aug 28, 2015
I thought this just made the cabin look even better but I guess thats down to choice.
Mr. Kevin Moonie
Aug 19, 2015
I bought the metL finnial with brass ball to complete the fantastic wooden gazebo that we had purchased from Tuin. I ordered the part and was pleasantly surprised when it arrived literally a day later, well protected in a custom pyramid parcel.
Opening the parcel revealed the metal finnial and brass ball, both of which are extermely solid and well made. Also included is a screw and washer, the idea being that the screw inserts through the underside of the puramid and into the brass ball underside, where a thread has been tapped in the ball material. Naturally, I tried it out, off the gazebo, to ensure that it worked, and after a fashion it does. For me, and this particular delivery, I found 2 issues, and I must stress that this is an honest review of the parts delivered to me, so I am
More than prepared to believe that I had parts of slightly lower quality than perhaps other customers have received. Problem one was the thread on the brass ball doesnt seem to be up to the job, in that there is definate play on the screw when the ball is assembled, to the point where it rocks. Upon removal, it could be that I cross threaded the screw, but I think the matter isnt helped by the minimal thickness of material which carries the thread. It appeared to be almost unfinished, as there was a bit of swarf on the thread still.
The second problem was the accuracy of the hole in relation to the apex of the pyramid. Its off centre. If this is the intention, then I should assign another star, but I cannot imagine people wanting a finnial with a ball that is off centre and leaning in one direction. I have not returned the parts, as I really want to get things finished, and am more than happy to send tuin photos to support whats written above. For the time being, I plan to put a rivnut in the base of the brass ball, and drill the hole of the pyramid out, which means I will have to pack the apex out to ensure that the screw is in the correct position. I have also had to drill 4 holes in the finnial to attach it to the gazebo, as I do not consider glue or adhesive to be a robust solution. The issues I have had with this product will not deter me from buying items from tuin again, as their customer service from purchase to delivery has been exceptional, and with that high level of service, I am prepared to give them the benefit of the doubt.
Mr. Adrian Brock
Aug 18, 2015
Once ordered, the Finial arrived within 3 days which was excellent and just finishes off the look of our corner log cabin. Would definitely recommend Tuin. Excellent service.
Mrs. Maureen Dowen
Jul 26, 2015
A very attractive finish to our gazebo, just adds that finishing touch . very pleased.
Mr. Steven Rugg
Jul 22, 2015
Delivery was very good. Finial arrived in excellent condition. Good quality product. Looks superb on Gazebo.
Miss. jayne webster
Jun 10, 2015
I have just finished building my lovely Nora Summer House which is fantastic and wanted the metal roof final to really finish the look. it looks fine but I do not feel it fits perfectly to the roof. It is difficult to know what else would look any better and it does give a nice look. Value for money feel it was rather expensive for what it is. But the delivery and service from Tuin in delivering everything was excellent.
Mr. Colin Rogers
Jun 4, 2015
Very pleased with our metal roof finial, it finishes our new gazebo off perfectly. Everything is good quality and excellent service, would highly recommend their products.
Mr. Gordon Elrick
May 30, 2015
After searching the Internet for a finishing touch to the top of my gazebo I discovered that Tuin provided the perfect product. It has provided exactly what I was looking for and with a fast delivery I could not be more satisfied.
Mr. Nick Bowers
Mar 6, 2015
Ordered this to repair my wooden gazebo roof. Fits the job looks good .
Gordon Lack
Feb 24, 2015
Like other customers, when I purchased the Asmund cabin I thought the finial was an unnecessary item and expense. However on completion found that the finish on the apex of the roof was not quite as pleasing to the eye as I would have liked. Ordered the Finial, delivered by Royal Mail the next day, fitted easily with silicon, adding to the look and finish of the building. Well made of strong painted metal with the brass ball adding the finishing touch. Seems expensive but well worth the extra outlay.
Mr. Frank Butler
Jan 31, 2015
Exceptional finial strong well painted and looks great with the brass ball to finish it off. Good price also, this is the icing on the cake so to speak. It really does finish the log cabin off. Definatly recommend " Tuin" brilliant service.
Mr. Russell Stevenson
Jan 28, 2015
When I placed the original order for my log cabin, I thought it unnecessary to purchase a finial, seeing it as superfluous and non functional. However, several weeks after completion we kept looking at the cabin and wondered if a finial may enhance the roof.
We made an order, took delivery and fitted the finial in a very little time. And we quickly realised that it was an essential and not superfluous after all. It simply finishes the roof making it more pleasing to the eye. Well worth the little extra.
Mr. Stuart Johnston
Oct 11, 2014
A nice finishing touch, the square opening fits well to roof profile but angles are different to the roof ridges. No problems fitting with a good silicone sealant
Michael Barrett
Sep 15, 2014
We ordered the metal roof finial to nicely finish off the roof of our Asmund log cabin that we have just built. The finial really finishes off the cabin really well & it looks great!
Mr. Andrew Cope
Sep 12, 2014
Another great purchase from Tuin, the ideal finishing touch for our log cabin delivered in record time and with the usual fantastic customer service. Well constructed and finished it should last many years before requiring a re-paint and was easy to fix using a couple of screws and some roofing mastic.
Mr. Adrian Sim
Aug 27, 2014
Metal Finial adds perfect finishing touch to our Daniel log cabin roof. Excellent service from Richard and the team
Mr. paul murden
Aug 21, 2014
Bought this to add a finishing touch to our Daniel Log Cabin and it did the job perfectly. I was very impressed with Tuin service and their Quality on both purchases.
Jon Dicker
Aug 21, 2014
This was a optiomnal extra for my log cabin well worth buying gives the finish that final touch of elegance hardest part was finding it on the web site much easier to locate in broucher.
Mr. Barry Pullen
Aug 21, 2014
The finial fitted easily using mastic sealant and has set the log cabin off a treat by covering the joins in the shingles and making it even more watertight. A great product.
anthony hardy
Aug 13, 2014
lovely addition to my log cabin many thanks for prompt service
Mr. keith beney
Aug 9, 2014
Seems expensive, but the result justifies the cost. The item finishes off the roof perfectly and ensures a watertight finish at the top where it's difficult to achieve with shingles.
Eric Knappett
Aug 9, 2014
Fantastic finishing touch... Recommend topping off with this product
Mr. David Shand
Jul 18, 2014
My finial arrived as promised and it has finished off my shed nicely.
Thanks for your help and support in getting the right one for the job.