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Mrs. Dawn Maybury
Apr 9, 2018
We've not had chance to put our Aiste log cabin up yet due to the recent poor weather, but we're delighted with it so far. We chose it because it was just what we wanted at a good price with an excellent website and advice should we need it. Delivery was really quick and the communication regarding this was excellent. It all came on one pallet and everything was there. We are really pleased with the quality and hopefully it won't be long before it's up.
W Smith
Mar 30, 2018
The Aiste Log Cabin we purchased is of good quality at a good cost and was delivered to our front door from an awkward uphill entrance. Full marks to our delivery man who we invited in for a Coffee. The heavy snow then fell that night and the cabin was covered in snow for 5 days but it was well covered and saw no ill effects from this and is now errected in our garden and looks great thanks.
Mar 30, 2018
An absolutely lovely cabin. Great service and instructions.
I’m painting it as I put it up. Excellent thanks very much.
Stephen Hobbs
Mar 12, 2018
The delivery driver was really good, he put the pallet exactly where I wanted. I haven't quite finished construction due to the weather but the first 6-7 layers went on really easily and the instructions are simple to follow, even when building single-handed.
Lynda and Charles East
Mar 2, 2018
Due to the severe snow we haven't been able to build our Aiste cabin yet, however I do not anticipate any problems if the service received so far is anything to go by. Staff were courteous and helpful throughout the ordering system, no complaints whatsoever and I think the website is really good. Our delivery was causing us some concern due to the narrow road and eaerly mornign delivery before neighbours had left for work, but the driver was brilliant, bringing our lad in from the main road by forklift. Securely packaged and quite safe to be left outside in the snow. Brilliant service.
jonathan hynes
Jan 24, 2018
I was a bit nervous about putting this quite large cabin in my smallish garden. But I was greatly reassured at each stage by the extensive info Tuin provides on the quality of it and installation. The support and delivery were great, the cabin went up (in the snow!) without a hitch. Hard to see what they could do better.
Mr. Richard Harris
Jan 9, 2018
I must be honest and say how well organised buying from Tuin was. From the first telephone call and email for information I felt confident to purchase our log cabin from Tuin. Their service is first class, all my questions were answered rapidly and honestly. The quality is excellent, every piece of wood was cut to perfection, my 16 year old and 30 year old sons built my cabin for me. The instructions plan is so easy to follow. Once you have organised the different size logs into separate piles the cabin is a breeze to build. From delivery to the complete build was a pleasure. I would highly recommend Tuin to everyone seeking to purchase a log cabin.
alastair cunningham
Jan 5, 2018
I'd spent a long time looking at various cabins for the garden, eventually I stumbled across Tuin, and I am SO pleased that I did! The initial call with the sales rep was honest, open, and suggestive. Delivery was smooth, and very professional also.

