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Mr. Anthony Hunter
Jul 19, 2022
Really happy with my Chloe Log Cabin. It's superb quality and was really easy to build. Very happy with the company service as a whole. The Cabin was delivered on the day that was organised, always felt Tuin was very responsive regarding any queries. Would highly recommend.
Melita Moule
Jun 11, 2022
Delivery could have been quite awkward as access was difficult but it was superbly managed. Thank you. The Cabin is solid and well made and was very easy to put up. Now it looks good and we are enjoying turning it into a combined studio (for me) and workshop for my husband. Thank you for your excellent service.
Mr. Terry Dutchburn
Apr 2, 2022

Very happy with my overall experience with Tuin, very straightforward ordering, delivery and build, couldn’t be happier. I’ve attached a video walk around of the build.
Emma Richardson
Mar 2, 2022
I have been very pleased with my cabin. Shame I can't seem to add any pictures. I have put in electrics and heating, so is well used as another room. There is lots of space. I had a company come and install, they didn't seem to have any trouble with it. I did feel that it was difficult to get any response to emails, but we had just entered the pandemic at the time, so we were obviously in weird times, where the staff were working from home. Delivery was hard work, as I have a rather steep drive and the delivery was being done directly from the factory and the driver was less than helpful, but again times were hard for everyone, so although I have dropped a star I have no reason to think the customer service would normally be like this. The cabin came with lovely quality door handles and then a nasty black metal cheap window latch, no idea why they would do that, had to buy a replacement so it looked better.
Mr. Martyn Armstrong
Jan 24, 2022
We bought a Chloe last year and it looks great. The whole buying/delivery process was stress-free even though we were enjoying another lockdown. A couple of tips - read the construction advice thoroughly especially the areas that deal with expansion gaps. I had a gap of about 2.5cm between my last wall log and the roof joist which caused me a bit of angst. On-line support responded very quickly and explained that the gap would close when the roof was added, which it did. Secondly, if you avail yourself of the free shingles offer be aware that the half-round shingles come in strips of 6 'tiles'. They do look really good once installed however when it came to doing the ridge of my Chloe cabin I found them to be unsuitable. Cutting them into single tiles doesn't give enough coverage. Cutting them into 3 tile segments gives too much coverage and would have spoiled the aesthetics. So I bought a pack of Black hexagonal tiles which comes in strips of three tiles so I got 3 ridge tiles per strip and it really finishes off the roof very effectively. Would happily recommend Tuin to anyone looking the self-build their own cabin.
steve peplow
Dec 22, 2021
Very pleased with the chloe log cabin. Delivered as promised and with the versatile fork lift truck maneuvered over caravan on drive. Well packaged and in perfect condition. Followed the instructions and built in 2 days 2 man job. Very substantial building and looks amazing. Bought a top quality clear wood preserver to show up the beauty of the wood. Am now going to order the bagoda as confident of quality and service
Matthew Boyes
Dec 1, 2021
We are delighted with our Chloe cabin which has been much admired (and used) by friends and family. It was a bit touch and go if we stuck with the order after onerous delays and changes but in the end we're glad we did . Delivery was exceptional. All the spare wood allowed us to make a bar - happy days! Value for money. I would say that if anyone says they can seriously and properly erect something like this in a couple of days then they are almost certainly lying. Give it a week and do it properly.
Mr. Malcolm Mcdermott
Jul 2, 2021
Excellent service from start to finish. Very friendly, helpful delivery driver with great communication. Quality of cabin is great and was easily assembled in a day with help from a friend. The Chloe cabin is a perfect fit for our garden and family. Had many compliments and have inspired a neighbour to now buy one too.
Kelly Appleby
May 13, 2021
I purchased the Chloe cabin from Tuin in January and delivery was in March. Ordering was very easy and payment wasn't made till a week before delivery. The delivery guy was amazing I live in a corner property in a small cul de sac and he layed the cabin on my driveway easily. I ordered the composite base and instructions for laying this was not clear but the rest of the cabin was extremely easy to build the most important thing is the level base. The glass in one door was broken when I opened the packaging and I am still currently trying to sort having this replaced. I am very happy with my cabin.
Apr 6, 2021
Really smooth order and delivery experience. Delivery driver was very helpful. Log cabin went together very easily in an afternoon although I ordered the composite foundation beams which took some time to set out and cut (I metered the corners which might be a bit OTT but very pleased with the result. Follow the instructions on the website for the felt shingles.
All in all really easy to build.
Mr. Henrie van Rooij
Mar 13, 2021
The driver did everything he could to deliver my log cabin. He arrived just when the roads were very icy. I must say that those enormous lorries are not really suitable for these smaller Sussex roads. It was a real struggle for the driver! I was impressed he did not lose his temper. Nice guy! And he was very surprised when he met another Dutchman! The pack was dropped off in a good place. Those fork lifts are amazing! First I built the base on top of the adjustable plastic pads. They are very useful, because it is then easy to make the base really level. I used a lot of strong beams of treated wood, and also used a special preserver fluid, called Osmosis wood treatment, to repair the woodtreatment where the beams had been trimmed to length. Joisthangers hold the floor beams which are not under the walls. Because this cabin is going to be used as a small workshop, I made the floor out of OSB sheets. A double layer gives me a very strong floor, and at least some isolation. Because of those large sheets, I installed the floor before building the cabin, which is against the advice in the instructions, but which made handling them a lot easier! I spent a lot of time measuring and calculating beforehand to get this right. And I did, so all good. The base course was made out of 100mm thick wood. Like that I got a few extra cm. headroom. I am 196 cm tall! 6foot6 in English money. I had also made a large 3,4,5 triangle to help with squareness. With a bit of corrective use of the mallet I got it to within 5mm correct. Because of all this, I also discovered some small mistakes in the drawings. Less experienced people might be thrown by some wrong measurement figures, but it was all ok in the end.
