Barbara Log Cabin Gazebo 3.5 x 3.5m

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Scott Vincent
Oct 26, 2021
Fantastic service from Tuin and really pleased with the end result. Had a wooden decking base already prepared, watched all the videos and read all the excellent advice before starting. Gazebo went up quite quickly, was worried about the EDPM roof but it turned out fine. Also glad I followed Tuin's advice on paint. Worth the extra cost. Now have a great looking log cabin gazebo and the garden looks superb.
Mr. Keith Wright
Sep 29, 2021
We are very satisfied with our new Gazebo (Barbara)
Albeit we had difficulty with Covid effecting the delivery once delivered it was very easy to assemble we good instructions and quality product.
We are now enjoying our time in the garden.
Aug 1, 2021
Ordering was easy and straight forward. Delivery was on the exact date requested and 10/10 for the driver who couldn't have been more helpful. The build : Instructions could have been more specific to the Cabin i had ordered rather than a generic set - we managed in the end. The glue supplied for the EPDM roofing was no where near enough if you followed the instructions on the tin correctly. had to purchase another 4 tins to go with the 2 supplied. All good in the end.
The cabin looks exactly like advertised and no real issues encountered. Plenty of comments on how fab it looks and it has given us the privacy in the back of the garden that we needed. really pleased.
Jul 23, 2021
We ordered the Barbara log Gazebo earlier this year and it was delivered exactly as planned. Delivery driver was fab. Took the time to explain little bits to us which we found really helpful.
Instructions would be better if they were specific to cabin ordered rather than generic but we managed in the end. The result is a gorgeous structure in our garden that offered a cool shaded seating area but which also holds some heat for the evenings. We have installed electric so we have a heater and lights for those cozy nights with friends. Everyone comments on how lovely it looks. Thanks.
Mr. Robert Wiffen
Dec 19, 2019
The Barbara cabin/gazebo was exactly what we wanted for a corner of our garden. It had been difficult to find this semi open design elsewhere. The ordering process was easy and the delivery time was very short in just two weeks. The large truck came from Holland and delivery was easy with trucks own fork lift. There was just one large pallet which was dropped onto my drive. Unpacking was easy and everything matched the packing list.
My base was slabs and I bought the profiled base strips. I would not bother with the profile again as the beams moved on the profile during assembly. The basic strips would have been better.
Assembly was pretty straightforward but some logs were twisted a little which made it difficult to align every row. Without this I would have given 5 stars. The only problem with the very basic instructions was the item showing the sloping top pieces which look like a full length timber but in fact four separate pieces marked ‘27’ and ‘28’ for no obvious reason. It became obvious that this was simply to keep them in a set of four pieces. The packing list shows these four pieces with a full length log which takes a while to figure out. At one point I thought I was short of two full length logs. The office were very prompt in replying to email queries. After assembling the walls, one was bending inwards due to twisting of some logs but with a bit of persuasion this was pulled straight before the roof bars were fitted. The T&G boards fitted well with minimum persuasion required. I used basic felt and only had one problem. One edge of the felt had a shiny strip covered by a type of cling film. This is not mentioned anywhere. I found it very difficult to remove the film as it was a hot day and it didn’t peel off in one piece, breaking into many small annoying bits. I used a cold bitumen under each overlap as well as the strip on the felt which the company video said would melt by itself under sun. The finishing boards that cover the four roof edges are T&G lengths fixed to a particle board backing. This makes it easy ( but heavy) to fit. It I would have preferred something to protect the edge of the particle board from rain. I may fit a plastic U strip. Although this cabin was tantalised (unlike most other log cabins from Tuin and others) I used two coats of Ronseal clear preservative followed by two coats of treatment.
We are very happy with finished gazebo. The roof slope is not as steep as I think it should be but rain seems to run to the back as intended. In summary the timber is good quality except for some twisting, the instructions are basic and could be improved. Final product is good value and well engineered.
Ryan Gribbin
Sep 11, 2019
Item arrived well packaged on a pallet.
Wish they had the planks in order. So that it was easier to start building. Instead had to sort through the pieces to begin building.

Would definitely advise on upgrading to the easy roof.
4 rolls of hard wearing and easy to stick down roofing.

I had already built a decking platform ready for the gazebo.