I put the whole thing together by my self (apart from cladding the roof) in a few days with a few hours spend each day. The instructions aren't amazing, and you really need to focus on some areas not to fit a level of logs to high etc (like I did twice). Also, the web videos are much better, so spend some hours watching those over an' over! That's more my error than Tuin's to be fair, but it was still an annoying mistake. I also put the door threshold round the wrong way, but again, my mistake totally. Putting the pieces together is SO easy however, and as long as your base is straight and level, an amateur could do it. The quality of the wood is very good, and the whole thing looks very impressive. I'm really, really pleased. I need to finish the floor this week, but no biggy. 100% would order from again.
Mr. Grant Baker
Jan 2, 2018
Fantastic quality product backed up by a great team who are more than happy to provide all the help and support needed both before, during and after construction. Thank you Tuin I have already recommended you to potential new customers.
Mr. David Lowrie
Jan 1, 2018
I followed all the advice found in your blog, videos... and it paid off. Rubber mallet - MAIN TOOL! - fantastic. Had the cabin up in 18 hours (by myself) and 2 coats cuprinol in 3 days (avoiding rain and waiting for sensible temperature).
Result is fantastic.
Dec 18, 2017
I did lots of research on various cabins and resellers. I kept coming back to Tuins website as it had so much support information on the blog which was going to be essential for me as i was doing a self build for all of it. Based on the garden space and cabin location i settled on an an Aiste log cabin. The site is on a slope and reasonably challenging to construct a concrete base due to access restrictions for a mini digger etc. I decided on a timber frame base on ground screws, to minimise the environmental impact. I highly recommend this method as it can be done solo. The cabin it self arrived on the agreed date. I notice after unpacking and relocating the contents to my back garden, that one of the door hinges had a long split originating from the hole along the edge of the door. I contacted Tuin and they advised i could either trevor with some glue or have the door replaced. I initially asked dfor a replacement door which would have to come from Holland, so I tried the glue and clamp repair myself and it looked perfect. I cancelled the door replacement and all is still well, i can't even remember which of the door had the split now. As per the Tuin blog advice, I installed 50mm Cellotex board insulation on the roof (outside under the shingles) and in the floor (between the joists). In the overall build the roof assembly and shingles take the longest to do but it was never problematic. I love the cabin project and can't wait until spring to fully appreciate it. Although I am tempted to install a small wood burning stove to use the cabin now in the cold of winter. I highly recommend this cabin and especially Tuin as a company.
Mr. Ronald Clark
Dec 14, 2017
Brilliant product very well made and went together so easily. It looks fantastic. Every piece precision made and fits perfectly. For the price you could not get better. Apart from slight delay in order being delivered the whole process was very easy. Excellent delivery firm and beautiful log cabin well worth the wait. Would recommend to anyone
Anne Gregory
Dec 6, 2017
I am very pleased with my purchase and with Tuin as a company. My summer house looks amazing and is very good quality. I looked at other products and companies before making my purchase but most were more expensive and did not have the excellent reviews that Tuin has. I am a very happy customer and have been recommending Tuin to my friend's. Thank you.
Mr. Luke Pitts
Dec 5, 2017
Excellent product and really couldn't be simpler to assemble. Get the base right then basically build up like you would lego. The pieces slot together and within a day and a half it was complete. Probably would of taken less time if I hadn't started building it at 6pm and the light faded.
Andrea Parker
Nov 21, 2017
Excellent service from start to finish.
Having researched extensively beforehand, I opted for Aiste model. It's a great quality product; delivered on one large pallet; very simple to erect.
Quality timber means it's extremely sturdy and will no doubt last many years to come.
I opted to supply my own floor joists and flooring.
Really pleased with this product.
Richard Beard
Nov 5, 2017
Cabin came as one huge pallet. Both order and delivery processes were good. My independant installer was very impressed with the quality and condition of the cabin which took two full days to erect including fitting all shingles. The website give great information on installation. However somehow I missed the fact that the cabin could be pre-treated which I would have selected. I also missed finding the lean to addition on the website but have now also purchased this. I did not buy a floor as will tile the base instead.
Mr. paul turner
Oct 31, 2017
service was excellent from order to delivery which was prompt and the driver was just great with limited access from a main road.once unpacked and sorted the build is quite straightforward with clear elevation diagrams and a joint system which is just superb .the actual main structure took 1 day to put together with the roof and shingles taking another day thats for one person.i am absolutely chuffed with the product it looks fantastic and for the price it is excellent value for regrets whatsoever i would use tuin everytime
Mr. Mark Hallett
Oct 29, 2017
After spending quite, a bit of time reviewing suppliers of Log Cabins and trawling through numerous reviews and forums, we decided on TUIN. The Web Site made a great impression with us, user friendly, the calculator was easy to use, having the ability to add and or remove very clear, the support information Tab was great, relatable and perhaps more importantly for us, it felt personalised.
From the point of order, I cannot fault the service received, communication was seamless and actioned by TUIN in a timely manner. Delivery confirmation via phone and email was further supported by an exceptional delivery process. We received a call the day before the delivery just to check that we where still good to receive. On the day of delivery, we received a call from the driver to confirm he was an hour away. He was friendly and courteous throughout and offered some great advice on how best to set out the pieces of the cabin prior to installation (this tip proved priceless as it happens). There was not a mark on the outer packaging and after we moved all from the front of our house to the back, there was no damage on any of the wood for the cabin.
Anyone with a little bit of DIY knowhow can easily install although the Installation instructions do take a bit of getting your head around. To mitigate this TUIN supplied a more “user friendly” set of instructions and on watching the support videos, all was clear on the installation. As per my experience with most things flat packed, you always end up with a few bits left over which leave you scratching your head, the Log Cabin is no different. After successfully installing which took 2 days including installing the free Shingles (which are fantastic quality) we where left with quite a few pieces of wood which on reflection are obviously just packers used to stop the cabin moving around on delivery. It would be extremely beneficial if these packers could either be a different colour, not made of wood or even just marked up not for use, however, as they are not treated, they made for great burning in our Chiminea.
To recap, 2 days to install which included putting down our own flooring, another day to give it a good 3 coats of paint, we now have a high quality log cabin which we could not be happier with.
Thank you to TUIN and the team for the product, the support and for doing exactly what you said you would do.
First class throughout.
Mark & Jen
Miss Katie Perrior
Oct 25, 2017
Excellent service - really no trouble at all. Even answered my stupid questions when i didn't know what I was doing! You get what you pay for with sheds/garden offices. This is exceptionally well built and I know it will last. Really pleased with my purchase. Can't fault it.
