Chloe Log Cabin 4 x 3m

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Carol Gange
Dec 28, 2016
Living on the Isle of Wight I thought would be a problem for delivery and would make the cabin uneconomical however having compared similar products on the Island it was clear the cabin was cheaper than buying locally and much better quality. The ordering was very easy and the staff most helpful, delivery was swift and to plan and not expensive. I found a local guy to build the base and erect the cabin which from start (uneven old base in the garden) to finish, took 2.5 days and it looks fantastic and such good quality.
Mrs Susan prentice
Dec 23, 2016
Very pleased with my chole log cabin very helpful delivery driver aging already having the base in place my husband and began the build on Saturday morning by 3.30 the same day had cabin up to the rafters and did the roof on Sunday morning just the shingles to put on hoping to get the floor in and install log burner then looking forward to a couple of hours Christmas Eve with a nice bottle of wine. Thank you tuin.
Mr. Edwin Follett
Dec 22, 2016
Chose this particular cabin for it's optimum size and configuration for my space. Delivery was on time in fact a day early. The construction was relatively straight forward, quality of materials was 1st class and the accuracy of the machined parts was mm perfect. Once the bearers were level and in place I was up to roof level by day 1 with only the assistants of my wife. Final completion took a few more days due to weather.
Viewing the videos helped a great deal before I started (highly recommended before commencement)
I did however find the included instruction manual lacking in the finer detail, particularly about fitting the floor and the labels on the individual logs although clear did not seem to relate to the plan. This wasn't a problem in this case as the cabin was a simple rectangle
Conclusion - top rate quality product - would I buy another - absolutely
Cynthia Russell
Dec 17, 2016
Highly recommend Tuin cabins..
They are the most helpful company I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with...
All emails are answered quickly .

The carriers arranged a day for the delivery. and all went perfectly well, it was dark when he arrived but this was no problem to him ,it was all off loaded quick and easy,
I noticed after the driver had left to go back to his lorry 1/2 mile away that he hadn't left any wood treatment.. I caught up with him and told him , he had nothing else on his lorry so told me to get in touch with the office in the morning. I contacted Tuin and they arranged delivery and got it to me within 24 hours.
Due to bad weather I was delayed in checking the cabin, again I emailed Tuin asking if this would be a problem, again another quick response re assuring me that it would be ok.
I have now checked the cabin and stored it in a nice dry environment until I am ready to erect it'
Everything is in perfect condition , just one weather strip missing on one of the doors, but this isn't a problem for me to fix..
I certainly would use this company again,they are brilliant.
Mr. David Miller
Dec 15, 2016
As I write, two fitters are erecting the walls. The doors and window are in and the roof installation is imminent. The delivery, the helpfulness of the driver, the packaging, the materials and the quality are all first class. We are sure that the finished project will be a delightful addition to our garden. All in all, excellent value for money.
Mr. Steve Humphrey
Dec 12, 2016
After some lengthy research and pondering over size, layout and log thickness, I opted for the Chloe 4 x 3m with 40 mm logs and double glazing. So pleased I did - it was the right choice. Dealing with Tuin was an absolute pleasure, great communication, rapid feedback on questions and queries, cannot fault them. The Walpole driver was bang on time and very careful and helpful. I've built the cabin pretty much on my own over the period of a few days. It was so easy, once all the components were unpacked and laid out, the build is very quick. I was very impressed with the quality of the timber, the accuracy of the joints - top quality machining.
The online instructions and videos were a great help - in summary, extremely pleased with the finished product, highly recommend Tuin, their products, support and customer service.
Dec 4, 2016
I was looking for a cabin and Tuin can highly recommended by a builder friend. After looking at other similar products on the market Tuin seemed to be very competitive and offered a higher specification product. I am certainly glad I bought from them. Their sales team have been helpful and not pushy. The cabin was delivered whilst I was out and Walpole the delivery company clearly took a lot of care in positioning the cabin parts in the most convienient place for me to unpack and where very good at keeping me informed over the delivery process and dates. Although I had a builder arranged to erect the cabin I ended up putting it up by myself. I couldn't get over how well made and precisely the timber and its joints had been made. It was easy to assemble although I did need help to carry the heavy double glazed window and door. The completed cabin is perfect for my `hobby room` and as I`m 6ft 3" I`m very impressed with the generous head room. The cabin is exceptionally well made and there wasn't any significant defects. It will clearly last a long time and be an asset to the property. Very pleased with it. Ps the cabin took just over a day to install by myself, the lovely shingle roof took me about 5 hours as I hadn't done anything like these before - but they where worth it as they add character to the cabin.
Mr. Paul Henton
Oct 3, 2016
Excellent customer service. Kept well informed through each stage of the buying/delivery process. Very helpful when asking for an exchange when we accidentally ordered the wrong colour paint. Very high quality materials. Easy to follow instructions. Built to last a life time! Highly recommend.
Sep 16, 2016
bought this lovely Cabin and very pleased with the quality and also delivery service everything was very organised and went smoothly. Construction went according to plan though the instructions could have been better as in maybe numbering the wood to identify what was what but nevertheless all went well.
