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Tony & Teresa Maglione
Jul 17, 2016
Overall delighted with the product, the service from Tuin UK was excellent, the only negative was the delivery which was circa 7pm and the logistics of moving the cabin once delivered to a secure place was unexpected and very challenging, particularly as it was raining at the time and we had to unload the total load off the pallet. Had we had this explained as a possibility, being pensioners, we would have arranged for help. We were told the carrier unloaded using a forklift and as the garage was less than 5mts from the kerb we were told that if we spoke to the driver he would probably be able to place it in the garage for us. Unfortunately the orientation of the bearers on the pallet made this impossible. The driver did the best he could to get it as close as possible, again if we're were aware of the dimensions of the consignments and how critical the orientation of the access was we would have hired transportation skates. We had the necessary dimensions but in the wrong orientation. I accept that with the benifit of hind sight things could have always worked out better and easier but feel that more attention to details regarding how critical access is could save a stressful situation from occurring. Again this is not a direct criticism but a genuine concern for future customers
Mr. Peter Vasey
Jul 16, 2016
Took delivery of the Emma log cabin which arrived fully in tact. The delivery company rang about an hour prior to delivery to say the approximate arrival time.
After unpacking and check everything was there I set about installing it. With the Emma log cabin my only problem was cutting the angle for the door frame but that was down to my lack of knowledge. But after that my wife and I set about building the walls and putting the windows in place. The next day I had help from a friend who knows a bit about DIY and we soon had the roof on. Just need to set about applying a coat of wood preserve and then paint. The only grip would be the canopy over the door which was stapled and when we lent on it slightly when fixing it in place it pushed out. A few screws put this right and made it a stronger fixing. Apart from that we are very pleased with it and have had a lot of thumbs up from our neighbours.
Mr. Alan Wright
Jul 14, 2016
We love it.
It is a superb construction and we are already enjoy sitting in it, especially with a glass of wine.
It arrived on time, exactly as planned, everything was there, and it went together as per your instructions/video.
Thank you very much.
Mr. Alex Reynolds
Jul 14, 2016
Having purchased the Emma Corner Log Cabin and now having BUILT it I am delighted to place this review. From start to finish the whole process ordering and delivery went without a hitch. Delivery was arranged to suit and the delivery driver was extremely helpful and place the unit in the driveway for us. Now the project is complete and the build was so simple even for me a novice at DIY. I thoroughly recommend TUIN product
david collins
Jul 8, 2016
Fantastic cabin, really pleased, enjoyed building it, looks very well on our garden, would recommend to anyone.
Mr. john patterson
Jul 8, 2016
Really pleased with new Emma cabin so easy to install following the instructions.
Delivery came on the day and time they said it would the driver was very professional put the cabin right on my drive for me I would recommend Tuin log cabins to anyone who is thinking of purchasing one
100% satisfied
Thank you Tuin
Mr. Alister Wilson
Jul 5, 2016
Excellant quality well worth oaying a we bit extra to get double glazing and thicker wood
David Furnival
Jun 30, 2016
An excellent product. Delivery and packaging flawless. I assembled it in one sunny day, made it water-tight the following day and ended up with a great summerhouse. . Looking forward to using it.
Only the floor to install now
Mr. Andrew Lambert
Jun 28, 2016
Hugely impressed with Tuin the company, their product, the ordering and delivery process and the wealth of useful information provided. It shouldn't have been a surprise from so many great reviews but my experience has entirely borne them out. The Emma corner cabin is a high quality product and was surprisingly easy to assemble - as long as you follow the plans exactly. The roof shingles were slightly more fiddly to cut and fit and I am still working through process of applying the several layers of paint inside (done), varnish on the floor (now complete) and outside (currently dodging the showers). However my wife is absolutely delighted and 'moved in' yesterday afternoon. It looks and feels fantastic and every bit the equal of a high end garden room costing 5+ times the price. Cannot recommend highly enough.
Mr. Raymond Miller
Jun 26, 2016
everything as planned
delivery on time
driver very helpful
assembly easy to instructions
all parts fitted well no problems
really pleased with end result
looks great
would recommend first class
very well pleased
Mrs. Jennifer Weston
Jun 19, 2016
After researching locally we decided to go for the Emma cabin from Tuin.We couldnt be more pleased.Excellent quality delivery on time excellent management of delivery.Took 2 men 2 days but was relativly easy. Highly recommend and looks great.
Alex Neish
Jun 15, 2016
Excellent cabin delivered bang on time as stated by courier. Assembled easily with no problem apart from not having a suitable Torx bit for the supplied screws. really pleased I opted for this company to buy my cabin from
Mr. Tony Cresswell
Jun 10, 2016
Very pleased with our Emma,fitted well together ,had to ask my d.i.y neighbor for help regarding triangle above door ,but he sorted me out.he also helped with lifting up roof panels,looks good with the shingles.wife delighted! foundation laying was the most challenging.not bad for a 73 year old.delivery driver very nice also. Thankyou.
Mr. Brian Canning
Jun 9, 2016
Great Value product. Quality better than expected for the price, The "kit" is complete and all parts fitted well and supplied to the exact quantity required .
I very much enjoyed the build , referring to and checking the instructions and on line videos is both
useful and essential to ensure a satisfactory finish .
I have found Tuin to be a Very professional company , particularly impressed by the delivery and would highly recommend the Tuin "Emma" if you are considering a corner cabin.
Very pleased with our purchase.
May 31, 2016
Get that base level as a priority, unpack the cabin as directed and the rest is easy. I found it very useful, if not a must, to supplement the instructions provided with the cabin with the online help - articles and videos. I would certainly recommend Tuin to anyone looking for a log cabin.
calvin woodings
May 25, 2016
An excellent quality product which was easy to assemble without help. I treated each piece with clear wood preservative as it was built and managed to get the shingles on within 3 days of starting. This was my second Tuin purchase having built the 4m Gazebo a couple of years ago. They're both really good value products.
Mr. mark deacon
May 23, 2016
Very prompt delivery driver kept us informed of when he was arriving went very smoothly. We are very pleased with the log cabin and found it easy and straightforward to construct and fits into the corner of our garden very nicely.We were glad we ordered the additional inner floor as this really finishes the log cabin off well.
Jason Fish
May 23, 2016
Over the moon with our Emma Corner Log Cabin! Ordering and delivery were easily done and on time with regular updates. Delivery driver was very punctual and helpful. Cabin was well-packed. Took two of us 3 1/2 hours to assemble the cabin so really easy to do, but it took an additional full day to do roof shingles as they can be quite fiddly. Highly delighted, looks stunning and really high quality. Would highly recommend.
D O'Connor
May 22, 2016
Great communications with Tuin during ordering period and with haulier prior to delivery. The delivery of the cabin was excellent with the driver dropping the cabin exactly on the drive where we want so as we still had access to the garage.
The cabin itself went together very easily once you follow the instructions. So far we are very pleased with our purchase and it looks fantastic in the garden, as many of the neighbours have also said. I am now in the process of treating it. My only one complaint is with the composite profilled foundation beams, we brought these thinking they would be more true and straight compared to wooden ones. This wasn't the case they were warped and bent resulting in me having to screw the joints together to stop them springing out. This resulted in a lot more time being spent getting these right before starting the build, but these things can happen. This is only a minor gripe, overall we are very happy with our cabin and Tuin.
Mrs. D Dyer
May 22, 2016
Cabin looks lovely now finished, very glad we paid extra for the double glazed doors & windows. Also very pleased with the shingle roof tiles, they look so much nicer than sheets of roofing felt. Written instructions were ok but perhaps not detailed enough, found the online video's much easier to follow & very helpful. Very pleased with our purchase.
Mr. Kevin Fowler
May 22, 2016
Excellent cabin, easy to build but need to keep it square . Composite foundation strips are well worth the extra. Roof went on well and is strong enough to sit on to fit the shingles. Perhaps a couple more floor joists would have been nice but it was OK. Floor finishing around the door required a length of wood from my garage but otherwise plenty of materials. PS love the torx screws far better than pozidriv. Buying and delivery were first class lass, would definitely recommend.
Raymond Purvis
May 19, 2016
I did such a lot of research that by the time I made up my mind that Tuin were the ideal for me i was fed up of the sight of log cabins! Nevertheless the effort was worth it because My Emmas Log cabin from Tuin ticked all the boxes - log thickness, quality and great advice and support. The delivery was well advised in advance and all happened as planned with an early morning call advising driver was leaving Hull and he arrived on time. Very friendly and helpful. Pallets correctly checked and 'photo'd for evidence if any damage (there is non). All items present and delivered as required. Very happy and the cabin is exactly as I expected - perhaps better. good value too. I'd recommend Tuin to anyone thinking of a log cabin. Excellent value! Thank-you.
Mr. Graham Curtis
May 18, 2016
Very pleased with cabin. Competitively priced and good quality. Great customer service we were kept informed at every stage. As previously mentioned fitting instruction could be more comprehensive but no problems erecting it myself
One thing on this cabin is the hinges are flimsy to take weight of double glazed units so upgraded them myself. Delivery was as promised by very helpful driver.
Would recommend and use Tuin again.
Chris Calver
May 13, 2016
Dealing with Tuin has been a pleasure from start to finish.