Mr. Ian Line
Oct 10, 2017
I did lots of research before buying my Aiste log cabin from Tuin. I've now received it and built it. It was very easy and would have been even easier if I'd read the instructions properly for the door. Everything was high quality and fitted perfectly. I had a small problem with the wrong foundation beams being provided, but these were delivered the next morning - fantastic service. Thanks Tuin.
Sheila Strang
Oct 4, 2017
The cabin looks amazing and a great service from tuin; I had issues with the contractor laying the base, so I had to cancel my first order which wasn't a problem when I called. Small issue with the window black window latches which really weren't in keeping with the other Ironmongery so I have replaced them. All that is left to do is decide on what colour to paint it!
Mr. lee wallington
Oct 4, 2017
Fantastic log cabin! Took a full day to completely assemble, the instructions are adequate and design allows it to go together without any problems. Finished cabin is a solid, professional looking product which is the envy of friends... highly recommend Tuin and the 5m x 3m Aiste log cabin
J MacLeod
Oct 3, 2017
Fantastic service and great quality product. So easy and quick to put together. Would have given it 5 stars but delivery was delayed a few weeks due to it being out of stock. We were informed of this and kept up-to-date with progress. Delivery went very smoothly too.
Mr. Allan Allward
Sep 29, 2017
Great cabin! Went up within 8 hours. All joints and parts machine accurate.
Delivery date was delayed, but the company kept me informed. In fact the driver coming from Amsterdam said he'd be with us in Liverpool between 3-5 pm. And he arrived with 5 minutes to spare. Poor bloke wouldn't even stop for a coffee before he had to get off again.
Very sturdy cabin, went up very quickly. Great quality. Free shingles were a nice touch too.
Mr. Michael Bird
Sep 29, 2017
Very pleased with my Aiste Log Cabin, it really is a quality product for an excellent price. My cabin arrived early which gave me the full day to start my build. The delivery guy was very helpful and offloaded it exactly where I needed it on the drive so I could get in/out of the back gate with the logs as I unpacked them. I must admit, I had the concrete base done professionally so it was perfectly level and square. I took a bit of time on setting out the foundation beams but having done that the build was straightforward and up to roof height in one day on my own. The logs slotted together easily, I didn't need the mallet very much at all bar the odd light tap here and there. I needed help on slotting in the windows/doors and long roof beams, I don't think you can do that on your own. By the end of day two I have the roof on complete with celotex insulation. I tiled the roof myself on day three, I was a bit unsure at the start, so I used the out of hours support just to make sure I was doing it right. They got back to me within the hour which was brilliant. All in my log cabin took four days for the basic build, I'm now giving it three coats of wood stain on the outside ready for winter. After that, I'm having the electrics fitted, again I'm going to get it done professionally, as it really needs to be a certified installation. I would thoroughly recommend Tuin and I have done to a couple of friends who might be looking to build something similar. Many Thanks !!
Mr. michael hurst
Sep 27, 2017
Spent many nights reviewing log cabins and chose Tuin, mainly because of feedback and price, plus it was the one i liked best,
after ordering all went well goods arrived on time and the unloading was excellent,
I found it better to erect than i thought it would be,and i am extremely pleased with the product and Tuin,
And would recomend their products.
Mr. andrew hoole
Sep 10, 2017
delivery driver very helpful and professional. delivered neatly onto drive as instructed and wrapped well to protect from the weather. The whole build from start to finish was a pleasure. the materials were all there and built to precise lengths. My only negative was the plans but once I started building everything fell into place perfectly. I cant praise the company enough and my log cabin is A1. As a landscaper I will be promoting this company and would be happy elaborate further.
Mr. Andy Jones
Aug 27, 2017
I am very pleased with my Aiste Cabin. Reality exceeded expectations. Great communication, fantastic skilled delivery, excellent packaging. Quality product, excellent timbers, free quality shingles. Easy build by myself. Sourced additional materials locally for insulated roof and floor upgrade. See Pinterest post" Tuin Log Cabin ".
Watch the Tuin videos and read the instructions and guides on the web Tuin website. I am a professional Chartered Building Engineer and this product gets my full endorsement. It is really a quality kit which is wonderfully simple to build. Of course if you can't put up a shelf you are should get someone who can to build it for you.
Mr. Wayland Twiston Davies
Aug 18, 2017
The Aiste log cabin was very easy to build. We spent some time making sure that the foundation and first row of beams were perfectly square and level, once this was done, it went up very quickly. Within an hour we were fitting the windows and door frames which slid easily into place. Once the frames were in we quickly reached roof level. The most time-consuming process was installing the tongue-and-groove roof sheathing. Once this was fitted, we finished for the day. The second day was spent felting the roof in preparation for the shingles. I would recommend fitting felt under the shingles because this allows the roof to be made waterproof very quickly which means you can store your tools inside. Once the roof was done, we fitted the floor which was another day. I would recommend the optional 27mm flooring because it gives a very solid, non-bouncy floor.
Overall I was very pleased with the service from Tuin. The materials arrived on time, there were sufficient materials plus useful spares and my questions were answered very quickly by email. Most importantly it was a real pleasure to build this cabin, it was so well thought out there were few questions to be asked and the prepared pieces were so precisely cut they all fitted together easily.
Mrs. Tina Smith
Aug 12, 2017
We had brought a cabin from a local merchant and was appalled at the lack of quality and service, we sent the cabin straight back the next day. We looked around a bit more and had been recommended Tuin so brought through Tuin as we had read the reviews and read all the info on their web site. We asked a few question before hand and was met by a quick and helpful response. When the cabin arrived the driver was very helpful and gave us some good tips on how to look after the cabin before we even put it up. We watched the video on the website about 40 times, I would recommend everyone to do this, it is so helpful. During the process my husband had to email regarding the door and he had a quick response in 2 minutes. The cabin its self went up lovely and as neither of us had any building experience it look us by surprise but we did check and re check the measurements (many be a bit to much). It look about 2 full days in all to get the cabin up and water tight. The shingles are an added complement to the cabin. My husband who is a painter and decorator spent many hours taking care over the painting and has done a beautiful job on it.
I would say add an extra £1000 to the cabin price for painting and electrics if you want the cabin to look and be prefect.
I now have a beautiful workshop and will look forward to many hours of creating art in it (thats if my husband doesn't nick it off me).
Well done Tuin you surpassed yourselves. I would recommend Tuin to anyone and everyone. Wish we had just gone with them the first time.
Dr. Paul LEWIS
Aug 7, 2017
I ordered this cabin and trusted the website information. The measurements are millimetre perfect! This is by far the best built cabin I have ever put up and I've done a few and made. one from scratch. The cabin went up in a day with no issues and I could not believe that even the door lock alignment was perfect when the doors were hung. Nothing needed 'modifying' or 'adjusting' it just went together perfectly! I had plannwon building my own from scratch again but I bought this as the price was cheaper than I could buy equivalent timber for. I would recommend this to anyone! Even the delivery was excellent - a really helpful driver who u hope the driver enjoyed the Oreo ice cream cookies on such a hot day :)
