Daisy Log Cabin 3.5 x 2.5m

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John Colles
Feb 26, 2017
Delivery was a dream. Despite awkward access, the cabin was delivered on time and with no problems.
After studying the videos and instructions, assembly was very easy and problem free. I had a couple of small queries, but my emails to Tuin were answered very quickly and efficiently.The actual assembly was very quick, but if you include time to treat all the timber and carry it through from the other side of the house, it probably took me a couple of weeks to do the job single handed. Just needs some paint now, once the weather gets warmer.
Mr. Judith Williams
Feb 24, 2017
Delivery driver phoned the night before to warn of an early delivery. The package was much larger than I expected but we had a chat about the best place to leave it. 5 stars.
The cabin is just as expected another 5 stars
Ken Addison
Feb 23, 2017
Excellent service from TUIN. The Cabin was easy to put up - even for me. Looks great.
Feb 19, 2017
It's taken awhile to complete but this is purely due to our circumstance. Once build was underway it went up very quickly - my husband felt the shingles could have been better explained - especially the starting row but all other aspects of the build were very quick and easy. We came to Tuin after friends had bought a cabin. Tuin came highly recommended and I have to say that we are not disappointed !!! I have already recommended Tuin to friends of mine.

This is going to be my husbands office and daughters study room - we've put a sofa bed in there, when the bed is out there is not a lot of space left but fine for that occasional extra bed that we may need.

Everything from delivery to end product has been great!

Thank you
Mr. Michael Collins
Feb 18, 2017
I ordered the log cabin on line and it arrived within five days as promised. Building the cabin went smoothly and any help I needed was available on line. I did send a couple of emails out-of-hours and they were responded to very quickly.