The level of service and support was second to none.

The delivery was on time and packaged well.

Assembly is relatively easy, I would agree with some of the other comments on here regarding the manual as I believe this could be made slightly clearer.

In a nutshell you will not be disapointed.

5*'s Tuin
Mr. Drew Eastwood
May 12, 2016
I was sceptical about the quality of the cabin given the price point is far cheaper than the competition and it came with roof shingles. I was also surprised at all positive reviews given competition reviews are mixed at best.
Only reviews seemed to be on tuin website which was also a concern for impartiality reasons.

I ordered and delivery was within stated timeline, 8am delivery was surprising but I was first on schedule

One piece was damaged but photo to tuin via email and got reply within minutes and replacement part delivered 2 days later.

Spent time reading all reviews for pointers prior to building then got to work.

Construction took about 8 hours on my own with only need help lifting roof boards up. Next day 3 more hours fitting roof shingles on my own and it was complete.

Looks really really good. Surpassing expectations.

Only issue I had was when I thought instructions were wrong and adlibbed adding a piece of wood to support the above door triangular piece from dropping. Over the next few weeks as all other panels settled this piece was preventing slats settling and making spaces. I removed the adlibbed piece and all is well again.

Best advice is to read all user suggestions, but don't be too worried. Instructions are 95% complete and remainder can be worked out.

