Asmund Corner Log Cabin 3x3m 28mm logs - 2.5m Height

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Colin Greaves
Mar 15, 2022
The end product is great.Delivery was superb driver very helpful.Building it wasnt really a problem untill you get to the triangle section above the door this was a nightmare to fit and the instructions arent the greatest.I feel this is a problem for alot of people.
I think clearer instruction would be a advantage.
But overall im delighted with the result and for what you pay its fantastic
Mr. Michael Walters
Mar 31, 2021
The Asmund log cabin was purchased and arrived just outside the delivery window. The delivery was excellent, the unit was unloaded from the lorry without any problems. It arrived as described on the web site. Only slight issue was the foundation pieces supplied were not as per ordered but this was resolved via email correspondence. The build went well and I assembled this on my own within 1 week. The plans and details supplied are quite basic and certainly having some experience in assembly/construction helps. We are more than satisfied with the quality of the unit and it sits well in the plot chosen in the bottom corner of the garden. The video support is excellent and I did refer to theses on several occasions. All in all very satisfied. The only negative is the slow response to email enquiries as nobody answers the telephone. The website requests email contact but this is very inadequate as it can take 4 days for a response which is not satisfactory, for example when I reported the incorrect foundation strips. I was waiting to commence the build but had to wait for an email response and whilst the correct ones were offered I then had to send another email asking anticipated delivery and thus had another wait. In the end I just used what had been sent which was a bit frustrating. I would recommend either answer the telephone or respond to emails within 24 hours! I did not require technical support but would have been very frustrated if the support took this long. Had the support have been more efficient I would have given 5 stars but unfortunately this was disappointing.
Mrs Mary Pucknell
May 13, 2020
The customer service was excellent and the delivery efficient.
The cabin was erected without much trouble and the structure is sound and aesthetically pleasing. Unfortunately, it is not possible to give a full review as completion has been interrupted due to the Covid-19 pandemic preventing us obtaining base materials at present.
Our only complaints to date are that the door lock is 'back to front' so will not close automatically when pushed into place and some of the wood on the door surround is 'rough' creating dips in the structure. Otherwise it is good.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. Regarding the door lock, please take hold of the lock plunger with some pliers, pull out, rotate and let it go. The lock will now be the correct way. We are sorry it was sent incorrectly.
Ben Dwyer
Oct 11, 2017
A good solid product but there were a few problems. 1. Bolts for the roof were missing. 2. Nails for the floor were already rusting so I used my own. 3. All the roof panels needed recutting because the long edges weren't straight. 4. Only provided with four bearers and needed to use off cuts for the fifth side. All that aside, I'm very happy with the finished result and glad I put it up myself to my own high standards.
Mrs. Cheryl Clafton
Jul 4, 2017
This log cabin is very spacious and looks good. It took two days for my builder and his assistant to erect.
Good pleasant communications from the company concerning delivery.
jeanette leyland
Jul 17, 2016
Thrilled with the summerhouse. Asked my kitchen fitter to assemble it. It took 21/2 days from start to finish for 2 men. It seemed easy enough to follow instructions, the roof and the shingle tiles took the longest. Fantastic paint job green and cream electrics in just waiting for the furniture now. First party booked for next sat. Would definately recommend this product.
Only complaint is when the delivery people came they damaged my guttering. Not expensive to repair but company never got back to me.

Mr. Gordon Hopkin
Jul 11, 2016
I received my Asmund cabin in the middle of March. It has taken me until now to complete it but I wasn't on it full time and I am nearly 70 years old! Basically I am very pleased with the end result. The quality of the product is excellent. However I do have one or two issues which I need to point out. I think the instructions could be clearer. I feel that there could be some words as well as diagrams. One of my instruction books was for a gable ended building whereas my building has a pyramid roof.
My biggest complaint is concerning the foundation beams. They were the shape of giant bananas. I had to screw the first log into the beams to try to straighten them. By the time I got to the fifth log everything had pulled in square.
I purchased a wooden floor with my cabin which was fine except for the so called skirting board supplied with the floor. It was full of knot holes and splits so I purchased some bull nosed architrave from my local builders merchant which finished the job perfectly.
You will notice from the photos I have fixed guttering to my cabin. Firstly I attached profiled timber to the roof panels to achieve a vertical finish. The guttering is smaller than domestic guttering which I purchased from B & Q.
Finally I didn't use the nails which you supplied for fixing the floor. Instead I used screws called Tongue Tite which screw through the tongue and are not seen.
Despite these concerns I am extremely happy with the finished article.
Mr. Errol Halpin
Mar 23, 2015
First delivery was cancelled because of a mishap where I was told the cabin was damaged. Tuin office/sales staff were very good at re-scheduling and the delivery company were extremely helpful in unloading the delivery to the best possible place, very patient.
The cabin was very easy to put up I finished in 2 days with only an hours help from someone else to hiold the roof struts. I'm very pleased with the cabin, the quality and the look
Lorraine Goodwin
May 6, 2014
On the whole I'm really pleased with the whole 'Tuin' experience. Enquiries were dealt with promptly and helpfully (including an email sent on a bank holiday!), delivery suited my time frame and was made within half an hour of the estimated time. I'm interested to read other reviews saying how easy assembly is. I paid a local landscaping contractor to build mine, and it took 2 men with carpentry skills 2.5 days to assemble it. The walls went up very quickly, but the roof and doors took time, as did laying the roof shingles (particularly over the ridges). I bought the optional foundation beams. These were delivered loose and without labels or instructions. They would have needed to be cut/mitred before use, too. Unfortunately, the contractor did not identify them as foundation beams and completed the assembly without them. He maintains that the instructions were inadequate (pictures of the cabin don't show the beams either), and as this has been mentioned by other customers it would be nice if Tuin took this on board. I am delighted with the cabin itself - it looks gorgeous, but either the instructions need improving or my contractor is clueless. Perhaps a bit of both!
Imran Yousaf
Feb 22, 2014
Very nice looking log cabin and very good value for money.
Mr. steve kelly
Nov 4, 2013
the product is fantastic
Mrs. Tina Care
Jul 26, 2013
Delivered efficiently and well packaged. Walls went up easily but there were a couple of issues with the roof however it was sorted by my carpenter son. Very pleased with final product and would recommend to others - just a few more written instructions with the product would be useful.
Mr David cloke
Jul 26, 2013
Although the log cabin was not the one shown in the original picture we saw it did prove quite tricky to erect, we happy with the end result.
Brian & Virginia Barber
Jul 1, 2013
We are pleased with our cabin, but feel as other customers do that the instructions need to be clearer. We have used a good quality paint, 2
undercoats and 1 top coat, it was worth it. Now looking forward to using it.