Mr. A Northcote-Green
Aug 17, 2016
Fantastic product - the quality of the 40mm logs made for easy assembly - everything just slotted in as it should - window & doors work perfectly - very happy - thank you Tuin - I shall enjoy my new art space - It only took my husband & myself (joint ages 134!) a day & a half to complete (apart from application of a sealant). Have already recommended this company to 2 friends who I expect will her ordering soon!! The delivery company was excellent too - all in all a very well deserved 5*s.
Mr. Alan Vickers
Aug 13, 2016
Having researched the market before purchasing I am delighted that I finally went with Tuin.
The chloe is the ideal size for my training area, great quality of materials and the joiners had no issues with installing. I definitely recommend Tuin for their products, right off to smash another session in my new gym.
Mr. Mark Holding
Aug 3, 2016
This product is of very high quality and the customer support are very down to earth and approachable. I would advise to have the base larger than required and recommended to get the best from the product. The composite base is definitely worth the extra money. The walls and roof detail finish the product off very nicely. The only items I thought could have been finished slightly better were the doors and window as they seem a little fragile compared to the large sturdy walls installed. Very happy with the product and the cost. Review the videos on the website for installation guides and use their help desk of you are getting stuck or stressing about any element they were great for me
Mr. Gareth Thomas
Jul 27, 2016
The shed arrived on time, well packed and delivered onto the driveway as promised. Putting it together really shows how well made everything is, the instructions are clear and even though its not finished yet I am very happy with how its starting to look!
Mr. Chris Day
Jul 15, 2016
Reading the website blog extensively both before and after purchase and speaking as someone who couldn’t cut a piece of wood straight if his life depended on it, I found the prospect of building my Chloe quite daunting.
If you harbour any doubts, the best single piece of advice on the website is the one relating to trust and misplaced trust. I completely agree with the article encouraging trust of Tuin manufacturing standards rather that trusted local tradesmen.
My Chloe is constructed on a wooden base set on 12 timber frame base pads (please see my review on these pads for details). After installing the half logs front and back, I started to build up the walls.
Now, I have to say that I was building in ideal conditions. The flatpack had been on site for a week and had been subject to lots of rain, but the only thing which wasn’t bone dry was the instructions!
I was building in July on a very warm day (22C).
With that caveat out of the way, I have to say that this cabin went together easier than Lego. This is not hyperbole. This particular cabin can only be assembled in two ways depending on whether you want the door to the right of the window or vice versa. Other than that everything will only assemble in one way- the right one. The rubber mallet was a very useful tool, but I didn’t need to use it as often or as enthusiastically as the guys on the general construction video.
The wall were up and the purlings in place after 4 hours. AND it was square and level throughout. I can’t help thinking that it’s a good idea to check a wooden base for integrity throughout construction of your cabin. In my case, it didn’t move a millimetre, and no-one was more astonished than I. Order and build with confidence .This is a top quality product and building it is easy.
Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to go and fit the shingles.
Mr. Alan Johnson
Jun 21, 2016
Cabin delivered exactly as described. Driver was excellent and very helpful.Impressed by the quality of the timber . Easy to build following the diagrams. Solid quality cabin . Everyone comments how good it looks. Would be hard to find anything to compare for the price paid, Excellent value.
Mr. Andrew Ralph
Jun 17, 2016
The Tuin staff were excellent and resolved all issues promptly and to my total satisfaction. The log cabin in generally well made and looks great in the garden.
Ronnie Young
Jun 1, 2016
Brilliant service from a fantastic company. The cabin is nearly completed and looks fantastic. The company were excellent from delivery to replacement of 2 damaged boards which were swiftly delivered within 2 days so we could continue construction.
Recommend tuin company very highly.
Mr. Eric Briggs
May 21, 2016
Cabin was delivered bang on time, the driver was brilliant and placed the pack just where I wanted it. Very easy to build following the diagrams and manual. It is a very solid quality cabin and looks the business. It would be hard to find anything to compare for the price paid, excellent value.
Michael Murphy
May 4, 2016
got off to a bad start when the delivery did not turn up the day advised and went to wrong post code. pallet did turn up the next day and the driver was very good at driving the folk lift along our narrow street, and eventually placing it just where needed into my drive so pleased about that. the cabin build I found no problem and the plans were ok to follow. Although not complete as yet I don't expect any problems. good product all round.
L. Ford
Apr 10, 2016
After 4 years of planning everything to do with our log cabin we were delighted to find TUIN'S website.
Our chloe log cabin was delivered the week I was wanting to build,
Excellent materials supplied and well packed,we had no damage to any pieces,the build went fairly easy after we sorted all the bits out we only had a couple of twisted logs which went lower down.
Only issue we had was a gap 2 boards down from the top which is now closed this was down to different moisture levels in the logs.
customer service was excellent when we emailed with our issue we got an email and a fitter rang us and solved our problem.
All in all very happy just need to order our wood treatment for our chloe log cabin.
The free roof shingles were a good choice I would suggest upgrading your foundation beams to make this look neater.
Thanks tuin team
Christopher Tassell
Mar 19, 2016
It arrived spot on time and was placed where we wanted it by a very pleasant and polite driver. It took us an hour to unpack and by the afternoon we had assembled the walls which all slotted together very easily. The roof took the best part of a day to do as did the shingles. One very slight criticism is that the door frame assembly instructions are a bit lacking and the door hinges have adjusters hidden under the caps which there is no mention of. In all we are extremely pleased with the quality and ease of construction.