Dyre Log Cabin 4m x 3m

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Mr. Tadek Radtkowski
Dec 12, 2021
My Dyre log cabin was delivered in early June 2021, the delivery company were excellent and were able to manoeuvre the pack down a narrow drive and dropped it close to the concrete base that had been prepared for the cabin.

On opening the pack the only damage found was a cracked window. I logged on to the Tuin website and reported this there. It was immediately picked up and arrangements were made to replace this via a local glazier.

The Tuin website has good articles and videos on how to erect cabins, lay floors and fit shingles. It is certainly worth the time going through these a few times in advance of the build.

My plan was to build the cabin over a weekend and finish the roof and flooring after that. In fact it was much quicker than expected taking only 6 hours for the main build.

The reason for this was a builder friend came along to help and prepared the job methodically.
• He unpacked and checked all the parts against the list.
• Laid them where they would be used (front, back and sides).
• He then spent a lot of time ensuring the base was level and square.
Once we got started it was just a case of moving round and round the cabin clicking each of the planks in place and hammering them down to ensure they were level.

This certainly speeded up the build and the quality and fit of all the parts were first class. My builder friend was so impressed with the quality and ease of installation that he went and ordered a larger cabin for himself.

Would definitely recommend Tuin for quality of build, website information and help available throughout the build. Well done.
Alan Stewart
Oct 17, 2021
We've had cabin from Tuin before and were really happy with it. It was a 58mm log but this time we chose a 40mm log and there is a big difference. The 58mm is much more obust but that's not to say we're unhappy with the latest one, it's just not quite so solid. However, it all went together very well and it's now in regular use. Recommended.
Phillip Shipley
Oct 8, 2020
Overall I was very happy with the Lodge.
I built it myself using the instructions which are a bit vague but as you built the structure you start to understand them more.
I had one issue which was with the apex angle didn't match the Lodge dimensions which resulted in a mismatch with the Lodge sides and resulted in sawing the apex to match the frame dimensions .
I did contact the help line , they said it was due to wood swelling .
How the apex part did this by 35mm I don't know due to all parts being stored in same place?.
I just think it was made wrong in first place as all the joints in it where very roughly cut not nice clean cuts like the rest of Lodge.
Besides that everything else when and fitted well.
Jul 16, 2019
I rate Tuin very highly in terms of communication and delivery. The Dyre log cabin is very good value for money, it’s solid and with 3 coats it should last 25 yrs. The free shingles are good quality, although the colour may vary slightly. I’ve taken off one star because I had a problem with the doors and the windows as neither had an expansion gap. After speaking with Tuin, the aperture size was right so I assume the window and door sizes have changed – I note that someone else had the same problem so hopefully this issue will be resolved for others. Because of this, I had to spend extra time dismantling sections and then taking an inch off each of the relevant logs before reassembling. In terms of build time, the easiest part of this is putting the log cabin together, two people in a few hrs from unpacking to completion (assuming you don't encounter the same problems with doors and window). Then putting on the roof and shingles takes longer. The base is the most important element, as Tuin stress, and this took me longer to prepare (Timber frame on screw in piles) and putting in the floor took longer. I should add that I insulated the roof and floor. I'm a novice DIYer and took my time over a number of weekends, took me a bit longer than I thought, but the end product is excellent. If you are building yourself, as an amateur DIYer, then the instructions are rather limited but the videos on the Tuin site contain all the information you need.
Mr. Ally Flett
Mar 19, 2018
Great service and product from Tuin. Ordering was simple, the price was very competitive and the delivery fantastic. I ordered the Dyre 4m x 3m for my wife to use as a beauty studio and we are both delighted with the end result. The assembled product is of good quality and is a great size for our purpose. It took a friend and myself one day to build and a further half day by myself to finish the roof shingles. The only issue we encountered on install was that the starter logs on each side were not included in the delivery. They were just normal tongue and groove complete logs. This caused a slight delay as we need to make an adjustment to the top log before the roof boards were installed. I would have rated five stars but I feel there really should have been some sort of door seal included. There is a gap for this in the door frame and this is essential to keep out the draft, especially up in Scotland. This needed to be added separately and although a fairly low cost to fix it is a frustration. These two points however cannot detract from the log cabin and we look forward to using it in the coming years. Many thanks Tuin.
Mr. Stuart Skinner
Aug 10, 2015
I have been very impressed with the service from order right through to delivery. I had a couple of technical questions regarding the size of my concrete base and a DPC, and the team were very helpful. The log cabin was purchased partly to be used for storage, partly summer house and it seams very spacious in side. I was at first a little disappointed in the hight but this was more to do with my expectation rather than the product. I would say it is a very solid structure and relatively simple to install. I'm really pleased with my purchase.