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Carport can prevent a great deal of problems, especially during the winter months.  No more frozen windows and at least you are getting in and out in the dry.  This is a small but well balanced range of carports.  All of them are made from pressure treated timber so you don't have to worry about rot.

Lean to's, standalones, large and small, we hope you find the carport you are looking for.

For post Anchors suitable for the timber carports please see our Hardware Category.

TuinDeco is a responsible supplier and is FSC and regulated for it's Timber.  Please see our About Page for more details

We do NOT take any payment or deposit until delivery of your Carport or Garage is arranged.



Single Carport 3.0 x 5.0m
(9 Reviews)  
Cat No: 41.0005

Pressure treated pine makes up this very well priced Single Carport structure. It measures 3.0m x 5.0m and is suitable for sheltering one vehicle.

RRP: £682.95 , Save £285.46
Single/Lean To Carport 3.0 x 5.0m
(4 Reviews)  
Cat No: 41.0002

Suitable for sheltering one vehicle, this carport can be used as either a lean-to or freestanding structure. Featuring a pressure treated wooden frame and transparent PVC roof panels.

RRP: £783.52 , Save £121.36
Apex Roof Carport 4.0 x 6.0m
(5 Reviews)  
Cat No: 41.00041

Apex Roof Carport 4.0 x 6.0m supported by substantial posts and a strong frame and roof structure. Perfect for a single vehicle.

RRP: £1,853.28 , Save £458.82
Double Carport 6.0 x 5.0m
(7 Reviews)  
Cat No: 41.0003

This double carport measures 6.0 x 5.0m and provides shelter for up to two vehicles. Featuring transparent PVC roof panels supported by a pressure treated wooden frame.

RRP: £1,554.73 , Save £131.96
Log Cabin Carport Ever 7.7 x 4.3m
Log Cabin Carport Ever 7.7 x 4.3m
(2 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.08051

A very substantial and convenient carport. the Log Cabin Carport Ever. Made using 45mm wall logs and featuring an integral storage shed.  With dimensions of 7.70m x 4.30m  

RRP: £3,956.51 , Save £931.92
Nysse Log Open Barn 6 x 6m
Nysse Log Open Barn 6 x 6m
(0 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.08001

A Log garage in the style of a traditional field barn, the Log Cabin Open Barn - Nysse. Manufactured using thick 70mm interlocking wall logs. Measuring 6.0 x 6.0m, this garage is suitable for sheltering two vehicles.   

RRP: £5,155.49 , Save £866.93
Log Garage With Carport Berggren 4 x 8.3m
Log Garage With Carport Berggren 4 x 8.3m
(1 Reviews)  
Cat No: 40.07961

70mm Log Garage With Carport, the Berggren measures 4.0x8.30m. A substantial apex roof building, split into two to provide both a garage and carport. Overall this building is 7.65m x 8.30m.

RRP: £8,367.15 , Save £1,656.19