Oh and doors needed a lot of sanding but that may be due to my construction rather than tuin design.
Probably best purchase I have made.
Mr. Gavin Fletcher
May 10, 2016
I was naturally cautious about placing an order for a cabin with any of the companies that sell them - the internet is awash with stories of bad service and bad products, and they aren't cheap, and it is hard to find independent reviews (this review and many like it are posted on the website of the company selling the cabin). I placed my order with Tuin after some communication with Richard - he always answered my questions which gave me confidence, and pointed me at his blogs which also helped. The 'kit' arrived and all was well, the driver was helpful and courteous. The construction went really well, there were no damaged bits and the combination of instructions plus Tuin Blogs plus You Tube and taking my time has resulted in a great cabin which is solid and looks fantastic. Thank you very much! It took me 2 days to construct on my own, fitting the tiles took another full day, and painting it is still ongoing! I can thoroughly recommend Tuin.
Mr. Ron Young
May 7, 2016
A really well made product that looks like it will last a long time.
The Windows and doors will need draught proofing strip applied bug that is a minor issue. Good value for money!
May 7, 2016
The structure itself is great! There is no need for insulation as the logs fit so well together there is no opportunity for a draft. One thing I would change is that the logs and other components should be offered pretreated as an option to avoid worrying about having to await a clear day to do the painiting in this lovely English weather. Otherwise - very pleased indeed!!
Miss. sara torkamanzadeh
Apr 24, 2016
'Emma' is a great looking little cabin and sits in the corner of my daughter's garden perfectly. The cabin was delivered as expected by a very nice young man on a forklift truck. He placed the palletised cabin on my daughters drive and Carol(auntie aged 59) and I (aged 57) shifted the contents of the pallet round the back garden and re-stacked it. It took us about an hour in the pouring rain.The reason I've included our ages is to let people know that virtually anyone can do this. Everything was fine apart from one window was damaged. I phoned Tuin straight away before I even took it from the pallet and they told me what I should do. I took photos and sent them to Tuin and they agreed to pay for a replacement window. I still haven't got the window back from my local supplier yet but I'm sure it will be any day now.
Ian and auntie Carol put up the cabin(with a little encouragement, plenty of coffee and a couple of bacon sandwiches as nourishment from myself).it went together well with no problems. The actual cabin took them 3 days to complete from start to finish. Ian has now installed electric so we are just waiting for the double glazed unit to come so that little Emma can be completed :).
My daughter is delighted with the cabin and intends to turn it into a morroccan/persian type room where she can chill.
I will send photos when it is complete.
I did phone Tuin during the construction about a minor issue with no answer. Just as I was emailing them someone from the company phoned me back almost immediately with the answer. I was impressed as I hadn't even left a message.
All in all a very good experience for me,auntie Carol and Ian .
Mr. Malcolm Kay
Apr 20, 2016
We purchased the Emma corner log cabin after seeing it on display, the staff were helpful and professional, with delivery to suit me, assemble was made easy after watching a wide range of instruction videos from Tuin and on the web a product and company that can highly be reccomended.
Mr. John Leitch
Mar 31, 2016
From ordering to delivery the process was excellent. The delivery was on the promised day and at the promised time by a very helpful and courteous driver.
The construction quality is very good and having previously built a similar log cabin from another well known supplier (much more expensive) the process is straightforward for the capable diy enthusiast! My one observation regarding the instruction and specification sheet is that for this corner cabin there is no specific detailed foundation drawing. As I am installing a supplied floor, a detailed plan of the foundation included with the other plans would be very useful. However I contacted the technical advice line, did not leave a message, and was in the middle of writing an email when I was contacted by phone from Tuin regarding the missed call! Great service.
My problem was quickly and courteously resolved and the foundation is now laid.
All in all a super level of service, to be highly recommended.
Doreen Purves
Feb 17, 2016
Very pleased with the Emma log cabin. It has a lovely finish to it.
Mr. Peter Fitzgerald
Feb 10, 2016
Delivered when they said and on time,everything in great condition packed very well and waterproof
Really happy with it went together well one piece of advice to other buyer is make sure you hang the doors before you put the roof on it helps to make sure everything is square
Mr. S Gupta
Jan 29, 2016
Ordered the 3x3 log cabin. I am really please with my purchase. It look so lovely in my garden. video and instructions for assembly were clear. I also put insulation in roof. Can't wait to use it :)
Mrs. Stephanie Thoburn
Jan 27, 2016
Fabulous cabin, can't wait for spring, although have spent a few afternoons sitting relaxing in it. Me and my husband got it built and painted in no time, very pleased, so glad we decided on the Emma, bigger inside that expected, and looks amazing. Well worth the time researching which make cabin to buy and so glad we picked a Tuin.
Mrs. Audrey Murphy
Jan 13, 2016
We absolutely love our new Emma corner log cabin. The quality compared with others we have looked at is second to none. Everyone who has seen it is so impressed. I am so delighted to have discovered your company.
Keith Watson
Dec 2, 2015
