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Emma Richardson
Mar 2, 2022
I have been very pleased with my cabin. Shame I can't seem to add any pictures. I have put in electrics and heating, so is well used as another room. There is lots of space. I had a company come and install, they didn't seem to have any trouble with it. I did feel that it was difficult to get any response to emails, but we had just entered the pandemic at the time, so we were obviously in weird times, where the staff were working from home. Delivery was hard work, as I have a rather steep drive and the delivery was being done directly from the factory and the driver was less than helpful, but again times were hard for everyone, so although I have dropped a star I have no reason to think the customer service would normally be like this. The cabin came with lovely quality door handles and then a nasty black metal cheap window latch, no idea why they would do that, had to buy a replacement so it looked better.
Kelly Appleby
May 13, 2021
I purchased the Chloe cabin from Tuin in January and delivery was in March. Ordering was very easy and payment wasn't made till a week before delivery. The delivery guy was amazing I live in a corner property in a small cul de sac and he layed the cabin on my driveway easily. I ordered the composite base and instructions for laying this was not clear but the rest of the cabin was extremely easy to build the most important thing is the level base. The glass in one door was broken when I opened the packaging and I am still currently trying to sort having this replaced. I am very happy with my cabin.
Mr. Henrie van Rooij
Mar 13, 2021
The driver did everything he could to deliver my log cabin. He arrived just when the roads were very icy. I must say that those enormous lorries are not really suitable for these smaller Sussex roads. It was a real struggle for the driver! I was impressed he did not lose his temper. Nice guy! And he was very surprised when he met another Dutchman! The pack was dropped off in a good place. Those fork lifts are amazing! First I built the base on top of the adjustable plastic pads. They are very useful, because it is then easy to make the base really level. I used a lot of strong beams of treated wood, and also used a special preserver fluid, called Osmosis wood treatment, to repair the woodtreatment where the beams had been trimmed to length. Joisthangers hold the floor beams which are not under the walls. Because this cabin is going to be used as a small workshop, I made the floor out of OSB sheets. A double layer gives me a very strong floor, and at least some isolation. Because of those large sheets, I installed the floor before building the cabin, which is against the advice in the instructions, but which made handling them a lot easier! I spent a lot of time measuring and calculating beforehand to get this right. And I did, so all good. The base course was made out of 100mm thick wood. Like that I got a few extra cm. headroom. I am 196 cm tall! 6foot6 in English money. I had also made a large 3,4,5 triangle to help with squareness. With a bit of corrective use of the mallet I got it to within 5mm correct. Because of all this, I also discovered some small mistakes in the drawings. Less experienced people might be thrown by some wrong measurement figures, but it was all ok in the end.
Putting the cabin together after that, was a piece of cake. Quite a lot of cake though! One other thing I had done, was to assemble the door frame absolutely square beforehand, and fixed that angle with some pieces of wood nailed on diagonally. To make sure that the door side was absolutely the correct length, I test fitted one of the long logs for the back in the front side, then screwed the side logs down. Foolproof way to get this front side correct, because there is otherwise no whole length log in the front at base level. When the doors were put on their hinges, with the help of a strong young lad, I was astonished to discover that everything fitted absolutely perfectly. The top and bottom bolts of the left hand door, and later the right hand door latch, all perfect without adjustment! Now I am waiting for the weather to get well, so that the roof can go on at last. The tarpaulin is managing all the weather and winds, but not for a lot longer I fear. The cabin itself has not moved and nothing has fallen off in the high winds we got as soon as the roof boards were nailed in place. Hardly any spare boards, so not much room for mistakes! One disappointment: The little cylinder lock disintegrated after about a week of gentle use. It was easy to replace it, and probably less faff than getting it through Tuin, but still. As I live in a log cabin already, I am familiar with how they work. Many of the mistakes you see in the very good and extensive help pages of the Tuin website, will not be made by myself. I will use Osmo woodstain when it comes to painting, because I have found this works very well indeed on our log cabin. The hinges of the window worry me a little, I keep thinking that one day the window will move sideways and fall off that way. I plan to install some more secure fittings to that window frame. Ok, I am getting there. I did not do so, but I would recommend getting the guttering kit and roof underlay. On the whole this cabin is well made and a lot of thought has gone into the kit. The door and window fittings are on the very cheap side, in my book. I am sure the cabin will last a long time if I look after it. In the request for a review there is mention of pictures, but there is no box to put those pictures in. So I will email some to Tuin.
Mr. Ben Hewlett
Aug 8, 2018
I was very impressed and pleased with my log cabin from Tuin. They were extremely helpful with any questions I had before and after the purchase. The delivery was easy and the driver was very helpful getting it as close as he could to the side entrance to our garden. The instructions were pretty basic but with the online information and videos the assembly was pretty straight forward. I managed to get it up in a day with the help of a friend. I got the free shingles which look really good and they took almost another day to get them all in and looking good. I was a little dissapointed with the optional extra of the floor. Many of the boards had lots of holes and knotts in them, I’m not sure I would encourage going for the floor option. On the whole I am over the moon with my new cabin and it’s looking great. I would highly reccomend using Tuin and the Chloe cabin is a great value for money. Thanks
Mr. Michael Dutton
Jul 23, 2018
Delivery was good with no problems. Had a bit of a problem when starting building cabin one of the starter logs was too big. Had to send emails back and forth which was a bit frustrating. Had to wait 3 days for replacement which put me back quite a bit. Other than that the build was fairly easy. Really happy with the quality.
Mike Amery
May 6, 2018
Generally I'm very pleased with the Chloe log cabin. The design, build quality and assembly process are all sound.
The email advice I requested during the build was prompt and helpful.
We hit a problem with the end apex pieces and the top logs not matching for height, which we were able to solve by filling in with additional timber, but this did seem to be a production fault, and it caused us some delay.
Two of us (one an experienced carpenter) put up the log cabin in 2 days, including roof boards but excluding shingles.
We constructed a timber frame as a base, which took quite a lot of work, but seems to work well.
I found all the features and videos on the Tuin website very informative.
Mrs. Yvonne Fletcher
Feb 5, 2017
Very happy with the cabin, easy to construct although timbers for floor were sent for floor were too small. Had to buy timbers that were correct size.
Michael Murphy
May 4, 2016
got off to a bad start when the delivery did not turn up the day advised and went to wrong post code. pallet did turn up the next day and the driver was very good at driving the folk lift along our narrow street, and eventually placing it just where needed into my drive so pleased about that. the cabin build I found no problem and the plans were ok to follow. Although not complete as yet I don't expect any problems. good product all round.