Putting the cabin together after that, was a piece of cake. Quite a lot of cake though! One other thing I had done, was to assemble the door frame absolutely square beforehand, and fixed that angle with some pieces of wood nailed on diagonally. To make sure that the door side was absolutely the correct length, I test fitted one of the long logs for the back in the front side, then screwed the side logs down. Foolproof way to get this front side correct, because there is otherwise no whole length log in the front at base level. When the doors were put on their hinges, with the help of a strong young lad, I was astonished to discover that everything fitted absolutely perfectly. The top and bottom bolts of the left hand door, and later the right hand door latch, all perfect without adjustment! Now I am waiting for the weather to get well, so that the roof can go on at last. The tarpaulin is managing all the weather and winds, but not for a lot longer I fear. The cabin itself has not moved and nothing has fallen off in the high winds we got as soon as the roof boards were nailed in place. Hardly any spare boards, so not much room for mistakes! One disappointment: The little cylinder lock disintegrated after about a week of gentle use. It was easy to replace it, and probably less faff than getting it through Tuin, but still. As I live in a log cabin already, I am familiar with how they work. Many of the mistakes you see in the very good and extensive help pages of the Tuin website, will not be made by myself. I will use Osmo woodstain when it comes to painting, because I have found this works very well indeed on our log cabin. The hinges of the window worry me a little, I keep thinking that one day the window will move sideways and fall off that way. I plan to install some more secure fittings to that window frame. Ok, I am getting there. I did not do so, but I would recommend getting the guttering kit and roof underlay. On the whole this cabin is well made and a lot of thought has gone into the kit. The door and window fittings are on the very cheap side, in my book. I am sure the cabin will last a long time if I look after it. In the request for a review there is mention of pictures, but there is no box to put those pictures in. So I will email some to Tuin.
Mrs Anderson
Jan 4, 2021
Absolutely delighted with our Chloe cabin, great additional space for us for use as an office/playroom/somewhere to relax.
Kit is great quality and was easy to assemble with good, clear instructions and excellent support from Tuin. The information/resources on the website are also fantastic. Have recommended to friends. Thank you
Mr. Alan Dick
Oct 27, 2020
Delighted with our Chloe Log Cabin
After seeing a friend's Tuin log cabin I decided that Chloe was the model that best suited our needs. Ordering was very straightforward and the advice given on the website and via the numerous videos made it easy to decide what was needed.
I was very impressed with the delivery, good clear instructions were provided and the driver called ahead to arrange the delivery time. The driver's skill at delivering the cabin right on to may driveway was a joy to behold.
Unpacking and building the cabin was striaghtforward. With help from my 14 year old grandson the cabin was moved from the front of my house and built up to roof height in a matter of hours. I am very impressed with the quality of the timber and the machining of the individual parts. Fitting the roof boards and shingles took about a day and a half but this due mainly to 24C temperatures slowing the pace and adding 40mm insulation under the shingles.
I chose to order flooring from a local timber merchant since I had constructed the cabin on a timber frame. 70mm insulation was used under the floor.
I am delighted with the finished cabin and it has provided and additional social space within our garden.
It looks like I'll get the chance to do it all again since my daughter is wanting one in the garden of her new house.
Mr. Simon Hill
Jul 8, 2020
Delivery of our Chloe log cabin was really good. Driver parked around the corner and used his mini fork lift to deliver to the drive. Once we’d unpacked the cabin, we started the build which took 2 of us around 2 days from laying foundation beams to topping the roof with the shingles. Very straightforward although the roof can take some time to get it right. We also ordered the 26mm floor, which is substantial. Unless you have something really heavy to go on it, I would suggest stick with the standard 18mm. The 26mm also sits proud of the entrance door so took some work to remove the lip. We treated the wood with a few coats of protective fluid and then painted the outside off-white. I also did the electrics with external conduits keeping the inside free of plastic or wires leaving a really clean finish. We now have it set up as a home cinema and chill room. Looks amazing! I highly recommend both Tuin and this particular Chloe cabin. It’s a great addition to my garden!
Kathleen Campbell
Jun 4, 2020
We bought the chloe log cabin service and delivery was great. Cabin was so easy to build.
Would highly recommend tuin
Jason Fisher
May 14, 2020
After un wrapping the timbers for the log cabin , and placing parts in order ,this went up really quickly , no faults everything just slotted in place ,i was actually amazed on the quality and how well it went together .cant fault anything .
I've already recommended your cabins to others .
Well done .
Alex Taylor
Apr 29, 2020
I spent a lot of time searching for the right cabin to suit my needs. After reading all of the 5* reviews i took the plunge.

