Daniel Corner Log Cabin 2.6x2.6m

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Mr. Gerry Boobis
Dec 13, 2021
Delivery of cabin was pretty decent. Instructions were good, if not perfect. The idea of building yourself, as suggested by Tuin was well worth it and very satisfying. The only real issue I had related to which side down (or up) to put the shingles as there was no direction. Pity as that would have helped make the build even better.
Tuin reply: Very pleased it went so well and couldn't agree more about it being super satisfying to install one of these things yourself, great sense of achievement in my eyes

The shingles can be daunting at first but with the video we have found that once you get going they soon become a lot clearer
Mrs. Gail Coad
Feb 22, 2020
We are very happy with our new Daniel log cabin.
The delivery arrived when agreed and was placed Where we requested it on our driveway.
The cabin was unwrapped and sorted into the same size pieces.
Once the composite base was put down, we were ready to start the build.
We did find the literature a bit hap hazard but once we sorted the first logs and got them together the rest went up really quickly.
The doors and windows all slot in which makes everything very sturdy.
The roof also went up very quickly.
The longest part of the build was putting on the free roof shingles as this was very time consuming.
We would definitely recommend Tuin as they are a great company to deal with.
Overall very pleased with our purchase.
Mr. Peter Vanson
Feb 6, 2020
Delivery went without a hitch,the weather was dry so we moved the packages under cover until we could get started. Two of us (father and son) were the builders and we used the instructions, diagrams and videos continually throughout the build. Once the foundation beams were waterproofed and laid out level the cabin went together very smoothly. Doors and windows gave us no problems and by the end of the first day we were ready to put the roof on. Building the roof was straightforward using a folding ladder and working from the inside and again was helped by the video. We had opted for free shingles and received straight red ones. These took a couple of days to install,again using the folding ladder with a platform on it. It was capped off using the offcuts from the first rows of shingles. It was tested this weekend by the weather and proved well waterproof.the floor was completed today with just the skirtings to go on. It has been a very satisfying project and to see the finished cabin lit by the evening sun more than justifies our choice of the Daniel version.
We can’t wait to get in there and do some relaxing
Mr. Peter Vanson
Sep 26, 2019
Great log cabin, my wife loves it. Good delivery and packaging. Reasonably easy to build, two of us took three days. It loses a star because there are no printed instructions. We referred to the diagrams and youtube constantly throughout the build but without access to the internet it would have been more difficult. Now it’s built I can stand and admire it for ages !!
Feb 12, 2018
A late review as we’ve been busy preparing for, assembling and finishing our cabin, a couple of months all in all, but with the seasons vagaries that’s not bad.

Delivery:on time, efficient, with friendly obliging driver. Information on the minimum width of the driveway for delivery and offloading from the fork lift would have been helpful as he couldn’t access the garage (which had been made ready to receive the pallet) as the access drive was too narrow. Everything had to be unpacked and moved by hand after the driver had gone.

Preparation: temperature and space against us, the process of applying 2 coats of wood preserver, before even considering assembly, seemed to take forever

Building instructions: rather minimal but just about sufficient. No instruction on assembly of synthetic moulded foundation beams, which would have helped. if we had a second cabin to construct it would have been simple with hindsight and experience. Fitting the pyramid roof, could have been more comprehensive as could the fitting of roof shingles (for which the U Tube was invaluable but much more difficult than shown as not only was our weather very cold so the shingles were stiff and impenetrable for the tacks, but we were working from platforms, whereas the demo was done on floor level).With only a mobile internet connection this meant frequent visits to family members to use their broadband!

End result: Looks great, and are we happy? Yes
Mr. Karl Sax
May 28, 2016
Log cabin arrived on time and received up date from delivery driver, 30 mins before delivery. The log cabin looks very good now it is assembled, just as shown on web page.
I am no DIY expert, but managed to assemble the cabin without any expert help.
I do think however the instructions supplied are very basic and diagrams do not exactly reflect the product, for example when counting the number of planks unto and around the windows the number is not the same as on the actual cabin. Also some instructions and pictures are generic and do not relate exactly to the product received. However i did manage to get the information require although this was a little time consuming due to the instructions being generic. I did find the youtube videos helpful.
If you are planning to build it yourself and are not a DIY expert allow plenty of time it will take a few days weather permitting.

On the whole though a very good product.