Asmund Corner Log Cabin 3x3m 28mm logs - 2.5m Height

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Mr. Ken Richman
Dec 16, 2016
This is a really good product. If I needed a second log cabin I would definitely buy another one like it. The thing about buying a second one is that it would be so much easier to erect, now that I’ve had the excruciatingly miserable experience of putting up the first one.

Just because they are pretty easy to build, once you know how, is no excuse for not really bothering to provide any instructions. Well, there were some instructions, they were in with the cabin and as it had been in the rain for a few days, they were soaking wet and fell apart. I was quickly on the phone to Tuin customer support and to be fair, they emailed me a duplicate set to print out. But these vague and next to useless bits of paper bore little resemblance to the cabin we had actually purchased, being mostly generic advice with pictures of different log cabins, plus some schematics annotated in Dutch. There is also a link to the website with more generic advice and generic videos so we spent quite a lot of time in the garden with a laptop watching videos of people assembling bits of different log cabins none of which matched ours – strange because the Asmund is apparently one of the most popular in the range.

In desperation at times, we searched YouTube and found more videos uploaded by customers showing off their own handiwork; it seems there is some sort of sport undertaken by a certain type of handyman or woman who takes a pride in being able to assemble complex wooden structures without any help at all, and then brag about it on YouTube – doubtless the same people who won’t ask for directions when lost in an unfamiliar city. I bet they don’t video themselves assembling a Billy bookcase because that’s easy. It has to be a challenge and yes – it is!

We did try phoning for help and did get through more than once, and Tuin were helpful by telling us stuff that plainly should have been written down and sent along with the cabin. Tuin recommend emailing for support, but they don’t always reply and of course you don’t know how long it will take to get a reply, which is depressing when you’re standing freezing in the garden staring at a hundred bits of wood and you need an answer NOW because it’s getting dark and your fitter wants to go home.

Now I am not expecting instructions at the IKEA level of mind-numbing dumbness. (Maybe something closer to Airfix – in the old days when they used words as well as pictures.) But I would like to open the package, lay out the parts (would be nice if they were labelled in some way) and be told what to do, in order, and specific to the model I have purchased. It would be helpful to be told when I need two people to assist, for instance. I should not have to figure out what orange painted stripes on roofing panels mean – I get it ‘now’ – I’ve done it – next time will be so much easier.

I advise anyone considering purchasing one of these, firstly to read everything on the website and watch all of the videos. If it all makes perfect sense to you, go ahead and buy one. If you feel you are starting to lose the will to live, I guess you could book the fitting service – but that would be a shame because, as I’ve said, these cabins are not that difficult to build, once you’ve done it.