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Britt Log Cabin 3x2.5m

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mark Tovey
Nov 29, 2017
after much research decided to buy from tuin due to reviews of excellent service and products.
I am afraid that I am very disappointed in both aspects.

I have built a number of log cabins in the past, I am not a novice. This was the worst ever to construct.
I had numerous warped logs, and I dont just mean bowed, these were banana shaped along the groove side. Almost impossible to fit.Even the tanalised bearers that the " shed" (and thats its best description) fits on were warped.
I had trouble getting the gables to fit so that I could get the roof fitted. Tried to ring, no one available , tried again, all on site, told to email and wait for a reply. In the end had to bodge it all.
when I did eventally get an email answer , it was no help at all. It left me frustrated - why oh why couldnt I have spoken to someone?
Door frame doesnt come assembled on this model, that was ok, but what I didnt realise was that the frame was also warped, so when I came to fit the doors later , massive gaps. But cant take the door frame out now.

When I complained , I entered into a long email debate. I asked to speak to someone on the phone, so rather than the original person (who I believe was the boss) that I was speaking to, I get a call from someone completely new that has no idea of what my issues were. To his credit he was probably the most helpful person I spoke to. The solution to to the door, well they sent me some sticky draught excluder and another bit of wood. Yet another bodge.

Maybe I just got a bad "shed" . I am sure all the other reviews arent wrong.

My advice. Check absolutely everything first.
dont just allow a day for construction, because if there are any issues you wont get them resolved right away.

Dont get involved in lengthy email debates, they will drive you mad.Make sure you speak to someone. Dont buy a "shed" that doesnt have the door frame and door already assembled.It will save you a great deal of hassle and disappointment

Do I think the "shed" was good value ? NO
Is it any better than competitors, I doubt it, but then again its probably no worse.
Would I buy again from Tuin? The Jury is still out on that one.

summary - warped logs (plenty of them) warped door frame - rubbish finish on doors as well. Door hinge security poor (screws outside) Poor communication - email complaints only. Reluctance to discuss things on phone. Delivered on time, nice driver, very nice final after sales guy.

hey Ho , lifes full of surprises
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review, I'm very sorry to hear you have had some problems, I will ask head of service to call you and run through these issues.