Metal Shed Bronze - 2.36 x 1.74m

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Feb 9, 2018
This is a fantastic shed – the space is enormous! The colour is lovely too, it’s very unobtrusive and looks very posh. I’ve had it since April 2017 and it has withstood many storms, lashing rain, and heavy snowfall, but is as solid and waterproof as the day it was installed.

Two friends put it together for me – all I did was make tea and hold the sides while they were being fixed. It’s good to have as many hands as possible when building this shed as the panels are wobbly until secured. Also some of the pieces are covered in protective film. Don’t make the mistake of leaving that until it’s finished - you need to peel this off before assembling, or it’d be very tricky to do around the screws.

I’m in and out of there every day and the doors still run perfectly smoothly. Because all the fixings, including the screws, are good quality stainless steel nothing has rusted. And the very best thing about this metal shed is once it’s up, that’s it forever – no maintenance.
Mr. Lloyd Wright
Aug 31, 2017
Over the moon with delivery and my pent metal shed. Fitted together fine and managed it on my own . Also after massive downpour for two days no leaks so really pleased . My tip would be to take of plastic film before assembly as it is hard to remove.Thanks Tuin great colour combo graphite and light grey
Mr. John Boreham
Aug 1, 2017
Brilliant shed now that it's up, however, the details say that it takes 2 people 2-3 hours to erect but it took 4 of us one whole day. I would say that you need to have some very good DIY skills in order to get this right.
Mr. Ian Edwards
Aug 27, 2015
Many promises are made by manufacturers and reading reviews by other buyers left me confused on which product and which company to use however, the deciding factor was not the time it took to erect (They all take about six hours) it was the price coupled with quality and it’s suitability. I chose Tuin 8 x 6 metal shed as this ticked all my required boxes. I placed an order on a Sunday expecting delivery between 7 to 10 working days later. It was delivered 4 days later. Due to inclement weather we could not begin assembly for two weeks. It took 6 ½ hrs to erect, chose not to use a power screw driver as these can overtighten screws and we did not require cloves. The plans we simple enough to follow and the finished shed looks good and is excellent. Tips: 1) Lay out all the parts ensuring nothing is missing before you start. (We had two items incorrectly supplied for the base) 2)double check the two white plastic door runners prior to assembly, these are not the best design, we added a glue to keep the two halves together and sprayed with WD40. Only 2 holes appeared out of line but that was probably due to our misalignment. I contacted Tuin on the out of hours contact number and replacement parts for the base were delivered 5 days later coming direct from Holland. Thanks Richard and Tuin, great product.