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Felt Shingle Glue 310ml

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Mr. M Kidd
Jun 6, 2016
Great stuff. A little goes a long way. Smells good too!
I'll be buying more for my other roofing jobs.
Mr. gordon fleming
May 14, 2016
a superb product,i used the shingle glue to give me peace of mind,given the recent storms.I smeared a thin strip of glue near the bottom edge of each shingle and pressed the next shingle down onto it. gave superb adhesion and each and every felt shingle has fused beautifully,completing the roof .job well done and im happy. would highly recommend the felt shingle glue to anybody building a log cabin.
Mr. Ernest Chisman
Apr 9, 2016
This glue is essential when the roof is exposed to strong prevail winds. It is easy to use and makes the shingles secure. I lost a previous set of shingles through not doing this.
Mr. Tom McCarthy
Mar 30, 2016
Ordered this following other reviews and to make sure I maintain the quality of the log cabin I've purchased.
Mr. Andrew Muckley
Mar 7, 2016
I purchased 3 tubes of this glue for my Hendrick log cabin, as it is winter i thought a drop of this would help until it warms up and the shingles get to stick together on there own. Glad i did as we've had some pretty high winds and i have not lost any shingles or as any come loose. Easy to use, you just need a mastick gun to apply it. I did the bottom three course of shingles and the ridge and apex edges, two tubes would have been enough but i have a tube over just in case
Mr. John Kreedman
Feb 20, 2016
This product was recommended for the felt shingles as the cabin was being erected in the winter.
Neil Hubbard
Jan 19, 2016
A great product excellent for the job of gluing shingles whilst on the roof. The cartridge allowed easy applicant to each shingle and particularly important when applying the ridge shingle. In cold weather I found warming the cartridge on a old towel placed on a radiator helped.
Bryan Garden
Jan 13, 2016
The felt shingle glue was sent out quite quickly and was just what I was looking for. After having numerous felt shingles on the summer house come loose with the wind a quick spot on each corner of the shingles seems to have done the trick, so far so good all are holding.
Mr. Peter Hendley
Oct 22, 2015
Have yet to test it but have every confidence that it's a good product. Only one tube arrived yet 3 appear in the picture so be careful when ordering
Mr. Nick Humphries
Oct 4, 2015
Shingle Glue arrived by Royal Mail within 3 days. Used just under 2 tubes on my Peter Log Cabin (3m x 3m) using dabs on every shingle. Seems to be sticking ok.
Mr. baden mccann
Jun 25, 2015
Excellent adhesion.....great to use with the felt shingle tiles.
Mr. robert brine
Jun 6, 2015
the felt glue was very good and 3 tubes done the roof.The glue was expensive but done the job
Mrs. C King
Jun 2, 2015
Very useful product which is giving me confidence that the eaves shingles will not lift during high winds.
Mrs. sherryl burrows
Apr 29, 2015
We bought the Shingle Glue as a precaution because we live in quite a windy location. We used it liberally on all the roof edges and it has worked a treat. A great product and well worth adding to your order.
Mr. Robert Bradley
Mar 13, 2015
First class product purchased from a first class firm. The mastic is easy to use and does exactly what it is designed to do. Used on felt roof shingles as an overlap cement. Absolutely no issues at all. The only word of caution would be make sure you have enough, then add another tube!!
Kathryn Robertson
Feb 28, 2015
When you have a lovely log cabin,you want the shingles to look fantastic and well secure.The shingle glue really does do this.No chance my shingles will blow off in the wind!!!!!
Mr. Mark Lloyd
Nov 15, 2014
Have not fixed them yet, but happy with product & price, Thanks
Mr. Frank Edwin Webber
Oct 7, 2014
Glue is very effective. Doesn't go as far as one might have thought
Mr. Ashley Marriott
Sep 15, 2014
Invaluable for felt shingles, even works in the rain
Robert Macey
Sep 7, 2014
Service excellent. Pricing competitive. Friendly website, a pleasant experience all round.
Mr. Keith Harrison
Sep 7, 2014
It does the job, it's as sticky as hell! I think I could probably have bought similar stuff cheaper elsewhere, but I wasn't going to risk an inferior product after all the time and effort put in on the project!
Mr. Andrew Crabtree
Aug 29, 2014
Used the shingle glue on my new log cabin roof, seems to have stuck the tiles down ok.
I guess only time will tell, but looks promising.
Mr. Michael cook
Aug 26, 2014
Great glue great for securing your shingles down for the up coming winter gales highly recommended!
Keith tickle
Aug 21, 2014
Did the job satisfactorily, no problem.
Aug 13, 2014
First order did not arrive but was quickly resolved and more dispatched. The product itself was easy enough to use and seems to be more than up to the unusual summer weather conditions we're experiencing (Bertha is no match!)
Mr. Kevin Fairhurst
Jun 18, 2014
The stickiest thing since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun!
Apr 19, 2014
This is essential when using shingles, great product
Mr. Anthony Fallows
Jan 20, 2014
Having recently purchased a new garden shed I was concerned that previous sheds had after a certain amount of times developed problems with their respective roofs. As such I upgraded to a shingle roof. Unfortunately the shingle roof didn't come with any glue and hence the purchase of the shingle glue. The glue arrived in good time and I have applied accordingly. It's easy to use, no fuss, no mess and quite frankly the best glue I have used (for shingle roofs) I would happily recommend this product to others looking to purchase glue for shingle roof tiles.