Mr. Colin Waterman
Jul 31, 2017
I am very happy with the quality of finish. Everything about the cabin exudes style and quality. From ordering, delivery, packaging, instructions and ease of construction,Tuin are surly market leaders. I will do recommend the product and Tuin to anyone.
Mr. Gordon Roy
Jul 23, 2017
I looked at a few log cabin before picking Tuin and the Aiste. I must say I'm delighted I did. My experience with Tuin has been great. The delivery driver was also fantastic getting it into my narrow driveway. It went up with no issues as everything was marked. One pice for the window missing however once email to Tuin and I had it the following day. Impressive customer service. Would highly recommend
Dawn Battle
Jul 10, 2017
Very very pleased with our product, looks exactly like the picture on website. We went up really easy from start to finsh with instructions. Can't wait to start using it. Really really please with the quality of the product, looks lovely in the garden. Thank you so much.
Mrs. sandra mackenzie
Jul 8, 2017
Dealing with Tuin was a pleasure compared to others we tried. They was accessible and responsive to all communication.The cabin was perfectly engineered and so easy to assemble it took 2 of us 2 days. The only downside is the timbers do not come pre-treated.That may have a long term impact on durability. Managing treating during assembly was impossible so we can only hope final coating will be effective.
Tuin reply: Thank you for your review. We do offer as an extra order a pre-treatment service if this is required. We provide either immersion treatment or a painted treatment. This service can be found in the Log cabin Extras Category.
Mr. Kevin Colbeck
Jul 1, 2017
Very pleased with every aspect of my purchase from communication to delivery.
Excellent quality control.
Not one single issue with fit of parts.
I just used some slightly longer clouthead nails for the ridge as it was more secure than the supplied nails which I found a little short.
All together an organisation which is to be congratulated for its work ethic.
Mark Robert Storey
Jun 22, 2017
Great delivery service and well packaged. Went together very simply, the only stumble we had was with the door frame - you need to take the frame apart to fit it. A bit of a faff to get the doors to shut properly - you'll need some carpentry skills. Door furniture is a bit cheap, but perfectly acceptable at this price. You may want to up the security if you are in a vulnerable area.
All in all, a great product and no complaints.
Mr Barry Durham
Jun 17, 2017
The driver was very helpful and did his best to place the well packaged cabin as near to site as possible.But me and my good lady wife had to hand ball it from its crate and stack it further up the drive. Unfortunately it stayed there for three weeks open to the elements and pouring rain.I employed a joiner to erect the cabin . After contacting​ Tuin helpline ,the joiner commenced construction which he did almost all on his own. l was amazed how quickly it was erected. The joiner was really impressed with the quality and the ease of putting together with no issues, even though it had been exposed to the elements. It took the joiner a day and a half to complete the job including roof shingles and cabin flooring. Wow!!! One HAPPY CUSTOMER
Mr Barry Durham
Jun 11, 2017
The cabin arrived earlier than expected and the driver did his best to position the well packed timbers as near as possible to the new concrete base. Unfortunately, I was let down by a couple of joiners and the log cabin lay unwrapped and exposed to the elements for three weeks before finally being erected. The joiner who erected the cabin on his own worked in the pouring rain. He was a little bit disappointed with the instructions provided but delighted with customer helpline at Tuin who answered his queries. Inspite of the delay in erecting the cabin it went up a treat. Both the joiner and myself are impressed with the quality of the product and how well it fitted together.The roof shingles look really nice. The joiner laid pine flooring and it looks great. All in all one very Happy Customer. I would have no hesitation recommending this Tuin 3M x 5M Aiste log Cabin to anyone. Spot On.
Sanjeewa Abeyratne
Jun 6, 2017
I manage to complete the log cabin in a day, Very simple to follow instruction.
Mrs. Rachel King
Jun 3, 2017
Very pleased with the log cabin good quality and good service I would definitely recommend and use them again.
Mr. jason warwick
May 21, 2017
I received the delivery via lorry on the date specified. The product was well wrapped and secure. Installing the log cabin was fairly straight forward following the instruction which were easy to follow. The cabin itself is great. The quality of the wood is good. I am really happy with my purchase and would recommend Tuin as a supplier.
Tony D'Souza
May 20, 2017
very pleased with the log cabin i bought, delivered on time and very well packaged, me and my son put the cabin up in 1 day and did the roof on the 2nd day very easy to put together and very good quality timber, only thing you need to be aware of is if any off the timbers are warped which can be a struggle to get fitted right but all in all very pleased with my purchase.
Kevin Holding
May 17, 2017
After comparing many different websites, we placed an order of the Aiste Log Cabin. All aspects of service were excellent, the communication, the delivery and the product. The cabin was assembled in no time at all. It was the roofing and shingles that took the most time, but we are so happy with the cabin and have had many neighbours knock on the door to have a look, all were very impressed indeed. We have already put lights and electrics in and have made a start on the home bar. Even as a work in progress we have had some friends over and they loved it. Looking forward to many more soirées. Love, love, love it!!!!
Steve Parker
May 12, 2017
I ordered a Tuin cabin having dome many weeks research and visiting cabin displays. I became convinced Tuin were the best for quality and after sales service and I am happy to say my confidence was well founded. Our Aiste cabin arrived on a very large lorry from Hollandaise. The driver was new to the job and had never been to the UK. He was efficient and polite and dropped the cabin pallet on the driveway perfectly. A cup of tea and some friendly words and he was very happy.
I checked the pallet the next day and all was very securely packed.
I had previously spent some time building a concrete base and I am glad I persevered with getting it level. My wife and I started the build and it was clear the logs were well made. All slotted in snuggly. I progressed over the next day and we put in an additional win dow in a gable end. Make sure you ask for instructions via e mail as it's not immediately obvious how this goes in. With the help of my Dad I had the roof on the next day.
I insulated the roof on the outside as per Richards recommendation. Make sure you measure rof boards+insulation+covering to get the correct nails. The shingles look very smart.
Finally we painted our cabin with Sadolin Superdec. This is not cheap. I paid £250 to fully paint the walls inside and out with 3 coats. It's quality stuff believe me and I am hoping it lasts as long as it claims.
We are now fitting out the inside and I will post some photos to Richard in due course.
Lessons learnt?
Plan ahead and a level base is crucial. Make the most of Tuins assistance and advice. They responded to my e mails within 30 minutes.
The instructions are basic so research the website and watch the videos.
Excellent product with good customer support.
Mr. Daniel Wagg
May 8, 2017
Excellent product and service. A great managble project for any DIY er.
Neil Hames
May 8, 2017
Just a quick word of warning to double check the driver is delivering the correct item BEFORE it comes off the wagon as what the driver thought should have been ours was not, as it had been packed in the wrong order.