I’m an average diy’er and decided to build it myself and im so glad I did. I read the instructions and watched the videos on the website and it really helped. It took me a day to get the cabin built then another day to add the shingles.

The quality of the wood and accuracy of the cuts is exceptional. It goes together in not time at all. The longest time was taken getting the foundation beams cut correctly . The roof boards also take a bit of time as there are a lot of nails to hammer in (could have done with a nail gun really).

The free shingles are brilliant and easy to install once you get the hang of it. Each shingle has cutouts that show you where to start the next shingle.

Can’t recommend tuin highly enough from ordering to delivery very professional company and I got mine delivered during the lockdown. Very happy customer
Bob James
Apr 27, 2020
What can I say except excellent from start to finish.
Being a man with moderate DIY capabilities I was for ever searching the TUIN website and calling asking for advice and suggestions, not once did I feel I was "trouble" or "unwanted" and all the advice given has been correct and very helpful.
The cabin itself looks amazing and was dead easy to build, everything took slightly longer than I allowed but that's normal for me. Myself, my daughter and the wife (carrying the logs through - her choice I might add) had the cabin built up to the purlings in a day, I did spend two hours cowering from the rain and another hour making sure that everything was level and square so 4 hours approx all in all . Another day fitting the roof boards and adding the insulation and marine ply. The shingles and facia will be finished this weekend so I reckon three and half days to complete the build.
My only advice would be get the base right and everything else is a piece of cake.
Thank you TUIN for a great cabin and a great journey so far.
Looking forward to sharing a few photo's when complete and pouring my first pint !!!
Stay safe everyone !!!
Philippa Rahtz
Apr 24, 2020
I'm rather impressed with chloe cabin .( I never write reviews normally ) I had it immersion dipped in silver grey which is attractive and the wood shows through. Its sturdy and the I had an extra window which was worth it as more light. Definitely recommended!!!
it takes a while to put it up.
Ms. cheryl PULLAR
Mar 18, 2020
I bought the Chloe 4x3m cabin. It was delivered within 2 weeks. I chose to have it built for me and they were done within 3.5 hours! So shows how easy it is if you know what you are doing. Highly recommend this model, its spacious and fits my garden spot well. Its warm, light and will double up as spare room for when children visit and play room/summerhouse for the grandchildren. We had the maximum insulation 50ml in flooring as well as roof so is nice and warm. My Daughter stayed in it the weekend of the Jorge storm and said she was warm without any issues. Highly recommend this model, so very impressed. The grand children love it too, as it's their private summerhouse to play in, I'm looking forward to summer as they do not like the heat, which means we can all sit outside enjoying bbq while they can go and play in it, away and out of the sunshine, still in our sight and earshot..just perfect.
Emily Peer
Feb 4, 2020
Prompt delivery- compact and well packed with all instructions and components as ordered.
Comprehensive instruction booklet and website videos and info invaluable.
Looks great now its up and our builders couldn't believe how good value it is!
Would definitely recommend!
Mr. Steve Miles
Jan 31, 2020
Fantastic quality product. Easy assembly due to the quality of materials and products used to create this stunning cabin.
Communication from Turin was first class, from order to delivery, have used other similar companies but Turin were by far the best all round. Top drawer products and services.
Mr. Robert Toohey
Jan 14, 2020
Ordered our cabin and it arrived exactly when they said it would, with a phone call an hour before. The cabins are very easy to assemble because it arrived in November at 3pm and we had the first 10 layers in place by 5pm. The longest job was putting the roof on because we put insulation under the shingles and within a few days we had a warm, waterproof cabin! We are 75 and 73 - old couple!!! and we assembled this ourselves so anyone can do it. Tuin were excellent to deal with and the standard of finish and the instructions are first class.
Helen Brain
Dec 17, 2019
I went for the 3m x 4m cabin with 40m walls and thicker flooring. This cabin is excellent quality. Delivery was as expected with a very friendly driver. Slight problem with two wall logs which had been damaged but a quick email and Tuin express delivered replacements so the build was not held up. Due to thickness of logs they were heavier than normal so two man lift. It looks amazing. All the neighbours have commented on such a wonderful building. This is a solid cabin which is cheaper and of better quality than other mainstream retailers. Even though it was blowing a storm outside, the thick walls made it warm inside without heating. My only minus is the instructions. Not very clear but watch the videos and read through several times and you should be fine. Definitely would buy again, definitely would recommend.
Mr. Mark Pearce
Nov 20, 2019
Absolutely superb top quality cabin made to a far higher standard than any of the alternatives we considered. We managed to get the cabin up in one long day. But the shingles took ages to fit mainly because I fitted them on top of 50 mm celotex and wanted them perfectly aligned it was the worst part of the installation but it was worth the extra time as the end result was fantastic. All in all great experience dealing with Tuin from the extremely helpful delivery driver to customer service who were very patient and helpful, thank you.
Mrs. Jolaade Akanbi
Oct 30, 2019
I must say l am very pleased with my Chloe cabin. I am using it as a studio. Right size in my garden, cosy and very spacious after putting my craft making equipments.
Prompt service from Tuin as well, when l needed an installer. I will definitely recommend and buy again from them.
David Finbow
Oct 8, 2019
Whole process start to finish was superb. Customer service and follow up aftercare and build advice was brilliant, particularly the out of hours.
Product itself was as expected. Superb quality, easy to build and finished product looks amazing.
Mr. Paul Whitby
Sep 18, 2019
What a great product. Easy to put together, took two of us 1 day at a very easy pace to put it together!! It has now been up for 6 months and looks great. Easy to order, delivery easy to accept and bang on time. Cannot recommend enough!!!
Jo Wallis
Sep 14, 2019
We absoloutely LOVE our Chloe cabin.
From the initial enquiry to the ordering and delivery TUIN were an absoloute delight to deal with. Nothing was too much trouble and they answered all our questions with great knowledge and understanding.
The delivery driver was fantastic and after I was i very concerned how he would deliver it down our drive which is very steep and narrow he assured me it would be no problem as he can 'drive up to a mile with it on the forklift'. He wasn't wrong made it look easy.
We used the company to build it and it looks amazing. Have treated it with wood preserver and now half way through staining it, if the rain could hold off that would help.
If we ever need another cabin in future years we would absolutely go back to TUIN, they are not at all salesy or pushy which were traits that put us off using other companies.
Paul Brandon
Sep 4, 2019
Very pleased to find this company. Excellent service from ordering to final delivery of the log cabin. Easy to assemble, like large lego pieces slotting together. Shingle roof took longer but final result is super log cabin admired by all. Thank you Tuin for bringing the Chloe log cabin to life.
Laura McDowell
Sep 2, 2019
I wanted a space to do my craft in peace, so decided on buying a cabin. I was surprised on how they delivered it and the service. We did struggle with the generic instructions, but tuin was minutes away from replying by email... Which i bugged them alot XD They was always happy to help.
I love my cabin and I'm enjoying painting it. I've still a couple bits to finish, but couldn't resist showing it off. I HIGHLY recommend this company and wouldn't hesitate buying from them again.
Mr. Andrew Upson
Aug 12, 2019
Arrived well packed and complete. Once the base was set out it took two of us 5 hours to get to the roof. Everything fitted well. Fitting roof and shingles was very straight forward. Great product easy to construct.
Mr. Ian Williams
Aug 8, 2019
An exceptional service from start to finish.

I purchased the Chloe Log Cabin. I was particularly impressed with the delivery service as most other companies only offer kerbside which mean you have to man handle a tonne of wood. The delivery courier was excellent and deliver our large pallet onto the drive with a forklift. The packaging was excellent and we had no damage at all.

Although the instructions are vague you can follow tips from the online videos which were a great help.
So pleased with my new cabin which looks great.

I would recommend Tuin to anyone interested in this type of product
Mr. Ian Bement
Aug 1, 2019
We recently purchased and built the Chloe log cabin from Tuin. From first contact with Tuin they have always been excellent and very helpful with any questions we had during the ordering/delivery process. We ordered an additional window to go with the cabin but we were informed that it was out of stock when we wanted the cabin delivered. We were given the choice to either delay the delivery of the cabin until the window came into stock or have the window delivered later, which is what we done. We were also kept fully informed on delivery of the additional window, which arrived Friday and we fitted to the cabin on Saturday with no issues.

The quality of all materials supplied for the cabin were excellent and we are extremely pleased with the quality and build of the completed cabin, which is now our garden bar!

The website is so informative there is literally nothing that you won't find the answer to on the website if you have any problems with the build of the cabin. We printed off various sections from the website as additional instructions to use when building the cabin. We only had one issue, which was with the double doors, as we built onto the additional hardwood foundation beam, which gave a few head scratching moments with the double doors, but nothing that we could not overcome.