Me and my brother and a friend have all perchased an Emma Corner Log Cabin. Windynook. Cramlington. and one in Blyth all in our Northeast of England. I was so very impressed with my brother log cabin we just had to buy one. It was so very easy to build it really took no time at all just by following the easy step by step video instructions. If I can do it so could you!
Mr. Jon Young
Nov 27, 2015
I've had the cabin about a week, it took a day to assemble on a concrete pad I had already prepared. It is well worth reading Richards blogs before starting because he makes the process so clear. The delivery was easy, the driver got the package exactly where I needed it. the wood is of a really high quality, just one log had a split, and minor at that. They are machined perfectly and slot together easily, you rarely need the use the mallet. Doors and windows fit easily and open and close without catching. The shingles are good, easy to put on but it is a good days work. I am thrilled with the beautiful finish. Only caution is the instructions the images are low quality but the videos and extra guidance on the website more than make up for that.
Mr. roger green
Nov 7, 2015
True to there word :- Emma arrived for install and a window and two logs damaged ???? Call the team and sent a few photos next day they were delivered.never a problem from start to finish.
Great summer house. Go together a dream.This is the second one that we have put up and our friends brought the same so we helped them. Both parties are over the moon. A well made and easy to assemble.
Mr P Dumville
Nov 7, 2015
Thank you very much for our wonderful cabin (Emma). It was deliver exactly when promised and the driver was impeccably polite and helpful. Upon delivery we took the sections round to the garden and started erecting it at approx. 1pm. Once up to roof level we needed help from our friends. The whole process took 2 days including putting shingles on roof and treating the wood. Absolutely brilliant. We are going to get so much pleasure from it.
Mr K Watson
Nov 4, 2015
Me and my brother and a friend have all perchased an Emma Corner Log Cabin. Windynook. Cramlington. and one in Blyth all in our Northeast of England. I was so very impressed with my brother log cabin we just had to buy one. It was so very easy to build it really took no time at all just by following the easy step by step video instructions. If I can do it so could you!
Mr. philip taylor
Nov 3, 2015
We took a few weeks shopping around for a log cabin and were drawn by TUIN's marketing. By the time we placed the order they were out of stock as the EMMA is a popular line. The delay in delivery gave us a better opportunity to decide on foundation type, our plot being Holderness clay, granite setts and a small paved area. Decided on timber on cost and ease of construction. Used 2x4 tanillised to make a frame with timbers doubled up and bolted on the outsides. Getting it perfectly square and level took some time but it was ready for when the cabin arrived. When the pack was unloaded we set out all the components and started asembly after lunch the following day. 4 hours later the walls, window and door frames were up, the next day another 4 hours and the roof sheets were on. Floor laying, shingles , electrics and trimming took another weekend. All the work was done by myself and my wife ( and she only helped with the walls and windows). All the timbers were manufactured with the same precision as LEGO bricks, every one a perfect fit and no faults at all in any component. Any one who's reasonably fit and has moderate DIY skills should have no difficulties in assembly. Just think bigger, heavier LEGO.
Nov 1, 2015
I have just purchased the Emma Log Cabin, which had a couple of missing pieces. However, the Customer Service Department (Karen) quickly addressed these issues and the items were delivered the following day. I also sought advice in respect of installation and they highly recommended a young man called Philip, who I duly contacted. Philip responded speedily and gave advice on Tuin Cabins and a price for installation. I also sought some additional work on the decking and gazebo, which he was more than happy to deal with, again giving a price.
I arranged an initial installation date, but this had to be re-arranged due to the missing pieces, and Philip was more than happy to re-arrange (flexibility). On the re-arranged date Philip and his partner Wojtech duly arrived on time and commenced the work and boy did they work. They completed all the work to the highest of standards and in the time frame they stated. They were both flexible and ensured that they completed all tasks and returned everything to it's original state and position. They were truly professional and I would without hesitation highly recommend them to anyone wishing to have a Tuin Cabin installed. Philip was highly recommended by Tuin themselves. Now that the Cabin is up I am absolute delighted with the end result. The quality is excellent and I would equally highly recommend Tuin, having researched many companies before deciding on Tuin. Thank you to Tuin Customer Service in particular Karen and Jos and I again highly rate Philip and Wojtech for installation.
Mr. David Barber
Oct 23, 2015
For its price a good sound product. The package came complete with everything, nails & screws etc. Overall a good sound product
Mr. william middlemass
Oct 10, 2015
Spent three months looking and kept coming back to tuins site first class product would recommend it over the rest I had looked at.
David Betts
Oct 8, 2015
From day one receiving our cabin on a massive lorry everything perfect Everything went exactly as the plans We are a retired couple who have enjoyed every minute of the building A real asset to our garden. Would recommend Tuin to all as the service was brillant the cabin arrived exactly when they said driver very helpful, also very good quality product
Mr. Tony Whyman
Oct 7, 2015
I would firstly like to say the Log cabin is wonderful, and thank you for very good and prompt service. The delivery drivers really are stars and will certainly help where possible. Very well packaged, and water tight.