I was hoping that delivery could be made through my 3m wide gates but although the fork lift could get through there was alas just not enough room (about 10cm) for the forklift to pull back from under the pallet and crab sideways out, so it had to be deposited on the drive and my wife and I had to unpack and move everything behind our gates by hand, which was actually not too much of a problem.

I had a friend help me to erect the cabin and after laying out all the components to make identification easy, was amazed at how simple it was.

Before each section was added I applied wood preserver in between the joints as we went along and the only problem we encountered was at the end when the pre-assembled lock would not release the key. This was rectified by taking the lock mechanism apart to find that a part had been bent and just needed straightening up.

We put 4 x sheets of 50mm x 1200mm x 2400mm of Celotex under the floor for insulation which cost less than £100 from a local DIY store and finished off by using a clear oil based wood preserver finish.

As always, when you are buying anything off the internet, especially of such high value, there is some trepidation. However, after speaking directly with Tuin before committing, all in all we are very pleased with the cabin. We had looked at other suppliers for similar cabins, but when we compared the whole cost including floor and roof shingles, Tuin had the edge and we are very pleased our choice.

We would highly recommend them.
Geraldine Carberry
May 4, 2017
From start to finish it’s been a fabulous experience. From ordering to advise with the company has been so easy and helpful. Delivery was interesting due to where we live, but the driver was just so accommodating. The Cabin was packed so well, a couple of issues which were sorted with a quick email. The cabin looks great, was by far the best quality and best value having spent a long time looking at other brands. The instructions were very explanatory and we had no problems getting it built in a couple of days. Mine was bought as a hobby room for upholstery. The space in the 5m x 3m is great and it is well insulated and such a sturdy construction. Since going up it has generated a lot of interest and feel sure there will be more orders into Tuin before the summer is finished. I have no hesitation in recommended Tuins’ products. It is rare these days that you get exactly (and more) than is written on the packet! Thank you again for a fabulous cabin , I look forward to years of happy use with it.
Mr. Steve Garner
May 2, 2017
From start to finish this has been a wonderful experience. The ordering process was easy and the advice and support from Tuin was exceptional. Delivery was on time and made with the minimum amount of fuss, especially considering the size of the pallet. The cabin was packed really well and the quality of the wood was very high and made construction extremely straightforward. There were a couple of twists and bows but using the advice on the Tuin website, they were easily dealt with. I am very pleased with how well the cabin went up and how it looks and I would have no hesitation in recommending Tuin and the Aiste cabin.
Mrs. Jacqueline Parkes
Apr 17, 2017
I purchased from Tuin having read some disturbing reviews about a competitor's customer service and I am very glad I did. The whole process has been entirely stress free from placing the order to receiving the goods. I was very pleased with the quality and accuracy of the parts supplied which made erection quick and trouble free. The Aiste Log cabin was erected in a weekend and looks brilliant, hopefully the cabin will give many years service. Would not hesitate to recommend Tuin to others.
David Hughes
Apr 13, 2017
Absolutely spot on with the AISTE cabin. Brilliant service from the delivery driver. As a result of a neighbours experience with Tuin, I did exactly the same and spent plenty of time ensuring the base (sleepers) was perfectly square and level. The cabin was delivered at 1400 in a nearby road as our lane was to narrow for the forklift. It was all on the garden by 1600 with help from two friends,and was up to the eaves by 1830. Next day I carried on and with the help of a friend in the afternoon ,we had the roof on by 1700 on the second day. A few weeks later, I have wired it up, put the floor in, decorated it and am now installing my model railway. Chuffed to bits with Tuin's product. Flawless instructions. It went together easier than a sectional garden shed (and without the need for two people with most of the erection. For the record I am 66 years old and delighted.
Hamish Green
Apr 11, 2017
The service and product have been exceptional and we have been thoroughly pleased with the whole experience with Tuin. The product is very well made and goes together fairly easy just by using common sense and we would recommend to other customers
Sue allgeier -squibb
Mar 31, 2017
First class all the way , quick delivery great easy ordering , and best of all the quality of this cabin is the best , very easy to put up with no hiccups , fantastic value for money and looks great just like the picture .recomend to everyone , you will not be disappointed.
Mr. bradley davis
Mar 20, 2017
When I first looked to purchase this I thought the price was too good to be true, however after reading through numerous reviews I decided to go ahead with the purchase. When it arrived my first thoughts was “there is no way the whole cabin is in that parcel” in fact I even rung up to confirm that is was just one parcel. Day 1, 2 of us unwrap the parcel arranged all the parts and by 5pm that day the whole thing including the roof was on. Day 2, fitted doors “5 min” and then spent half a day putting shingles on the roof which came free. In fact I had a couple of packs left over so came in very useful for creating wood store. So my views are first class service and product you would be mad to buy else where.
Mr. John Preece
Mar 3, 2017
I do not normally bother with reviews of products, but I must comment on my recent purchase. I had read previous reviews for this product, however I do not normally believe them, but in this case I was proved wrong. Delivered to my home, I was on my own, it took 2 hours to transport the material to the site. Within 5 hours I had built the cabin up to the purloins. Next day the roof was completed within 4 hours. I did not need any other tools except a rubber hammer for the cabin and hard hammer for the roof nails. All the joints etc. fitted perfectly. The next day was the roof shingles this took 6 hours including using wood protection. I could not believe that it did not need any "nudging" to make it fit. Very pleased with the product
Mr. Robert Wright
Feb 23, 2017
The log cabin is extremely well made and all our visitors so far have been amazed at the quality. Once you get your head around the instructions, construction is fairly easy. 3 men put ours up in a day, but do plan an additional day if flooring opted for too. The shingles are not so easy to install. You need good gloves and knee pads. Since installing ours, I've read better to use adhesive as well as nails, so I've ordered the same and plan to do once the weather improves. Overall I doubt that you can find a better product on the market for such a reasonable price and would definitely recommend this company.
Mr. Peter Calvesbert
Feb 17, 2017
I have had my Aiste for over a month now but because of bad weather and because I wanted to treat and stain everything before construction my project is not yet finished. The build was very straightforward and no problems with warping.It was very easy to customise as i have added two skylights and my own insulated flooring. The quality was pretty good, maybe the wood was a little softer than I had hoped but no real problem. I opted to add the doors and windows after the main build but on the Aiste this does leave the front quite flimsy and needing clamps. The doors and window frames add a lot of strength on this design.
This will be my main place of work and I look forward to moving in. All in all very pleased with my purchase and wouldn't hesitate in recommending a Tuin cabin.
Nicola McKelvie
Feb 10, 2017
Wonderful addition to my garden. We are so impressed with the service, help, guidelines of the log cabin.
Thank you
Cathy Tate
Feb 6, 2017
My Aiste cabin is great. Easy to heat with an oil filled radiator. I work in it all day and so far all is safe and secure despite the recent awful weather. Very happy. Thoroughly recommend.
Mr. Trevor Thompson
Jan 30, 2017
I am the owner of a joinery company based in Luton and was looking for a log cabin for home to use as a home office,after looking into whether it was viable for us to build it ourselves we felt that we were not really set up to do this and were better suited to joinery manufacture that we are set up for so therefore looked on line and found Tuin !
I have to say that your company is one of the most professional companies that I have had the pleasure to use in recent years, which is not something I say lightly, we were up to speed with all delivery times and dates at all times, your delivery driver was very polite and helpful and the quality of the product surpassed what we had expected
The installation instructions were easy to follow and the finished product is perfect you definitely have one very happy customer here and I will of course recommend your company to all my colleagues.
Well done Tuin if there were six stars availble for service and quality then I would not hesitate to give you that mark.