The quality of the cabin is excellent and the whole process has proved to be enjoyable and also rewarding. I have even offfered to build one for my son-in-law who is considering buying one having seen mine.
R Davis
Jan 26, 2017
The log cabin was a pleasure to construct and Tuin were quick to answer questions when I had them. I cannot fault the quality of the cabin - the wood, the fit and the available instructions. A few observations from experience: the construction of the cabin does not take very long and is easy - the fit makes sure of that. What did take time was the construction of the foundation, the shingles and the treatment. The shingles took longer because of difficult weather and a desire not to make any mistakes! We insulated the cabin below floor and directly beneath the shingles and this looks good. Overall very happy and I have already recommended Tuin to a couple of friends.
William Boyce
Jan 5, 2017
On a pre-prepared base it has taken a day and a half to do all the timber work, but rain stopped play as we were starting to fit the shingles.
I have been impressed with the quality and accuracy of all the components and the tightness of all the joints.
The result is a very pleasing addition to our garden.
The only thing I should grumble about is that the building is smaller than the given dimensions as these are taken from the ends of the stickyout bits rather than from the rectangular footprint.
Barrie Pantling
Oct 22, 2016
Delivered within 15 minutes of the arranged time. I found the logs slotted together really well.Already having another log cabin 3 years old from a competitor. I can say the Spruce timber was more accurately machined. instruction quite clear. The main improvement I would suggest would be to have draft seals added to the window and doors.
Mr. D Smith
Sep 20, 2016
Delivery was spot on and they even informed me of a delay that turned out to only be one day.
Quality of the cabin was excellent, went together easily with only a couple of joints needing a gentle tap.
The floor pack however was a huge let down! We lost over one complete pack through fallen out knots or serious sap issues. Of the remaining boards we managed to cover the floor, however many were warped and the finished product looks awful and will need replacing, leaving me with £170 of firewood.
All in all if your looking to buy this cabin I give it 5 stars and is by far the best on the market, but steer well clear of the floor pack and source your own.
Mrs. Wendy Fountain
Sep 18, 2016
After months of research we finally decided on the Tuin Daisy log cabin. I can definitely say it was one of the best decisions we have made. From placing the order to delivery nothing was too much trouble. We were kept informed all the way through regarding lead times and delivery. We were slightly worried about delivery as the large wagon wouldn't fit down our street. Not a problem for the very helpful Dutch driver he parked up on the High Street in the village and drove the rest of the way on his forklift, putting it in the perfect place for us. The cabin was perfectly packaged and didn't take log to separate the pieces, which were easily identified from the drawings. It did take us the best part of the morning to get the first layer perfectly level but once this was done the cabin flew up. By teatime we had a cabin with a roof. Construction was easy with 2 of us and the drawings were easy to follow. The next morning the insulation and roof shingles went on and by lunch we had a complete cabin. I would definitely recommend Tuin and their products to anyone. In fact I have been telling everybody I know it's the only company to use if you want a high spec, quality product with excellent value for money.
Aug 15, 2016
Not being a carpenter but a reasonable handy man i found this product ideal for what i wanted. The video instructions where first class as every picture speaks a thousand words. I had very few issues but when i did called the help line and he had all he answers. I would recommend this company and product to everyone as nothing was an issue so much so i intend to use then again. Thank you Tuin for making my purchase and delivery effortless.
Anna McGuire
Jul 19, 2016
Very good product. Solid and well made. Looks wonderful. I had a professional carpenter build it for me. Took him + one helper two days. Delivery very punctual and driver very helpful and pleasant. One piece didn't fit properly (door furniture). I emailed them and received a fast response - on a Sunday! They immediately sent me the correct piece. I would use them again and have no hesitation in recommending them.
Mark from Beverley
Jul 14, 2016
So it is about 2 months since our Daisy turned up so about time i left some feedback .
Firstly i can't say enough how good the delivery driver was, i had a call on my mobile to tell me he was about 1 hour away..bit of a shock as we had booked the delivery for the next day but a few calls and all sorted.
I tuned up at home to a very large well covered package sat on the drive bang on where i had asked for it to be .
So after a little bit of aggro getting the foundation level set level( i was going onto a York stone patio that was put down with a run off) we started to build . Bar one mistake (down to me and the instructions being ,well lets say not great) it flew up .We checked the angles every few logs and made sure everything was hammered into place and in no time had it up to roof height, a quick spot of tea and on with the roof .So ended the first day , next morning the roof was on and the insulation fitted .Now time for the shingles , for some reason this was what i was least looking forwards to ..but nothing to worry about at all(watch the video) .Again the floor was a little tricky due to the slope but once down looks great .Five coats of wood preservative from BlackFriars and two coats of Sadolin varnish..job done .Very very happy , great customer service from TUIN and a fantastic product.
Mr. Malcolm Irving
Jun 19, 2016
Have seen lots of revues about different products and have thought how true are these. This Daisy log cabin is how it look on the photo and the description, we could not be more pleased with it. I was concerned about the delivery, no need the driver was incredible. It seemed a lot of money but worth it.
Mrs. mary james
Jun 16, 2016
We are very pleased with the service from Tuin. Communication has been good via email and helpful advice available by telephone.
Our log cabin arrived two weeks late but we were warned of this in advance and the lorry driver unloaded the pack onto a fork lift to gain access to our road! No problem! The hardest part of assembly was working out the first phase and getting the foundation layer square.....would advise looking at website video as the instruction booklet was not clear enough. BUT after initial groundwork we were away and Daisy built up easily. Remember to check it's level......so that window and doors slot into place. The wood is light weight so two of us managed the complete wooden construction (age 65+) in under two days. The application of roof shingles was not easy to understand as different websites suggested different things. IKO for example suggested a felt underlay but Tuin do not in general. We used one to be safer, as our garden can be windy and we stuck shingles down. The shingles are heavy and need to be cut carefully but Tuin gave us lots of spares!! We are now at painting stage......so many knots in wood! In retrospect we wish we had had wood treated prior to building and a few pieces were damaged in transit but these have been placed largely out of sight! It has been a very rewarding experience.. Highly recommended!
Mr. Richard Jones
Jun 13, 2016
The sales team from the point of ordering my log cabin to enquirers about delivery and payment were extremely helpful and polite. The cabin arrived on the date agreed and was well packaged. The written instructions were somewhat brief, however, the installation guides and instruction videos provided on the web site were comprehensive and made up for this and are essential viewing prior to starting the installation. The cabin was erected with a friend in just under two days, including laying the roof tiles. The materials supplied were all of excellent quality and the completed log cabin fully meets and even exceeds our expectations.
Mr. Ray Bias
May 31, 2016
The daisy log cabin was delivered as was requested on the drive way. The quality of the building is outstanding alongside the windows and doors. Thank you Tuin!!
John Heeley
May 7, 2016
Outstanding quality of timber, finish, admin and delivery. My son in law and I built this cabin including roof shingles in a day. 08:30 to 19:30 and had time for lunch.It is a stunning looking building and one that the whole family will enjoy.
David stedman
Apr 27, 2016
Very impressed with the finished cabin the whole process of ordering delivery and erection of the cabin went very smoothly . Thanks for a great product
Mr. Trevor Town
Apr 23, 2016
Great product, ecellent service, especially the driver, who was really helpful. Best piece of advice is to watch the video a couple of times, then installation is straight forward.
It took a day to erect with two people, the floor was a bit tricky is start with but easy once have a format to follow. Great product, no faults, keep all the off cuts that come in the pack until finished
Chris Neale
Apr 11, 2016
After much searching on the net for over 4 months, I found Tuin were making a new cabin suited to my requirements. I pre-ordered in Jan and the cabin arrived in March
It was placed on my drive, very well packed and delivered without a mark on it. It took 30 mins to unpack and check. Instructions were clear and with pictures. It took my wife and I 3 hours to assemble from first level to the roof beams. Tongue and groove roof an hour, roof liner and shingles 3 hours. The build quality is excellent. I would highly recommend this cabin. I don't usually leave comments or photos of products I've purchased, but this deserves one!
Mar 9, 2016
I have taken delivery and I was impressed how well packed the cabin was. All the components appear to be there and the unloading process was efficient. The driver explained that the truck was too heavy for my flag stone drive and so we avoided any damage. Also the Pallet you can recycle as allotment fencing!