Doors for Log Cabins up to 45mm

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Stephen Ryan
Oct 19, 2020
2 years ago I decided to build a Triangular "Hot Tub Shack", Having studied the TUIN website I was hoping I could order a bespoke shed. was given clear helpful advice that, this was not possible. Hence I still liked the door and I was going to build with 150 "log lap" from my local timber merchant. Order the doors and stored internally as wood supplies dried up. Everyone in the country appeared now to be building a Garden shed. Fitted doors 4 weeks ago and so easy to install (for an IT manager - definitely no joiner). They look perfect and I am very please. Shared many pictures with friends and work colleagues. My only disappointment is that the screws supplied with the handle, after only 2 weeks rust as appeared. Highly recommended by a non-skill hobbyist.
Mr. Ronald falconer
Oct 2, 2019
Recentley purchased and erected this cabin from Tuin.
Picked Tuin on the back of online reviews and the amount of info and support on their homepage.
The cabin was delivered to my house very well packaged and protected, and the overall erect was fairly straightforward.
Spend your time accurately setting out the sole plates square and level and putting all the logs into groups,. you may find the walls go slightly off plumb as you go up but putting the roof beams on pulls all that into place.
Shingles for the roof are supplied free and look great, again spend a bit of time with the first two rows getting them straight and parralel, after that it is fairly repetitive and you will have a few spare.
The quality of the cabin is very good with all the joints cut accurately, there is a small amount of knot damage, but this is to be expected...timber is a natural product.i would say the floor boards 26mm should have less knot holes than is present.
The doors and windows all are fine and slot easily into place.
I have bought different double doors for the main part of the cabin as i felt there was to much glass in the set that are supplied.
All in a good experience with this Tuin cabin and i would cerainley recommend.
Lee Inkpin
Jul 15, 2019
Very happy with the extra door, well made and easy to install. The surrounding frame is easily adapted to fit either 45mm or 28mm logs.
Mrs. Sheila Jones
Apr 25, 2019
The door is good quality and fits my cabin. No complaints whatsoever.
Sep 17, 2018
Quality is excellent and has to be the easiest door I have ever fitted and I have fitted a lot of doors.
Mr. Paul Morgan
Mar 27, 2018
I ordered an extra set of doors to allow me to have rear access into my Hendrick log cabin.
I was pleasantly surprised how easy they were to fit, also the quality if the doors is great,
I would definitely recommend this product.....
Tom McGowran
Feb 25, 2017
Ordered single door for the end wall of a Jasmine cabin. I was a bit dubious about how to fit it as it came with no instructions and the logs were not cut to size so it had to be fitted after the cabin was complete. It's scary drilling holes then cutting out the shape of the door. They say use a jig saw but since the logs were 45mm thick you need a reciprocating saw. An ordinary saw binds on the logs. Also when you cut it all out don't stand under it when you give the logs a shove to push them out. I've got the bruises to pove it! When fitted it looks great. Only problem I found was I did not seem to have the option to have it double glazed. Otherwise well made and easy to fit once you have found out how to do it. I could not find any video or instruction on line for this but stand corrected if it is there.
Ed Goddard
Nov 1, 2016
A great set of double doors that allowed us to make our log cabin accessible from the back and front. Well done Tuin!
Mr. roger green
Nov 7, 2015
Fantastic, we put down the first row marked out the door opening, Placed the logs on a chop saw and the door fitted as if the cabin was made for the extra door. Can as a pre hung unit and no adjustment required.
G Hutchason
Aug 25, 2014
We bought this product to fit to our Wolfgang Cabin , and were very pleased with the consistent quality of the timber thoughout both the new door and the cabin itself , superb value for a fully glazed door with fittings, would highly recommend this company