Many thanks for all you help
Trevor Thompson
Knockout joinery (Luton)
Mr. Duddridge
Jan 30, 2017
I asked for a helper with the Aiste. The package was rather daunting but the delivery guy was brilliant.
We followed the instruction video before starting and think that was really beneficial (notwithstanding the music on loop!).
The cabin was up and watertight (shingles on) in 8 hours (8am - 4pm) as that was all the daylight we had. Finishing off and floor another day for me. What a great fun job, LEGO for grown ups I called it.
Well done to all at Tuin, helpline kindly pointed out that I was an idiot at one point, but other than that faultless.
Mr. Chris Fox
Jan 28, 2017
Great pre-sales support by telephone, delivered when promised, fantastic quality product which was relatively easy for my dad and I put assemble. Would recommend Tuin and this cabin. And great price
Mr. Fraser Adam
Jan 20, 2017
Went together very well all parts fitted together without any problem simple and easy. Thankyou
David Webb
Jan 1, 2017
I'm really happy with this product, I looked around for ages trying to find a summerhouse this size at a reasonable price, I called them a couple of times for some info and they couldn't have been more helpful, on delivery the driver was very helpful as I was at work and it was only my wife at home and he put it where we wanted it no fuss, assembly was quite easy with two of us doing it, it took about a day and a half all in but on a summers day with more light could easily do in a day, overall I'm very happy and would definitely recommend.
Mrs. Caroline Moodey
Dec 31, 2016
It took a long time for me to purchase my cabin, as I didn't want to make a mistake. Tuin were excellent from the beginning to end. Unfortunately one of the double glazed Windows was damaged in transit, this was replaced immediately and without any fuss at all. Customer service five star , cabin five star, quality item and wouldn't hesitate in recommending to would be purchasers. Thankyou.
Peter Bird
Dec 16, 2016
From start to nearly finished, from ordering to delivery was dealt very efficiently especially the delivery at 7.30 on Tuesday in the morning rush hour. The Driver was very helpful.
3 hours to carry cabin into back garden and erecting to window level. Next day up to apex level. Following day purlins and roof. All on my lonesome. Purlins were very easy to put up.
2 damaged pieces were replaced within 2 days (excellent).
I installed an insulated roof and floor as recommended in the blog. The whole experience has been an eye opener. It was certainly worth buying top quality. I highly recommend Tuin and have told many friends.
David Webb
Dec 14, 2016
I searched for a long time looking for a log cabin that was the right size at the right price and it found it with tuin. The Aiste log cabin was exactly what I
wanted. I made a couple of phone calls to them to find out more about this product and they couldn't have been more helpful, delivery arrived when they said it would and the driver was very helpfull putting the log cabin where I wanted it, assembly was very straight forward it took about a day and a half to do including the shingles but I think on a summers day with more light could be done in a day, I'm very happy with the log cabin and would definitely recommend tuin to family and friends
Dominic Harvey
Dec 5, 2016
After trawling the log cabin market for almost six months and not coming up the right size , or design for what I needed ,was recommended by a friend to Tuin. Great website and we went to the showroom and had a fantastic common sense chat about what we wanted and the different options available to us as I wanted a man cave to accommodate a small work bench and have a bar and was thinking about insulating was advised about the Aiste as it has double glazing and being 40mm thick would not need extra wall insulation . My builder put in a concrete base as we went for the composite base boards , the cabin was delivered when we asked without any hassle and was put up in two days by our builder . The instructions and u tube videos were very clear and our builder wants to erect more of these as the cabin slotted together so well - the roof shingles took a bit more time but once understood the method look great and we had a downpour the day after and totally watertight - a few of the neighbours have already asked where we got the cabin from and especially the shingles . I put in an extra 40 mm roof insulation and have put 22mm chipboard floor with 25mm insulation underneath and with a small oil heater in there it's warm as toast even in the current slight zero temperatures . Only things to point out it took a fair amount of time to paint a wood preserver on but we went as per instruction and used a product recommended by brewers and the rain just bounces off -I did not order guttering initially but after some sound advice from our builder put in on and it's a simple to fix solid product and looks great , we have a French drain around and then a patio so easy to set the gutter down pipe . In all we are extremely happy with the Tuin service - it's just not hard sell - it's great advice and the product is so better than the other ones with lots of different designs , all out friends are very impressed - as they all looked at the design and then the finished article would recommend it to anyone , our builder even now wants one himself , am now in process of fitting out so will post some pictures once done but give it 10/10
Bryan H
Nov 8, 2016
I bought the aisle log cabin 5x3 and what value for money, I also took tuins advise on the paint and it was also great as they had said, I bought the grey and the log cabin looks great, well done tuin you do everything right
Mr. Hugh Gemmell
Nov 5, 2016
Firstly, a word about Tuin, Like mostly all other reviewers, I have only the highest praise for Tuin’s professionalism, attitude and customer service which is second to none.

From ordering to delivery and construction Tuin staff were there to help and support, and yes they really do answer queries out of hours without pay ! I had a construction question, I emailed Tuin, got an answer in 30 mins on a Sunday Morning!

Tuin’s website has a wealth of information on every aspect of Log Cabin construction and this proved a very useful source of information, especially the videos.

The delivery company also deserve a mention, they managed to get the 5.3m pallet onto my property , I was convinced they would not manage it, yet the exceptionally skilled driver positioned it exactly where it was needed and he even managed to get the fork lift back out !

The Astie Log Cabin is BIG, very nice and easy to construct, the basic build took a day. Laying the shingle roof took the best part of a day. However, do not under estimate the time required to treat and paint the log cabin. Also, the ease of construction is directly related to the quality and accuracy of the base. The base must be 100% level and square, if you get this right the rest is easy. Due to the sloping nature of our garden we opted for a wooden frame base sitting on pillars so we were able to construct the base very accurately. We are highly delighted with the results!