To any one thinking of buying, I would happily recommend this cabin, family and friends have been very impressed.

I would also recommend you have a go at building yourself, as the actual build is a lot of fun and very satisfying. The cabin goes up very quickly, roof on in 2 days, a total of 12 hours work.
The key area is in the ground beams, they need to be set out and level, with one layer of Logs on top.
This is one area I think Tuin is not so great, as the ground beams are not mentioned in the instructions, they are on the video information on the site, but not in great detail. They are not 3M long either so you end up with a short section to fill the gap.
On the video they screw the log to the beam, not an easy process either. but please Measure your width and corner lengths, and do not cut the door beam until you have the door frame in place, I used the threshold strip, which looked great, but the frame made this a little bigger, and the beam was then short. It still looked ok, but could have been easier.
You really do use minimal screws on the build as well, only 4 in the door frame, and 4 in the corner panel over the door.
The roof panels are the next challenge, and this took a long time to get right. In the end I fixed one, with one screw and then worked from that board for the alignment of the rest. Unscrewed and re-adjusted each panel until I was happy with the alignment. Then came the biggest challenge of climbing on the roof. To finish the screwing down of each board, I can assure you it will support at least 90kg!!! with no problem.
I also covered this with Tyvek / IKO breathable membrane, it made the roof water tight very quickly. (We still have the insulation and shingles to add).
This is also another slight area of contention, as the shingle photos on the tuin site, show insulation with Shingle fitted directly to the insulation board? Most websites and even IKO, state
a solid Sterling OSB board should be attached over the insulation, to prevent lifting and blow off of the shingles in high winds?

My only other 2 areas of concern are with the thresh hold strip hole for the door lock, it does not align with the door, and considering it is covered in Stainless steel is not going to be easy to adjust. The door alignment for hinges etc you move the frames vertically up or down, and then re-screw the frame in place.
The second is the internal door handle cover plate, this cannot fit without cutting the internal window frame, by almost 6mm, (a fine chisel job to come and try to keep it neat).
BUT please the overall effect is truly stunning, and we are over the moon with the product, especially as we opted for the 40mm logs and double glazing. Well worth the extra cost. Only small downside for me is the window bars! these could have been supplied detached, for easier painting and a routed profile on them would have given a more polished finish, even if it cost me a few more pounds.
Thank you Tuin to date, I have already been very happy to pass on your details to others, and will continue to do so.
Judith Randall
Oct 4, 2015
I spent a very long time looking for a summer house/log cabin and thankfully I found this website. I was so impressed by the quality, price and reviews. Anyway I decided to take the plunge and order. I decided on the Emma log cabin so that I could use it all year round. Delivery was quicker than I expected which meant I wasn't quite ready for it but it was ok to leave for a week, just made sure everything was covered. The cabin was put up in 2 days and the roof 1 day and it looks fabulous. Trust what you are told on here with building it. Electrics are now installed too. I felt I needed to add a review as they helped me decide on placing an order. Don't hesitate to use this company for a great quality log cabin. I have recommended and I will continue to.
Mr. Dan Colman
Sep 29, 2015
This is an excellent product at a very good price and service has been first class. I spent several months researching the cabin options including visiting garden centres and distributors. In the end I was won over by the Tuin reviews, website and honest and upfront approach on which services to purchase and which can be completed at home. Delivery was excellent and when one of the Double Glazed windows broke (we carried it horizontally rather than vertically during the install) Tuin immediately offered to cover the costs of replacement. Shed was installed and insulated by our own builder in 3 days following very clear instructions and we are very happy with design and quality. Would highly recommend this company as a stress free solution!
Hadrian Stirling
Sep 19, 2015
Apart from some minor niggles, design and quality of timber and jointing are excellent. However, it was delivered one week early. The protective plastic cover had been punctured in several places with water ingress into uppermost logs, causing staining and some black mould. Moreover, the flooring nail packs were ruined by water and rusty, but Tuin replaced these promptly. Tuin explained they had changed their haulier, hence these problems.
We treated all components all over with a high-end base coat (Jotun 'Visir' from Norway) before assembly. Painting and drying took 2 days.
In spite of storing the logs as recommended in horizontal piles, some logs had significant warps and twists, which created difficulties with assembly. A particularly difficult section was the wall under the right-hand window, which needed bracing to align the logs sufficiently to fit the window frame. The bracing has now been removed.
The instructions and video advice were good, apart from correctly fitting the sill to the door frame, where the drawing was not good enough, so I fitted it back to front. The mistake only realised after hanging the doors, so the entire door frame had to come out for correction. Another problem with warping arose with the roof sections which would not fit snugly, with some 5-8mm gaps. Luckily the roof beams were wide enough to accommodate this.
I congratulate Tuin in giving us plenty of roof shingles (almost a full pack spare) and spare floor boards.
The finished painted cabin now looks a treat!
George Mitchell
Sep 19, 2015
Took delivery on Tuesday 15th September. The ordering process was very simple and excellent communication from the haulage company for delivery date. Driver phoned on the morning to let me know what time to expect him and he arrived bang on time. Offloaded using the forklift and placed exactly where I wanted on the driveway. Driver could not have been more helpful. Took about an hour for me to lift all of the pieces round the back of the house and sort them out as recommended. Began building at midday on my own, and by 7pm I had the cabin up and roof on. Spent six hours the following day putting the shingles on then a further five hours insulating and fitting the floor which I also purchased from Tuin. Overall it was very easy to construct and only had a couple of head scratching moments with the diagrams. Double doors gave me a little trouble but eventually got them adjusted. Biggest problem I had was trying to square the cabin. Could have done with a second pair of hands to hold the tape measuring the diagonals. I would advise others to watch the videos prior to delivery as I did. It made things so much easier when it came to putting the cabin up. Absolutely delighted with the finished product. Many thanks Tuin.
Mr. Andrew Smith
Sep 17, 2015
Our Emma corner log cabin arrived on time and was all present and correct . The driver that delivered it was professional and efficient. the cabin has come with plenty of instructions and a planned layout . Very pleased with the service so thank you . We are now off to build our cabin
Graham Dickinson
Aug 29, 2015
I just wanted to give you some feedback on my log cabin. I took delivery last Thursday. The delivery went fine, the driver was very good, he phoned in advance as agreed and carefully delivered to kerbside and asked me to check the package over for damage of which there was none.