All in all, we are extremely pleased with the quality of the finished cabin, the helpfulness of everyone at Tuin, the value for money and information available on the website and would not hesitate in recommending Tuin and their log cabins to anyone thinking of purchasing one from them.
Mr. Tom Baxter
Jul 15, 2019
I purchased the Chloe cabin along with an annex shed. I intend to use the cabin as a workshop/garden bar and the annex as a shed for tools etc... Both are superb, very impressed with the quality and ease of assembly. They are both a perfect size and have transformed the garden. Several neighbours are now looking at one as well! Delivery was just as straight forward and accommodating.
Highly recommended products. I also purchased air vents which are exactly what I expected.
Thanks Tuin, next order will be an archway :-)
Kevin Diaper
Jul 6, 2019
Absolutely delighted with my cabin. Had to put off delivery for 2 weeks, because my base wasn't ready, but this was no problem for tuin.
Easy to build, anything you were unsure of, you tube was there to help.
Mr. Stephen Elway
Jun 29, 2019
After looking at UK based log cabins was recommended this company from a friend at work who has one, so went with his advice, glad we did the delivery was great there’s no place the driver can’t get to, most of it was on a pallet which was protected with plastic which was great because it was raining, putting it up was so easy took a couple of days did it on my own, the quality is high, would highly recommend.
Mr. Andy Thomson
Jun 21, 2019
I started my log cabin journey at a local garden centre, who wanted twice the price for the eventual cost of the Chloe.
It's been three months since it was built and I haven't looked back. Fantastic purchase. Being used as a garden office with a single oil heater (1000w) and plenty space for a corner sofa bed and a couple of bookcases.
My only regret was not noticing the cabin can come pre-treated! This is a must as staining is really hard going and messy (with young kids around) especially in the colder months (getting dry and warm enough temps). Tip: Don't stain the inside walls with an oil-based stain - the smell is still quite strong now.
The shingles look fab and the air vents and storm kits too. I opted for mini-flo plast guttering which fits in nice too.
If like me you don't really know much - just ask the Tuin staff. They were always quick to reply and never laughed at my questions!
Over-all a very happy customer!
Mr. Trevor Henstridge
Jun 15, 2019
We are extremely pleased with our Chloe Log Cabin. The size is perfect to fit in our garden.
I have been impressed with all aspects of
Placing the order, very easy and my questions answered.
Delivery on schedule, and the driver was "Excellent" nothing to much trouble, and his driving skill had to be seen to be believed.
After sales service is first class, I had one piece missing, which was mailed to me immediately with no hassle.
The ease of building the log cabin, the Youtube videos and very clear instructions made it a breeze.
Superb quality, the cabin looks absolutely great now its up and ready to use.
I can highly recommend Tuin
Mr. Hugh Fraser
Jun 7, 2019
Chloe arrived when she said she would, driver very accommodating. Took about two nights and one day to get structure up and another full day putting on the shingles. Looking good just now waiting for some better weather to get her painted. Went together without any major hitches, just followed the online instructions and hey presto! Got two additional windows which fitted well after much measuring and remeasuring before cutting out. Very pleased with the quality of the product.
Mrs. susan Cuckow
Jun 5, 2019
Excellent price for this cabin. The details, specification, helpful videos and comprehensive instructions are evidence of a company that cares about their product and customers.
Mr. Ray Connor
Apr 23, 2019
This is the second time i've used Tuin and once again the service was excellent. The delivery driver was really helpful and placed the pack just where required. The cabin itself was very easy to erect once the pieces were laid out in order. I think the key to a good build is to have a level base to start with. I must admit I am very impressed with the service and quality from Tuin so much in fact that I have now ordered another cabin.
If you need a garden building don't look at others as i'm sure you can't find the service and quality that you get from Tuin.
Kevin Saunders
Mar 24, 2019
Very impressed with the build quality and ease on construction. Opted to insulate the floor and roof - had to purchase bigger fascia boards and clout nails but well worth it. Built it myself, which was very straightforward and the shell was fully completed within a day. Would definitely recommend this cabin.
Mar 18, 2019
Our Chloe Cabin kit was delivered promptly and efficiently on the appointed day and at a very convenient time. Man thanks to the delivery man Brian who did a great job. We have had to wait a few days for construction to take place, however, I am delighted to say that everything was correctly supplied and the assembly of the Cabin although requiring a good deal of thought and discussion in order to ensure accuracy and success was in fact a great deal of fun. The quality of the engineering and general joinery exceeded my wildest expectations. Once we had satisfactorily sorted out the flaws and variable levels in our base, spent a good deal of time ensuring the profiles and first timbers were plumb, the cabin was constructed in rapid time and looks great. Still work to do to complete the roof but many many thanks to Tuin and its organisation for providing me with a quality cabin in good time and I believe at a very fair price. It is with great pleasure that I recommend this model and this Company as the go to manufacturers for quality cabins at I believe the most competitive prices.

With thanks and hopefully many years of pleasurable use out of this new acquisition.