Worth the money, and easy to put together.
Just needed some help with the roof. But the rest I managed to build myself.
May 27, 2019
I recently purchased a Barbara Gazebo, I had a few questions before I ordered the item on line, so I called the customer service team and they were excellent. The delivery arrived on time by a friendly and cheerful driver and to my surprise he was able to forklift the one pallet just inside our garden which I was grateful he managed to do this.

It took myself and my husband a full day to put up the gazebo with no arguments! once we got going it was easy and fun to build. we are so pleased with the quality, service and the finish of the product.
Mr. Neil Tilley
Mar 12, 2019
This item was delivered on time, well wrapped and in perfect condition. It came with good instruction and although it was tricky to get started, once we got going it was easy to put up. All the parts were there. It looks exactly how we hoped and is good quality for the price. Very happy.
Aug 1, 2018
A really nice well constructed Gazebo. The website is full of useful information and videos to help you build and maintain it. Finishes off the corner of our garden a treat. Excellent service from all areas of Tuin.
Terry Smith
Apr 12, 2018
A very good product and a very professional company. It arrived when they said it would and It all slotted together as it states in the their instruction book, and with my son in-law's help we put it up in less than a day! It looks amazing and it's perfect for our hot tub! Thanks again for a brilliant Gazebo.
Mr. sean mowbray
Mar 19, 2018
I bought the Barbara log cabin as my tent style gazebo got destroyed by the snow. So knew I needed something more substantial. From the start the delivery driver was friendly and placed the pallet as close as possible to my house, which was great. There is alot of timber which took a while to move, but wasn't a problem. I have no experience with building something like this. Getting a flat base was the difficult bit but after that it was very easy to build. The only problem I had was 3 storm strips as there was nothing in the plans about them. I emailed Tuin and got a reply fast with a pdf of all the plans, i was missing the last page. Storm strips attached the gazebo looks great. The quality is very good every plank straight so fits very good. I would recommend Tuin to friends, very happy.
Dave Woodhouse
Jun 8, 2017
The Barbara Gazebo was a joy to construct from start to finish. It arrived on a very large lorry and the driver fork lifted the pallet the last 200 yards down our road and left it in an agreed position on the drive. All the pieces were available and the wood is very good quality.
I guess I could be critical of the foundation strips which were standard 3 by 2 and quite warped. I didnt use them anyway so it didnt affect me overly. The instructions were sufficient to follow by dont expect Ikea levels of detail. You have to know what you are doing and I had a few trial and error attempts before I got there.
I chose the EPDM roof and I can thoroughly recommend it. Looks a lot nicer than felt and was very easy to put down. 1 recommendation though: I purchased the 'witches hat' for drainage. This was a proper faff to put down. I recommend that you dish the roof as advised in Tuin blogs but leave the back open for run off into a gutter.
Great product and looks fab
Mr. David Bream
Sep 13, 2016
Reasonable price for the quality of the finished product. I found it well worth upgrading the roof and purchasing trim which finishes it off nicely. Easy to construct but the instructions sent were slightly wrong but after emailing customer service I received a call immediately and was able to solve the problem quickly.
Mr. Keith Cowan
Aug 23, 2016
Great quality product that was really easy to assemble. The service as fantastic including the sales experience, the helpful delivery driver and the post sale support and advice. 2 friends have already purchased cabins having seen mine. Would highly recommend.
Jul 21, 2016
Waste of money, I may of well paid some joiners to make one. It was so flimsy when erected, pretty sure myself and a few people could of pushed it over as there was no form of bracing. I had to pay some joiners to make it feel like it would stay standing. Facials? What were they about! What stops it from blowing away, nothing. Nothing positive to say about this product, throughly disappointed. I certainly would not reccomend!
Simon Dimelow
Jul 5, 2016
I bought this to go into a new play area we are constructing in our day nursery. We are yet to open the new area but we have assembled the cabin. It was really easy to put together, everything fitted, it took two of us about 5 hours from start to finish....Brilliant!!
Peter Watson
May 8, 2016
I would definitely recommend the Tuin Barbara Log Cabin, we wanted something enclosed to shelter the wind, but at the same time open to enjoy our hottub in all weathers, the Barbara has fulfilled our needs ideally. Ordering and Delivery was simple and efficient, I then checked and laid out the various componant pieces, and started the build, very easy to assemble. I did have one slight problem with the build, and that was quickly resolved, even out of hours technical support was available. All in all the whole experience from start to enjoying the cabin has been trouble and stress free,I would definitely reccomend Turin and their products. 5* Product 5* Company