We added an additional window to the end wall which improved the look and natural light into the cabin. Again, this bespoke change was handled with professionalism and no fuss and the additional parts all arrived with the cabin. We also upgraded the window stays with better quality lockable latches and stays, something for Tuin to consider as these little improvements make a massive difference to the final look !

Tuin Cabins are significantly higher quality compared to traditional garden buildings/sheds and worth every penny of the extra cost.
Malcolm Mitchell
Oct 31, 2016
Having deliberated long and hard for quite some time, I found my perfect Log Cabin on the Tuin site. Words cannot express the exceptional service that I received. My Cabin was delivered within the timeframe exactly as stated by a most helpful young man with a great Norfolk accent. Every thing was packaged as detailed and duly numbered for easy assembly. One of the doors was water damaged and badly warped and from my notification a brand new replacement set was delivered within a couple of days. My wife and I built the cabin to roof height without any arguments!! A result that is unusual!! Then with help from my Son we completed our Cabin roof the next day ready for me to add the shingles. The plans included and on line instructions made this all very easy. Friends and family have been truly impressed with the substantial quality and design of the Cabin. Just left with the finishing off now, with the electrics going in this week, a bar to build from the packaging and left over timber and decking of the surrounding base to complete. Well, give me a chance I am nearly 70 you know!! Thank you Tuin, a great product and exceptional service.
colin seefus
Oct 23, 2016
Good delivery service, excellent product and good quality timber, very smooth no sanding required. Easy to assemble, completed in a weekend, no nailing required simply slots together, The profile had to be cut around the door, although no instruction to advise this had to be done. Would recommend doing a little research and there is plenty of information and video demos on Tuni website. Would highly recommend this product and company.
Mr. Keith Rose
Oct 21, 2016
I had intended buying a cabin from another company, but the apathy shown by the sales staff led me to look elsewhere & to the purchase of the Aiste cabin.
On seeing the expertise with which the delivery driver handled the pallet, I felt confident I was dealing with a professional outfit!
The period between ordering & delivery gave plenty of time to read & re read the online assembly guide, & armed with that information the cabin was assembled in around 5 hours. The only snag encountered was in finding the top component of the door frame had been factory assembled incorrectly, but that took only around 15 minutes to rectify. By far the slowest part of the build was fitting the roof shingles, which probably took another 4 hours or so.
Ensuring that the base was level, and following the logical sequence we found the design & quality of the kit made the build as straight forward as it could be.
A terrific kit for the money.
Mr. david noakes
Oct 15, 2016
Firstly there are a number of damaged timbers on the pallet that arrived, one of which is critical to the build and will have to be replaced. Secondly I ordered and paid extra for floor timbers (joists for the floor boards) and these have not been supplied. At this time I am quite disappointed with the quality of the cabin.
Oct 2, 2016
Delivery of the log cabin was excellent
Great quality great price
Mr Steven H
Sep 29, 2016
We had looked at many different manufacturers for a log cabin before settling on Tuin.
I am so glad we decided to go with them as from start to finish, the whole process was painless.
We decided on the Aiste cabin as it was the size we wanted and gave us a high quality product to suit our needs.
During ordering, I was given advice on which extras to buy, the delivery was seamless and the driver very professional.
The construction was very straightforward and the couple of questions we did have were answered extremely quickly.
Build took 1 day for the main body/roof, a second day for the shingles and a third to put down insulation and the flooring.
Since then it's been protected with Sadolin Superdec, windows & doors varnished, it has been furnished and has had electricity feed installed.
To say we are pleased with our choice is a massive understatement, the finished product is amazing and our friends cannot believe the quality considering the price point we paid!
I am sure "5b" our little pub will give us many hours of enjoyment for years to come.
Thanks Tuin!
Ted Winfield
Sep 28, 2016
Everything worked as expected, on time and with few hitches. A couple of missing window handles were supplied very quickly.

Construction of the cabin took about two days with help from my daughter and son-in-law.

I have lifted the cabin off the floor. Clearing the site, concrete pads, bricking and building the floor structure took several weeks part-time.

The machining is accurate and the construction is straightforward once you have figured out what to do. You do need two people to fit the roof timbers as they are long and quite heavy.The extra windows caused a slight problem as there are no instructions and I had to invent a way to fit them. They are quite different to the supplied windows as they can be added after construction.

Given the timber is softwood it is very important to use a good preservative paint on the outside when the cabin is complete.

So far I would recommend Tuin to other potential purchasers..

I have had electric lights and power fitted to provide and extra bedroom, children's room or place to escape to. It is built in a two acre field and has a very different outlook from the house.

Time will tell with regards to the cabin's durability.
David Lehaj
Sep 23, 2016
Driver was excellent, nothing too much trouble. Quality of cabin faultless.Easy to follow instructions and online videos a great help. Best cabin I ever bought worth every penny. I give this company top marks for a first class product.
Richard Buckland
Sep 20, 2016
I bought the Aiste cabin for use as a garden office / spare bedroom. The standard of manufacture was excellent - the cuts & joints etc were very accurate, which made building it very easy and meant the finished cabin looks very good. It took me 8 hrs from laying the foundation beams to nailing in the last roof planks - on my own! What took me much longer was treating the wood - I applied 1 coat of preserved & one coat of wood stain to all the wood before I built the cabin. I then applied 2 more coats of stain after the cabin was built. This takes a bit longer, but gives better protection. It took approx a further 8 hrs to fit the shingles. One pack arrived damaged & tuin replaced it within 2-3 days - excellent service! I also asked for advice on construction a couple of times by e-mail & received helpful information within about 30 minutes - great to have a fast answer when you are mid-build! So - top marks for product & service.
Mr. Ivan Atkins
Sep 15, 2016
Apologies for the delay but there is a lot going on here at present !
The 'Aiste' log cabin, 5 x 3m went up like a dream - delivered 9.30am shell up by 6.30pm (including transporting 1 tonne of timber from drive to back garden by hand). Roof boards 2 days due to domestic pressures, shingles 2 days due to similar interferences, floor 3 days. Not bad for a 72 year old recovering from 2 months in hospital.