James taylor
Feb 25, 2019
My purchase of a Chloe log cabin was a very enjoyable experience.everything was spot on product excellent price great value delivery excellent all tuin personnel pleasant and helpful.would highly recommend product
Mr. Martin Beith
Feb 20, 2019
Ordering, communication, correspondance and information was flawless. Program, delivery and product quality was faultless. Only 3 problems were encountered during the build.
1. A few of the structural beams were warped slightly. This made installation awkward, but the use of long St. St. screws pulled the corners and joints together.
2. Two beams had a rough finish, so these were faced outwards as the paint will hide the defect.
3. The door needed adjustment and information on door adjustment could not be found, but I figured out the required solution. Also as I wanted to raise the door slightly, so I placed a nylon washer on the hinge-pins.
All parts were crafted perfectly and simple to build. My wife and I built the frame in 1 day. Another day to fix the roof timbers and a further 2 days fitting shingles. I'm sure if I had to do it again the build would be finished in under 2 days. All-in-all the timber quality and buildability is superb and I would recommend all Tuin products and suggest you build it yourself.
The only complaint is the window stay and door handles are different colours.
Great product. Great service. Purchase with confidence.
Stephen Howe
Jan 21, 2019
Great product at a reasonable price haven’t put it up yet due to the horrid weather but will put up when better weather comes around great customer feedback would definitely recommend to one and all.
Mr. geoff eltham
Jan 5, 2019
Arrived on date specified, driver polite and skilled. Cabin assembly went very well , well constructed and looks great. Just need to add home touches to make it perfect, well pleased. Thanks Sue & Geoff.
Mr. Martin Parsons
Jan 5, 2019
excellent - very sturdy and stable
Tony Samuels
Dec 19, 2018
I bought my log cabin 6 weeks ago and I am very pleased with it. The delivery driver was very helpful and drop it where I wanted it.
I recommend that when you get the package that you take the time to sort the parts into their numbered parts, it makes it so easy to erect. I erected the log cabin on my own but I would say that 4 metre are the largest size that should be tackled on your own, I am a physically fit 68 year old, I took 1/2 a day for the walls, 1 day the roof. Some of the planks were slightly bowed, but this is to be expected when working with natural material, but they do slot in and just need an extra bit of care and persuasion with a mallet to fit them together..
The shingles take a relative long time to put up, but it is worth taking your time to get a very good and satisfying result.
My only criticism is that the bottom panel of the doors are only 12mm thick and are fitted on the outside, which makes it easy to be broken into. I have used some of the extra wood supplied to double line them on the inside for extra security.
I would recommend anyone thinking of buying a log cabin to seriously consider using Tuin, any queries that you have are answered very quickly on their web site.
Keith Mills
Oct 12, 2018
Lovely log cabin, very easy to put together and the quality is excellent. I built it single handed and had no problems at all as the pieces slotted together very simply. The free shingles took no time to cover the roof and look beautiful, my neighbours are looking on with envy as I'm starting to paint the interior of my new 'man cave'. Many thanks Tuin for a wonderful product and thanks to the very helpful delivery driver who used his forklift to drop the kit in my front garden so I had less distance to move the parts into the back garden.
Mr. Steve Delaney
Aug 13, 2018
A very good experience from start to finish. Nice friendly informative office staff to the driver who delivered. The product itself is really high spec and the finish is very pleasing. I would absolutely recommend this company to anyone who wants a superior product which is quality through and through.
Mr. Ben Hewlett
Aug 8, 2018
I was very impressed and pleased with my log cabin from Tuin. They were extremely helpful with any questions I had before and after the purchase. The delivery was easy and the driver was very helpful getting it as close as he could to the side entrance to our garden. The instructions were pretty basic but with the online information and videos the assembly was pretty straight forward. I managed to get it up in a day with the help of a friend. I got the free shingles which look really good and they took almost another day to get them all in and looking good. I was a little dissapointed with the optional extra of the floor. Many of the boards had lots of holes and knotts in them, I’m not sure I would encourage going for the floor option. On the whole I am over the moon with my new cabin and it’s looking great. I would highly reccomend using Tuin and the Chloe cabin is a great value for money. Thanks
Mr. Michael Dutton
Jul 23, 2018
Delivery was good with no problems. Had a bit of a problem when starting building cabin one of the starter logs was too big. Had to send emails back and forth which was a bit frustrating. Had to wait 3 days for replacement which put me back quite a bit. Other than that the build was fairly easy. Really happy with the quality.
Jul 3, 2018
Like other reviewers...I have spent many hours researching summerhouses on the internet...but time and again I have come back to this website and all the positive comments left by other reviewers.
Tuin did not disappoint. From ordering to delivery to out of hours support...Tuin get 5 stars. I know people that have bought cabins from other websites...but still visit Tuin for all the information the site has. Special thanks to Philip for the out of hours support - he (unluckily) seemed to be on hand to respond to all my questions...within 30 minutes or less! I will post a detailed review of the installation with pics etc but if you are thinking of investing in a cant do much better than Tuin.
Marie OToole
Jun 16, 2018
TBH I do not usually write reviews but on this occasion the product and the company more than met my expectations:-
Web site excellent
Delivery on time
No damage and very helpful friendly driver
Excellent value for money - really we did our research and our 40mm log cabin was the best on offer
Instructions great (but you must read them)
Product very high spec and easy to build
Cannot fault in anyway - get the base right and goes up like a jigsaw puzzle - fail to get the base right and you will have problems.
Free shingles were brilliant
Our flags run down by 2” at the back end so we just changed the back piece to 4” base priece of tantalised wood and used splitters on the sides saved loads of time and worked a treat, joiner did this for us, perfectly level before we started the cabin build.
Would recommend product I am so pleased with finished product.
Andy Wilks
Jun 15, 2018
WE have been very happy with our experience with Tuin, I ordered the Chloe cabin online and awaited delivery, and I cannot fault the delivery experience, the delivery is made using an articulated lorry with a demountable fork truck. The lorry would have had a difficult time down our street, so he parked up nearby and used the fork truck to deliver to or drive, very polite and professional.
Onto the build, the cabin walls went up fairly easy, we had a few issues with warped logs but sorted them with a clamp, we also had two small logs missing, but managed to sort it out with a spare log, the roof went on easily, and then the shingles, they look great but probably the hardest part of the build for me, check out you tube videos for fitting before you start. On the whole we are pleased with the cabin, we still need to lay the floor and finish off other little bits, but it looks good and feels solid, hopefully it will give us years of enjoyment.
Eddie Dowd
Jun 5, 2018
Very pleased with our Chloe Log Cabin which I installed myself.
I was worried about the installation but if you take the time to read all the information and watch the videos on their web site it makes the installation straight forward.
Ordering the cabin was easy, the delivery was handled effortlessly by the driver, even arrived a day early.
The quality of the cabin is great, my only criticism and it's a minor one is that the roof panels could be a little thicker. Everything else about the log cabin is solid so its a shame the roof panels were a little less so. Once the roof is together it's strong enough.
Would definitely recommend Tuin log cabins to anyone who asks.
May 30, 2018
I recently purchase the cabin and having reviewed the site decided I would self build. The customer service received from the company was excellent, ordering was easy, delivery was very efficient and the materials and instructions were of excellent quality. The build went fine and any questions I had were promptly answered by Tuin even their out of hours service responded within the hour which was great. The cabin is now in situ and looks great the roof shingles really were worth upgrading.
Miss. Dawn Laughlan
May 14, 2018
From ordering to delivery Tuin customer service was excellent. The delivery driver was most helpful and waited over half hour for us to get home as we were stuck on a ferry when he arrived! The cabin was well packed and every part was clearly marked in conjunction with the instructions. The build was straight forward and relatively easy going. If the instructions are followed to the letter the cabin can be built with ease. The instructions along with the online videos made the whole process painless and enjoyable. From start to finish our new cabin was complete within a couple of days and is now fully operational. We took excellent advice from the website and along with storm fittings our cabin is doing great. We have experienced some high winds and very heavy rain and our cabin has held up perfectly.
May 13, 2018
The Chloe was ordered as we were running out of space in the house and my office needed more room to expand.