The quality of the product is really very good and it went together very well. I didn’t get started until Thursday afternoon and had to paint before assembly and still I managed to get the whole structure up by Friday night. Roof shingles took me most of Saturday and it’s now all complete except an oak floor which I’m putting in and some painting internally.

I have found only one issue so far which is that the recessed hinges for the doors have been over recessed and the result is that although perfectly square the doors hang with a gap between them. I can rectify this by taking the hinges off the doors and filling the routed recesses.

Other than that small niggle I’m completely happy with the quality and service that you have given me and I’m really pleased with the end result which is going to be an extra room for my daughter to chill out in during the summer with friends. The cabin is having an L shaped sofa, TV, electric log effect fire and oak flooring so it’s going to be a great asset for years to come I’m sure.
Mr. Brian Davison
Aug 28, 2015
When the log cabin arrived I must admit I was a bit daunted but after seeing the videos etc and reading as much as I could I started building the log cabin.
I managed to build it all on my own , including the roof . I probably could of finished it in three days but I did it over four as I took my time in doing the shingles to make them look right. I made a few jigs up to help me put up the eaves but apart from that I would recommend you get a quick grip clamp.
the roof took the longest time as I tried to get every thing in line and look neat.
I also recommend you leave at least a two foot gap around two sides so you can get on the roof or you have to scramble around alot.
A great buy , I am looking forward to the day when I have finished the inside to my liking.
landj pearson
Aug 26, 2015
so pleased with our cabin.Easy to erect and really strong.The only thing amiss was a skelve above one of the windows, which we were able to fix ourselves, otherwise no problems.Would recommend.
Mr. Alan Harrold
Aug 19, 2015
An excellent product that for the most part is very easy to assemble, the walls went up in under an hour and a half, however the roof was a little more tricky and required the assistance of someone with a little more common sense than I have at my disposal.
The product is brilliant and once completed has no parts that aren't flush or a perfect fit. The walls are suitable for further insulation thus making the cabin suitable for use all year round, even in the harsh British weather
Mr. Ken darby
Aug 10, 2015
Came on time as to phone call,Unloaded with fork lift and placed on my drive,driver spot on and polite, next day unwrapped read plan,built it all up on my own in 4 hours,next day put all the shingles and hip shingles 5 hours,sprayed all wood with clear timber treatment,left to dry for 2days,painted white inside light grey outside to match the sky,2coats took 8hours,wood laminate flooring white skirting 2hours IT LOOKS WOW one happy chappy.
Mr. Leslie McLeod
Aug 2, 2015
To say I am pleased with this product is an understatement, it exceeds expectation photos do not do this cabin justice. After unpacking from pallet and laying it out in its various components it took myself (66 year old) and my nephew - with next to no do-it-yourself experience 4.5 hours to build to wind and water tight. It then took a further 2 days to felt tile the roof and lay the floor. the only issues with this were Tuin supplied 15mm felt nails and nails for the ridge tiles had to go through a thickness of 3 tiles so I had to go and purchase 1kg of 20mm felt nails. The floor supports were also a little short and required to be laid in three pieces had they been another 250mm long they would have been better. Product supplied there were plenty of floor timbers and felt tiles left over. Otherwise everything was of a good quality precision fit and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a cabin of this size for use as a garden summerhouse.
Mr. Alex Czernianin
Jun 22, 2015
After searching for a summer house via mail etc I found the Tuin Emma to apparently be the best value having not seen the unit in the 'flesh' but only on the net.
How right I was. Its at least £2K cheaper then any of its like for like competition.
I finish the installation in under 3 days which was straight forward and well documented. Also watch the videos available on the Tuin site. These were most helpful.
I also purchases the 18mm floor. This was the only minor issue I had. The planks are good quality but the floor joists are in sections which have to be joined. I purchased alternative joists to span the full floor. These only cost around £35 and in my opinion give a much better construction to the floor. I would recommend you do this.
I conclusion..Excellent quality and value product and relatively simple to assemble
Mr. Simon McKay
Jun 22, 2015
We were particularly interested in a corner summerhouse as in an average size ? garden we wanted to maximize space. We removed a corner tree and it is amazing just how effective it has been and does not appear to dominate and take up too much room. We liked the idea of it being referred to as a garden office implying all year possible use and whilst it was more expensive than others we choose the 40 mm double glazed "Emma" model. If you are going to undertake this project on something that will last many years , then it is definitely worth spending a little more. The build experience was fine with the videos available being particularly useful. I am talking here for both my wife and me being career office workers , so if we can do it , then should be ok for anyone. Tools , I do not think mentioned......I would strongly recommend an electric screwdriver and the hex screws supplied although very good had an unusual head which some people may not have in their toolbox. Also 2 stepladders are particularly useful to have to hand , especially when working on the roof in view of the lifting.we would recommend for safety reasons 2 persons work on the shingle roof installation .......and definitely no stretching at the top of the ladder !!!! Always come down and move the ladder !!
Overall, a very good experience. 2 days with 2 persons to erect and another 2 days to fit shingle roof .....after all we are amateurs and it was not a race....lots of tea breaks.