Everyone very impressed with the cabin, including brother-in-law who will be ordering an 'Aiste' or similar next spring.
Mr. christopher holland
Aug 15, 2016
well what can i say about this log cabin its pretty easy and straight forward to assemble. the instructions were quite easy to follow.if you familiarise yourself with the components and the instructions the cabin almost puts itself together i bought this log cabin to house my hot tub and i can honestly say its a well made piece of kit.
apart from the delivery been one week late due to a delay i would highly recommend tuin.
the delivery driver rung me half an hour before arrival to let me know he was on his way and was a very pleasant and nice man who is a credit to his company
Martin S
Aug 13, 2016
A quality cabin at a good price. Construction is straight forward and the Tuin web site provides just about everything the self builder needs to know to ensure a trouble free build. Please be aware Tuin specify 5% fingers joints for the wall logs on this cabin. I assume this means that you'd expect a maximum of 5% of the total wall logs to be jointed. In my case of ninety five wall logs, including the short ones, six of the long back wall logs were multiple jointed so this is just over 6%. Not really a problem as I don't think the casual observer will notice them. Of course a self builder will know exactly where each joint is. One log was 2 cm oversize and the door lock cylinder was missing, but this merely allowed me to test the Tuin customer service response which as other commentators have pointed out is truly exceptional. Overall a very good experience.
Mr Graeme Anderson
Aug 5, 2016
After reading the reviews we ordered with Tuin. There service from order to delivery was faultless. The construction of the cabin was straight forward, we use the instructions and the online video. No problems, it took a couple of days to build, roof and paint. We would recommend Tuin to anyone. The Aiste Log Cabin is an outstanding product.
Mrs. Kate Hall
Jul 30, 2016
The shed was easy to assemble and the instructions were really clear. The delivery was on time In fact a little early which made it even better for us. Would really recommend both the shed and Tuin. Thank you
Mr. Paul Cotton
Jun 26, 2016
What an absolute amazing cabin cannot fault the manufacture of this product :) I will recommend your company to anyone who is in the market for extra outdoor space.The instructions are easy to follow and from purchasing to delivery could not fault any of the staff it was a pleasure to do business with you.This was the first time I have built one of these , but only took 4 hours to erect all the walls roof beams and instal the windows and doors, will finish the project in one more day.Once again thank you for a fantastic product kind regards Paul from Rotherham :)
Mr. Paul Ramsier
Jun 23, 2016
The log cabin was delivered on time, the delivery driver could not have been more friendly and helpful. The product itself is outstanding, we were very impressed in the way it was packed, the instructions were easy to understand and it went together faultlessly, with no missing parts. I would highly recommend this product to anyone, it is and looks wonderful.
Mr. Ryan Zealand
Jun 14, 2016
Really pleased with my Aiste log cabin. I spent a long time looking for a cabin and I'm happy I chose Tuin to purchase it from.
The whole process has been effortless and even when I discovered I had a couple of logs missing, the office arranged for them to be delivered next morning. Unfortunately the delivery company didn't have the same standards as Tuin and didn't arrive until the afternoon.
The cabin build was so simple and went together easily. I would strongly recommend using the website to research all the information and helpful tips before the delivery and cabin build and use it to assist you along the way.. Thanks guys!
Tom Claxton
Jun 9, 2016
Delivery was brilliant, packages arrived just as promised. assembly is straight forward I trusted you instructions and all went together really quickly, 1 small part was missing but an email sent I recieved the next Day , Brilliant ,finishing the shingles and have the flooring to do , REALLY CHUFFED. thankyou TUIN.
Mr. Will Best
May 28, 2016
I've wanted a log cabin in my garden for a number of years and have been slowly saving up for one.

After much consideration and reading reviews I eventually decided to go with Tuin, originally I was going to by from ***********

To say I am happy with my decision is an understatement. From the minute I placed my order Tuin have been in constant communication via email, keeping me informed of my orders progress.

When ordering I asked if delivery could be held for a specific week so that I could be at home for delivery and installation. This was no problem for them and I received a phone call the week prior to delivery with a date and time slot. The cabin arrived as promised, on that day at the estimated time.

Delivery was very professional and arrived on a wagon with a forklift taking a matter if minutes to move from the wagon to my drive in a single pallet.

We had 3 people build the cabin, it was really easy to put up and took us a couple of days to finish it. The quality is absolutely outstanding. We did unfortunately have a couple of missing parts but Tuin replied to my emails within 10 minutes, even on a bank holiday. They arranged for replacement parts to be sent the next working day on an overnight delivery and they arrived exactly as promised.

I would definitely recommend buying any Log Cabin from Tuin as the quality of both their product and customer service is exceptional.

Mr. Jason Ledger
May 28, 2016
Just completing my cabin at present and up too now the quality of this product is excellent. Anywhere else you would be paying more for a sub-standard product.
Don't have any fears purchasing from Tuins as quality product and great aftersales who reply within 30 mins of your emails. Perfect item
Mrs. Gillian Cowan
May 25, 2016
Originally I contacted another company with a view to placing an order for a log cabin, however, the poor customer experience with them caused me to reconsider. Thank goodness I did because Tuin have really impressed me the cabin is exactly as described and went up with ease. One small niggle was running short of shingles but more were sent in a couple of days. Customer service and support has been outstanding - thank you.
Joe Meadows
May 8, 2016
Delivery time was excellent, delivery driver was extremely helpful. Shed absolutely excellent quality we would recommend this company 100%. Shed built in 1 day x 1 person. Very easy to put together.
Gordon Ranachan
Apr 16, 2016
Very easy transaction i changed the order and delivery date a couple of times and nothing was any trouble for the admin team. The cabin itself was very well made and so easy to put together. The secret is to watch the videos available online and read the many blogs. These coupled together give you no end of tips on how to. I would have no hesitation in buying from this company again. A pleasure to deal with.