This Cabin is the perfect size for us, it's no longer just my office space, but the study room for the kids, extra storage and a great place to hide away if you need some quiet.

The Whole building went together amazingly easily and quickly. I had taken note from a lot of the blogs written about base design and insulation, so was well prepared when the unit turned up. The delivery driver was amazing and as per the blog the driver is a man who knows how to drive a fork lift! Great guy very friendly and helpful and on time!!

We insulated the base with 100mm of calorex and also the roof with 100mm so we are not going to worry about being out in the winter months as the building comes up to temperature very quickly and stays warm with no effort. I have coated the woodwork externally with the carefree protectant which acts like a water proof breathable covering and is easily applied.

The main point was keeping the frame of the base flat and squaring the building as the layers went together - no gaps between the logs and windows and doors fitted a treat.

Would recommend this brand to anyone looking for a Cabin, it is quite clear from the amount of information and help offered on the website, that if you do your research this is a quality brand that achieve customer satisfaction through knowledge of the product.

One very happy new office owner and wife who can escape to a quiet room when the noise form the kids gets too much! ;0)
Nick Harvey
May 8, 2018
Very pleased with our purchase, good quality, workman tidy and hard working. Looks great would thoroughly recommend Tuin to friends and relatives
Mike Amery
May 6, 2018
Generally I'm very pleased with the Chloe log cabin. The design, build quality and assembly process are all sound.
The email advice I requested during the build was prompt and helpful.
We hit a problem with the end apex pieces and the top logs not matching for height, which we were able to solve by filling in with additional timber, but this did seem to be a production fault, and it caused us some delay.
Two of us (one an experienced carpenter) put up the log cabin in 2 days, including roof boards but excluding shingles.
We constructed a timber frame as a base, which took quite a lot of work, but seems to work well.
I found all the features and videos on the Tuin website very informative.
Mrs. Maxine Moulton
Apr 27, 2018
Extremely pleased with our log cabin. Loads of very valuable information on Tuin Web site. A great product, and superb value for the quality build. Communication, and delivery cannot fault. The cabin was erected in a day. My only niggle are the written instructions, which other reviewees had also mentioned. Maybe a pictorial instruction (those of us used to flatpack furniture guides, I won't mention any names!) maybe worth looking into.
Overall, fabulous, and am really looking forward to kitting out as my creative space. Thanks Tuin
Ms. Merrick
Apr 17, 2018
I purchased from Tuin mainly because of the reviews, i haven't been disappointed, in fact the Chloe has exceeded my expectations. The double glazed doors kept it warm in the snow! Quality from order, through delivery,
easy installation, to working in my treasured office. i ordered the floor, more than enough boards and easy lay. i would recommended Tuin to anyone considering more outside space.
Mrs. Sheila Paterson
Apr 12, 2018
Such a great log cabin. I was amazed that right through the very cold weather, it was still cosy inside. I've kitted it out as a small gym and at the other end have my cutting table and sewing machine.
Miss. Wen Chen
Mar 31, 2018
It’s a wonderful purchase. All emails before delivery were answered rapidly. Had no issues with delivery, all well packed and protected.
Timbers look fine and easy to build up. The only thing can be improved is the user manual and instruction is too simple, can be more detailed for DIYer.
John Ivor George
Mar 17, 2018
There’s not much more to say about Tuin except to say they are the best company I have ever done deal with the service was fantastic the staff was very friendly and helpful the Chloe Log Cabin is absolutely brilliant know the delivery driver was brilliant he put it exactly where I wanted it to be brilliant
Mr. Martin Ford
Feb 8, 2018
Absolutely brilliant from start to finish. From the quality of photo's, in-depth description and detailed instructions gave me the confidence to purchase the Chloe Cabin. The 'Package' was delivered precisely as described, delivery driver was very helpful.
The product quality was far better than expected and actually far easier to construct than some flat pack products. A good guide for other buyers of these cabins is to view the various videos you provide whilst waiting for your cabin to arrive. Overall, I am very impressed with product and service. Well done Tuin.
Mr. Andrzej Z
Jan 25, 2018
Really nice cabin. Very good quality and easy to assemble. Took me just over one day to do it on my own and another day to install the shingles and finish the roof. The service and communication were great too. Very happy overall.
Jan 21, 2018
Hello. We purchases the Chloe log cabin and must say it is beautiful. From ordering to delivery was easy Tuin staff were very helpful and really friendly over the phone, nothing was a problem (not that there was any problems Walpole's the delivery company were great
Dave the driver really went out of his way to help install the pallet where I needed (Infact he drove the fork lift truck about 3/4 of a mile. Really appreciated that Dave
The cabin went together well without any trouble infact sorting out the bits and erecting to the roof stsge took me myself aye only a day, then roofed and installed the shingles the next
Real quality and excellent value for money
Top marks to Tuin & Walpoles
Willie & Hazel Mackintosh
david lowe
Jan 18, 2018
Delivered on time and without fuss. I used the recommended local chap to put it up. Excellent job well worth using them. So far it ticks all the boxes
Ron Read
Jan 11, 2018
I have received the cabin. As yet, I have not started construction, however, the quality of the supplied timber looks to be excellent. All straight and true! The process of ordering was very straightforward with the team members being extremely helpful. Also, the ability to choose delivery week meant that site could be prepared in advance. I will certainly be recommending Tuin to anyone else looking for garden buildings. I did spend quite some time researching various options, and they offered the best quality and value for money. Many thanks
Dave Wright
Dec 23, 2017
Well, after loads of research, sort of knowing what we wanted (primarily a ‘studio’ which was detached from the rest of the house) we happened across Tuin’s website. The spec., quality and price seemed too good to be true, having had a quote from a local ‘cabin’ supplier, which was far more than we wanted to pay, for a lesser spec.. We had original reservations about the ‘putting it together’, but having looked at the instructions, and watched the video several times, we decided to go ahead.
We couldn’t be more delighted – the result being way, way above our expectations. We took heed of the need for a sound, strong, level base, so we spent time, and a little money on timber and postcrete (the cabin destination was on a slope), but having prepared the base accurately in accordance with the website instructions, the building of the cabin was a simple process. Both my wife and I were able to take part (up to roof stage, when it was left to me :-) ). From delivery (which also was excellent – living on a steep road, the driver used his fork lift to manoeuvre the pack from his lorry (about ½ mile away) to our drive), to completion, the cabin was up and roofed in 2 days. Superb quality, looks amazing, and now painted, our cabin has given us an extra room, which enhances the whole property.
In short, preparation is key… if that’s right, and you sort of know what you’re doing, this is a fabulous product. My wife described it as Lego for grown-ups!
Mr. David Rice
Nov 14, 2017
Outstanding service from start to finish. Rarely these days do I bother to write reviews but the service and quality of the cabin was simply first class. The whole process from placing the order, making payment, to taking delivery was spot on.