Simon and Jo. Colchester

Photos to follow
Gillian Grace
Jun 14, 2015
fell in love with this cabin SO dissapointed the finish is pore in so many ways qullity and finish leaves me cold.cheap window & door furniture.my friends is far better standard/quality supplyed by local company
Nicky Jo
Jun 12, 2015
Although I haven't quite finished the whole project I couldn't wait to write a review for the recently purchased Emma corner log cabin.

When I came across the Tuin site I could immediately tell the difference between their corner cabins and the competition having spent hours and hours researching.
The website was full of useful information and helped in the decision to place the order.
The whole process was stress free from start to finish the cabin arrived on time with a friendly helpful driver.
Myself and a friend unwrapped and carried the cabin piece by piece from the car park into the garden and re wrapped ready for the fitter. I decided against DIY as I needed it up quickly to use as storage for a new kitchen.
The base I had had laid was a reinforced concrete slab with dpm and I ordered the composite bearers.
The 2 fitters recommended by Tuin had the cabin up and shingles on in a day. They were also polite and friendly as everyone that I have dealt with connected to Tuin has been.
I then used a good quality equivalent to Sadolin wood preserver - 2 coats inside and out and so far I have put on one coat of Sadolin Superdec on the outside. I have yet to landscape around the cabin and cant wait to turn it into an extra living area with sofas etc. Electrics will be added and the inside will be left unpainted. I intend to tile the floor and found it helpful to run a line of sealant between the base and the bearer inside and out.
One of the other reviews mentioned the problem of the glazing bars and painting behind them - I carefully levered them off with a flat screwdriver and painted the back and front, then replaced them by gently lining up the pins and holes and tapping back into place. The pictures show progress so far.

