Erke Log Cabin 5.85x5.3m

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Bob Dumbell
Apr 28, 2020
Purchased the Erke log cabin after reading reviews on line. Arrived on date notified, the driver was really helpful.
Took two days to build with a mate, both are engineers, plans are basic and could do with an upgrade. Once built I was on my own fitted shingle tiles over 3 days, used pneumatic stapler. Then spent 3 days treating with tuin protector, put 3 coats on, used 7 tins but bought 12 as recommended by tuin! Inside costed with tuin anti fungi treatment silver, looks good, again tuin recommended 3 containers only used one and a half. Still waiting to fit flooring but want to lay insulation under - 50mm kingspan, but unable to get any at present due to covid 19 lockdown.
Built a logstore alongside the cabin looks brilliant. Need flooring laying and electrics still to do.
Overall cannot recommend tuin Erke cabin highly enough, went together like a big lego set, expensive but you pay for what you get.
Mr. Brian Kelly
Sep 19, 2019
After reading a lot of useful information on this site, I thought it only fair to purchase a cabin from here.
Delivered as promised on time and put down exactly where i wanted it. Was a big box of stuff which did frighten me a bit, "what have I done "was my first thought. These guys recommend that you build it yourself and I am so glad that I did. I enjoyed almost every minute of this build to the point that I was disappointed once I had finished. Once I had got the base timbers in the correct place it took me a day to put up all the logs and roof joists.Had my neighbour help with the three apex and five roof joists as heavy and difficult to fit on my own. It took me two days to fit the roof and free shingles using the spacing method described. I did worry about running out of shingles but had half a packet left along with two extra roof planks. The floor pack that I bought with the cabin took me another two days as I decided to stagger the joints to make it a little less uniform. getting cocky by this time.
Spent another few days fitting the other bits and a day to apply one coat of protection,the one recommended. One tin for one coat for all outside, second coat took a little less. Three tins and done.

Problems I had, unpack it on a cool day as the longer logs did warp very quickly. The difference between C1/D1 and C5/D5 is that C/D5 has a flat surface for the arm rest, I found this out the hard way and had to unbuild a layer. There is a gap between the cubby and cabin on the bottom layer, have closed mine up from inside.
The terrace pier uses all the E10's, equal amount each side then has an E12 on top, before the last C/D1 is put right across from front to back.

Top tip, do not check that the doors close properly from inside unless you have a door handle in your pocket. This will do away with the need to climb back out.
Our cabin is a lovely place to be, have sat under the terrace most evenings during the summer.

If you buy one I thoroughly recommend that you build it yourself, the instructions that come with it are not brilliant but have a read of the info on here first, watch the how to videos and build it. You will need two people for the roof bits but the rest is doable on your own, provided you have a good supply of tea.

Honestly, having built this I am so pleased with it and with the job I have done.
I did woodwork at school and have build a garden shed (8x5) prior to this so no real experience in this.
Great company to deal with too, only wish others where as quick to respond and sort problems out.

Thank you.
Mr. Stephen Taylor
Aug 8, 2018
We are very happy with the Erke log cabin we purchased and found the service to be excellent.
From ordering, through delivery and support with the installation the team responded quickly and with good humour/
The installation itself was problematic but this was entirely due to the wood warping in thehottest summer in 40 years! I would strongly recommend future buyers to store the elements under cover until needed.
But at the end we have a lovely summer house that we will enjoy for many years.
Harry Gijsbers
Nov 4, 2013
First of all the delivery was as you said. On time no problems.
The cabin is very nice and it did not take long at all to put it together, two days it was all it took. Everything fitted perfect the quantity was just right. I am just waiting for a bit better weather and then I will put the guttering system on and then I will sent some photo's .

thanks one's again from a happy customer.