The quality of manufacture, finish and on line guides made building the cabin a straightforward process. It went up in just a day!!

Would have no hesitation in recommending Tuin.
Mr. Dean Smith
Nov 6, 2017
Lovely cabin.. Two of us got it up to roof level in half a day, and we'd never done one before. Roof on in about the same time.

Roof shingles look amazing, they were the only time consuming bit, probably about a day on my own.

Really good product and great peace of mind that it'll be in the family for many years to come. Very pleased I chose a Tuin cabin, and not a cheaper imitation.
Diane Stone
Oct 11, 2017
Cabin was delivered with minimal fuss a day early. Everything was there - no missing parts. It was erected by my landscape gardeners and looks just fabulous. The free black roof slates set it off perfectly. The service provided by Tuin was excellent. They are always available at the end of the phone, and have communicated well throughout the duration of the order, including delivery and invoicing. Not the cheapest log cabin on the market, but the quality of the product and excellent execution of the order from start to finish surpasses any instinct to save a few pounds.
Mr. Bryan Watkins
Oct 7, 2017
Delivery of the Shed was performed with some excellence, even though the articulated lorry could not get down the narrow village lanes it was no trouble for the driver to deliver it the remainder of the distance by Fork lift truck.
Unpacking was straight forward but a bit of concentration needed to match pieces to the list supplied, as they are not marked or numbered.
Once the initial layer of the cabin was laid, and it was ensured that all was square, building progressed quickly.
Unfortunately we did have two important pieces that were a bit warped. Namely the first layer of the back wall and the main purlin. However these problems were overcome, and all progressed well.
One observation is that once the order for the log cabin is placed it would be helpful to have the building instructions sent before hand to enable base planning to be easier.
I was VERY impressed with the TUIN web site and all of the info that was available.
Would certainly recommend Tuin Log Cabins to anyone. To my knowledge there are three in our small village, and all recipients are very pleased with the product.
Oct 2, 2017
I am so pleased with my choice of Cabin from Tuin. The process of ordering, receiving and constructing the Cabin has been very straightforward and indeed an overall pleasurable experience. The delivery of all the component parts was an efficient operation carried out by Brian a most helpful and courteous man. I was able to unpack and identify all the different pieces ready for the construction to begin at the weekend. The most testing part of the build was correcting the levels of the concrete base pad but once that was achieved the timbers just slotted together like clockwork. We finished day one with a lovely solid cabin and completed the laying of roof shingles in a further half a day. Since then I have been building up the recommended layers of preservative and paint and must say it is looking great. The final step remaining is the installation of the floor which hopefully we will,complete within the next few days. Thanks Tuin for a great produc and a great service.
Mr. Michael Billany
Sep 19, 2017
As a 70 year old working on my own during one of the wettest and windiest summers I can remember, I was delighted at how straightforward the building process turned out to be. Although you will want to get started immediately, it is absolutely essential to take time to read all of the information provided, in particular the extra instructions that come with the kit. I decided that I knew exactly how to construct the door frame and when I realised I had done it incorrectly I had to go back a stage and then read the instructions! The cabin is now finished and I'm delighted at the quality and appearance. The components are very well machined and fit together perfectly. There is plenty of spare material so you can choose the best bits. This is particularly true of the floor boards. I had 10 boards more than I actually needed so was able to pick out the best ones. I would have appreciated a video showing the different ways of constructing the floor as the printed instructions are a bit ambiguous and difficult to understand but I managed to complete it in the end. In conclusion - an excellent product, good value for money and fun to construct when it's not raining
Mrs. lynn lovell
Sep 16, 2017
I received my Chloe Log cabin on Monday11th September. The driver was brilliant and efficient. We started to erect it at 10am on Saturday and it was completed by 17.30pm the same day. Very Pleased with it. It is solid and rigid and fitted togewtner very well.
Sep 8, 2017
Hello tuin
The Chloe cabin is just what we were looking for must say the whole experience was easy from start to finish
The staff at tuin are very helpful and friendly Walpole's delivery was excellent with a big plus in driver Dave he was a gem with nothing a problem (well done Dave) the cabin was erected to roof stage in one day with all bits going together really well the secret is to have the base level an square and there should be no problems
Doors hung perfect with small adjustment which was easy
All in all a great product from a great company with great delivery service
Well done to all and we will enjoy many days and nights in the cabin with our family and friends
Thank you
Willie and Hazel Mackintosh (Highlands of Scotland)
Mr. Terry Sullivan
Jul 29, 2017
I have been pleasantly surprised what a hassle free experience this was.The website was easy to use and the amount of information extremely useful .The log cabin is great good quality,easy to put together(mostly)and looks fantastic .There were however a couple of small issues,some of the instructions were a bit vague and maybe a dedicated pack of ridge shingles with straight edges.These gripes are only minor and I'm reality happy with my cabin
Paul Clutton
Jul 18, 2017
I spent a lot of time researching cabins and decided on the Chloe - great decision. Very pleased with the quality for the price, great service from start to finish, quick responses to my questions, with helpful advice - an all round good company to deal with. Based on my research, I suspect I could have paid a lot more for something not significantly better, if at all. Be prepared to add a fair amount to the cost for good quality treatment and insulation/flooring depending upon your choices, but will still be great value compared to other options. Chose to have the cabin installed - used Philip Osario, a Tuin recommended installer - also great service.
Jul 10, 2017
We had a small octagonal summerhouse for about 20 years. Unfortunately it had to be replaced as the wood was rotten at the base. We bought the Chloe and it took two methodical men with the help of one other to erect it and it looks fantastic! Quality far superior to the last one and I'm glad we purchased two extra windows. Took a few days to apply two coats of sealant then a top coat in 'Velvet Touch' - blue- quick dry opaque Dulux. Looks amazing! Painted the inside with one coat of sealant and two coats eggshell Timeless-off white. I wish I'd used the Quick dry opaque inside too as it's a lovely finish. All in all I love the Chloe cabin and so do my grandchildren! Great place to relax in. Tuin is a great company to deal with. Highly recommend!
Jul 4, 2017
after weeks of looking we decided on the chloe cabin . the price was right the quality is great the service is amazing the delivery guy very helpful.and I put it up in a day!!!!!!
Jane Pryor
Jun 29, 2017
I am so glad I bought this cabin, it was easy to put together and everything fitted well. It was finished just before the recent torrential rain and was well tested, not a drop got in - very pleased all round. Looks good and is substantial. Well worth the money.
Mr. Richard Bishop
Jun 15, 2017
I looked into log cabin company's i some depth and no one of them come close in the value or quality of Tuin . The order was simple and delivery easy . I am very impressed with the fit quality of doors and windows . The roof shingles are of good quality and in the grey look good also . i would definitely recommend Tuin to friends and family .
well done Tuin one very impressed customer
Mr. Alun Laugharne
Jun 14, 2017
The quality of the Cabin is acceptional! I am very very pleased with the product and my own private cinema complete with surround sound, bar and Computer station is everything I wanted in my retirement. Would recommend the Cabin and fitting team - Osario to anyone.
Ian Summers
May 24, 2017
I did a fair bit of research after having decided (and been given permission) to build my log cabin. Initially, I thought I'd buy it from one of Tuin's competitors but I was persuaded to buy from Turin because of the helpful blogs that they have published. I particularly liked their attitude to insulation - no expensive double-walled wooden structure - just insert relatively cheaper insulated plaster board.