Definitely recommend the Emma corner cabin and the Company.
Mr. Eric Thornhill
May 19, 2015
Had delivery of my Emma log cabin on Tuesday 3rd May. Good notice of delivery day and another phone call with estimate of time on the day.
Take your time putting it up and follow the instructions closely. They are a little difficult to follow at times but if your not sure, watch the videos on Tuins website. There is lots of information to help you. The doors took some adjustment before they would close correctly but now close fine. Double glazing is a bonus.
The shingle tiles look fabulous, far better than roofing felt. It's a good project to build yourself and you'll enjoy doing it.
I must say for the price we have paid the log cabin looks fantastic now we have built it. You won't be disappointed. We have also insulated the floor and will be putting electrics in it. Perfect retreat for relaxing in at any time of the year. Everyone who's seen it are all impressed with the quality of it.
John Grove
May 19, 2015
Excellent delivery was prompt and cabin was well packed although I hoped that it would be packed in reverse so I could unload and build as I went and you have to unpack and sort but I guess its aimed at packing density.
The cabin is fabulous but I have a few warnings and gripes.
1) I used the 'composite' ring beam which is great but I found warped really badly in the sun and therefore needed a small fixing to pin it to the wood to keep it straight. Also being anal about it 4 lengths doesn't give you enough to create the 'door sill' in one piece so to avoid having a cut in this side I needed an extra piece. Ask when ordering for a fifth piece (1.5m) or cut one of the straight sides so that you have a long enough piece for the door.
2) The drawing has inconsistencies which frustrated me as I was reading them literally. The side with the smaller piece at the base is marked correctly in the diagram showing each plank numbered, but later diagrams show different top pieces above the windows. This caused a hour or so off re reading, counting and discussion as to which 'top' beam above the windows was for which side, not helped by the fact that the orientation of the sides is the same in the diagram.
3) Someone had stapled a spacer in the door frame which made the door frame 15 mm too wide so the doors don't meet in the middle. Having not put the doors on until the building was up it was irritating to have to de-construct the door frame and rebuild it without the packing so the doors joined.
2 Further warnings... To fit the windows on you need to hold the out almost horizontally this is a problem as trying to fit after construction meant that a wall impeded opening the window enough to fit it. (It is built in a small space). I had to take the window apart to fit the glass then build it back in.
Roof tiles look great but take forever to fit, especially lining up the 'tile lines', Also a BIG tip, Don't think of not ordering a cap for the Pyramid roof, its impossible to make it look right without it, my order will go in today.
It took two very long days to build from nothing to watertight, and the floor inside was another day. I have a couple of queries as to if I have done it correctly but essentially its too late and I would have benefited from a slightly more specific 'instructions'. Perhaps I should have watched more of the videos, but overall it looks great and is a good sized cabin. I was surprised how roomy as the roof has a shorter incline than expected giving more height inside.
Mr. jimmy brown
May 14, 2015
Good product for the money the lorry driver was very helpful having to forklift the pallets along my narrow street.The instructions could be made a bit better but i'm pleased with the end result and would recommend to friends
Mr. Terry Long
May 3, 2015
This is a fantastic product supplied by a first class firm ! We placed the order and 8 days later we were asked if we could take delivery on the 13th April. On Fri 10th we received a call asking if we would like it that day, of course we said yes. Do not be afraid when you receive it , its's like a big jigsaw and if you get in a little bit of trouble as I did the firm soon helps you out over the phone. The quality of the product is great, looks fantastic on the decking standing next to the Grande open gazebo which we bought from this firm a couple of years ago. ( another great product ) One tip I would give is with both these buildings is that with the roof shingles on the edges where they join instead of folding a separate tile over the join buy a strip of lead flashing and fix this over the full length of the join instead.
In my opinion it is a much superior finish and does not cost a lot of money. Many thanks to the firm for their service, would highly reccomend them and will be using them again.
Mr & Mrs Watson
May 1, 2015
We are delighted with our Emma Cabin. The communication and questions prior and after delivery with the Tuin staff were always responded to quickly. Delivery service was excellent and the driver very courteous. Once the base was sorted the cabin flew up. We opted for the black shingles and painted the cabin cream inside and out and it has received excellent reviews from visitors. The build is sturdy and we are so glad we went for the 40mm logs with double glazing, We are using the room as an extension to our garden decking area and it fits in lovely. We will send some pictures soon!
Rachel Maughan
Apr 30, 2015
When our log cabin arrived the fork truck could not fit up the drive so had to unpack it from the public pathway. Love the quality and sturdiness of the Emma log cabin and once we got started it was relatively easy to assemble.
I studied the parts leaflet and drawings and had some useful and friendly telephone help from Ben at Tuin then we got to work on the Saturday morning.
I must say it went up surprisingly quickly, it took about 10 hours from start to finish! We only dithered over the overhang at the corner above the doors, not sure when to put that in but eventually fathomed it out. I particularly enjoyed putting the shingles on which I did single handedly, (husband doesn't like heights!). We took some pictures at every stage so will send those in when we have finished it completely as we haven't laid the floor yet. Would definitely recommend this cabin only we don't know what it will be used for yet!
Mr. RR
Apr 25, 2015
Significantly cheaper and offering much more cabin than companies elsewhere. Delivery very quick and delivery crew very helpful. Some parts needed replacement and Tuin didn't quibble. For those who have long thought about a summer house (like me) my experience pre-sale with the extremely informative Tuin website and since with their support tells me Tuin are the right company for this
John Blake
Apr 21, 2015
Order No 10334
I have been very pleased with the help and advice received from you and the videos were most informative. Delighted with the product which was delivered by a very helpful driver who kept us informed of his E.T.A. Log cabin went together well,Quality is first class,End product looks superb. Would thoroughly recommend your company to others.
R B P'boro
Apr 20, 2015
Ordering was very simple, ordered by phone with a very helpful lady at Tuin
Delivery was good, the delivery company from Holland called the week before to confirm a date, then called again on the day of delivery to confirm an approx. time, the driver then called late pm to check we were able to accept delivery at 8pm (as he was running late, but if required he would be willing to deliver next day), anyway at 8pm - a knock at the door - and a damp delivery driver on the door step!
Unpacking, the next day was straight forward, laid everything out as advised and checked against the list, all items present and correct, no damage.
On to the building of the cabin - as mentioned in previous reviews - "READ THE INSTRUCTIONS ! " (instructions are not really the right description, more accurate would be drawings) they are not very clear but if you look at them very carefully they will show you where the fixing points are (sorry Richard for the emails on Good Friday evening, I was tired and wet, however thank you for your very quick reply's)
Cabin was completed in a couple of days - despite the rainy Easter.
Now finished with a coat of stain and it is looking very nice.
All in all a very good product, and backed up with the out of hours support.
I would fully recommend this cabin and Tuin as a quality product.
Mr. John Turner
Apr 18, 2015
We were recommended to buy a Tuin product by friends who had recently installed one at their new house. Similarly, we have just moved and so were looking for a summer house of substance, good looks and high quality. We have not been disappointed on any of the three counts.

Firstly, the ease of ordering on the website was very encouraging of things to come. Secondly, the delivery was very quick and very well handled. The carriers telephoned us twice to give details of the delivery and kept their promise of the delivery date. The various packages containing the cabin were professionally delivered via fork lift truck from the lorry to our property in a fast and smooth operation.

We employed a contractor well known to us to assemble the cabin starting with groundworks through to finishing touches such as the shingles on the hipped roof and the barge boards. The online manual which is provided was also really helpful as was the other various items of advice on the Tuin website.

He did it in less than three days and we are delighted with the finished product including particularly the quality of the timber, the look and feel of the interior, the double glazed doors and windows, the neat lines and the appearance of the roof and, more than anything, the way in which it has enhanced our rear garden by its design, looks and appearance.

All in all, we would thoroughly recommend Tuin in terms of the quality and good value of the product and the services it provides.
Mr. John Beardow
Mar 23, 2015
Ordering was straight forward and the service following order placement was first class, including answering queries. Delivery was good, with the driver being very helpful in placing the packages where I required. Richard and the rest of the staff were very good, responding to calls and e-mails promptly. Just completed the build and I am delighted with the results. Quality product, well designed and fits together very well. Overall top class product and top class service. Would recommend to anyone.
Mrs. Jane Pinhey
Mar 22, 2015
As of yet not constructed the cabin just checked contents. The delivery was excellent , the driver was a credit to your company (BRILLIANT).We will give you details of construction later if required,but product looks great.Many thanks for a professional service.
Mr. Mark Andrew
Mar 21, 2015
This product was fantastic, it was delivered on time and took 2 days to erect in full. Excellent quality would recommend this purchase to anyone... You will not be disappointed