Felt Shingle Glue 310ml

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Mr. Huw Rees
Jul 2, 2022
Used the Felt Shingle Glue on exposed edges of the gazebo roof. It was easy to put on and seems to be very effective as I've had no problems with the roof despite some strong winds.
May 7, 2022
Purchased 3 tubes of sealant as recommended for our Lulea Cabin. Little expensive for what it is. And we could have gotten away with 2 tubes putting two 10p sized blob on each tile corner. We used 2.5 tubes when applied quite liberally. I found it helped the glue to flow better if it was warmer, so either leave tubes in the sun or in a warm bath of water. Also helps to cut the nozzle further up so you have a larger opening. Otherwise I found the material liked to ooze out more after application. This made things a little tricky as I kept needing to back my gun off. Once cured it really sticks down and I have far more confidence of the roof being better weather proofed because of it. I would use again and recommend it if you're unsure. I noticed the tiles only starting to tack up by themselves when exposed to direct sun over 15ºC, so a must if you're below that temperature too.
Rev. Raymond Dent
Sep 24, 2021
Very easy to use from the gun.
But it continues to ooze out of the nozzle after use.
Tony Batchelor
Jul 13, 2021
Although not being able to use the glue as my order hasn't been processed/delayed, the order taken was efficient, looks good value and came within days. So based on the process, ordering and delivery, its a 4.
Ms. Jennifer Axon
Jun 13, 2020
Didnt use the glue in the end. Weather was hot. Shingles stuck fast!
Leslie Kay
Mar 14, 2020
Belt and braces approach, for peace of mind. May not be essential for many people, but for exposed areas seems a logical choice to add either as fitting shingles or after.
Peter Snodgrass
Feb 1, 2020
I decided to glue the corners of all the tiles as the roof is open to significant wind over the seasons. I ended up needing 3 rather than 1 tube, buying the other 2 locally. My tiles were black to any glue which caught on the top surface of the tiles was not noticeable. Good product.
Mr. Stewart Maclean
Sep 7, 2019
I ordered this as recommended with the roof shingles. I used it as required and it worked very well. I ordered 4 and ended up using 3 but there’s no doubting the quality of the product.
Paul Ryan
May 17, 2018
It did the job
Barry Cavell
Dec 27, 2017
Glue went on shingles well, but while it was cold and the shingles were still stiff, I noticed that several tiles to which I had applied glue and bent to the next shingle were not staying exactly where I had pressed them. So far the shingles have stayed put during blustery weather, but the real test will be our next force 9 gale!