Sadly some of the pieces were damaged in transit. They offered to replace but, when it came to it, we kept up the momentum and just tidied up the damage as best we could.

I'm very pleased with the cabin and it went together without a hitch. I had spend a very long time levelling the site and laying a system called ProBase instead of concrete. It looks lovely and doubles as a French drain. One thing to make sure of is that the overhang of the roof will be above the French drain. Mine was an inch outside the French drain and this causes the earth below to be splashed. Too late now but others might want to cut a couple of inches off the roof overhand. I have landscaped a gutter filled with pea shingle directly below where the drips from the roof land at ground level. Effectively, the gutter is at ground level and it all looks lovely with no ugly cutter to spoil the shape of the cabin. All it needs are a method of supporting the gutter so that it can be walked on and a number of holes in it to allow the rain water to soak away.
Mrs. Gillian Johnson
May 23, 2017
We've had the cabin for just over a year now. It was easy enough to build we managed it on our own, it only took about a day to build to roof boards. Then it took several hours for my Husband to put the shingles on. The cabin has weathered well with no major movement caused by the changing weather and temperatures through the year. When hanging the doors they were slightly off set and the adjustments on the hinges made little difference, but then we tried tapping the door frame with the rubber mallet and it was then perfectly aligned. Our son uses it all the time and an oil filled radiator is enough to keep it warm in the winter months. We would highly recommend this product and the office were very helpful when needed.
Gordon Brown
May 21, 2017
Good experience from start to finish. Instructions easy to follow and helpline quick in replying to the few queries I did have.

Very pleased with the finished product
Chris Mewse
May 18, 2017
Excellent log cabin. Put the majority of it up in a day. Had a few issues with a few parts but one phone call to Tuin and they put us in the right direction to get it sorted. And the problem with the piece we had they sent out next day.
May 13, 2017
Cabin delivered by a friendly driver and placed where required. Well packed with no damage. Instructions are basic but simple to follow. All parts well machined and fit together with no issues. Doors and window installed with no adjustments required. Shingles were no problem to fit after watching video. Only problem, I used the composite foundation to sit cabin on but it did not say that the lipped profile had to be removed for the shiny threshold to sit flat at the bottom of the door frame. Apart from that it looks like an outstanding product and I highly recommend it. Thank you.
May 6, 2017
Tuin Service and Chloe 40mm Log Cabin

I contacted Tuin and after fantastic service from Richard who I say goes over and beyond for customer satisfaction I placed the order in late February.

The quality of the product is excellent, the cabin is well designed and slots together so well, we are very pleased and Chloe is now the pride of our garden.

The whole Tuin team are a pleasure to deal with, they are all very knowledgeable they know the product inside out and I would have no problem in recommending them.

I have had some very bad purchases on line and did a lot of research on Tuin before I placed my order. A log cabin is a very expensive purchase without first seeing the quality but I had no need to worry as this cabin has totally exceeded my expectations.

If you have read reviews and still cannot make up your mind, contact Tuin and talk to them, they are great !
Miss. Ruby Thetford
Apr 11, 2017
Very happy with the shed I bought, ordered the shed and got it exactly when they said I would, no trouble what so ever and would highly recommend them.
Mar 30, 2017
excellent product,the cabin is made with high quality materials,everything fitted perfect and was easy to assemble.Looks fantastic.
no problems with the delivery, driver very helpful. overall i am completely happy with the log cabin, am sure I couldn`t have got one as good quality as this. would recommend to anyone. Many thanks.
Mr. malcolm Kimberley
Feb 28, 2017
Had been looking for a log cabin to build as a workshop and this one seemed to tick all the boxes. The price and quality was better than I was able to find anywhere else.

Putting the cabin together was easy enough, I was able to do it on my own in a day, then shingle the roof the next day. The only slight issue was with the door frame, the frame was a little tight to get the logs into, backing off the screws a little fixed this.

The structural timbers had no joins in them, the only parts made up from joins were in the roofing boards. The logs were also very straight, which made putting the cabin together much easier.

Very pleased with my purchase, just waiting for a dry spell to put on the protective coating.

Peter Conway
Feb 23, 2017
Having looked around local suppliers for a shed which I could use as a garden office, I was surprised at the high prices and low quality offered in my area. I found Tuin whilst searching on-line and decided on the Chloe Log Cabin 4m x 3m, which looked the perfect size and at a very reasonable price. After digging out and laying the foundations myself, I took delivery in late December. The log cabin arrived on the appointed day and the driver skilfully placed it on my driveway. It was very well packed and protected from the weather, and I left it outside for a week before beginning the build. It took me about 3 days to complete the construction on my own including insulating the roof and putting in an additional insulated wooden floor; then a further two days to paint in and out. Pretty good I think given the freezing cold and limited daylight. The instructions were very easy to follow and I had no snags whatsoever. The components were all perfect and I even have enough wood left over to build a big workshop bench. I cannot fault the whole buying, delivery, quality and build process, and would happily recommend this company, its products and services.
Mrs. Yvonne Fletcher
Feb 5, 2017
Very happy with the cabin, easy to construct although timbers for floor were sent for floor were too small. Had to buy timbers that were correct size.