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28mm Log Cabin Storage Annexe 1.6x2.2m

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Mr. Brendan Gill
Apr 12, 2020
Very happy with this addition to our shed. Well constructed but instructions are not the best. Simply to put together though and very happy with our purchase.
Mr. Stephen Gundry
Jun 25, 2018
Very good quality, supplied on time, excellent tech support. However, beware the door is not easily reversible to enable annexe to be fitted on LHS of your cabin.
Ian Brooke
May 26, 2018
Excellent service from Tuin regarding delivery, help and advice. The cabin annexe looks excellent now we have completed and painted it.
My one criticism is that the quality of some of the components were not up to the standard of the Chloe cabin we purchased last year.
Mr. Tim Kay
Dec 23, 2017
Having recently completed building the Flow log cabin, to which this was to attach, it was quite straight forward. The logs are nicely machines and fit together with the occasional tap from a large mallet. Some logs had become warped which requied a long tool to give a twist back in the right direction. Like the bigger log cabin, the base set up was the most lengthy job. The whole project was completed in an afternoon without rushing. The door and frame come as a complete assembly which may require some assistance to fit. I foolishly assumed it was constructed like the main log cabin door and didn't worry when I found I'd fitted it upside down. This turned out to be a problem as unlike the log cabin, the shed door frame is nailed together and not screwed making my job a little more complex than it needed to be. However, once the door was correctly oriented, I replaced tge nails for screws and it was job done. Like the cabin, the floor is a little more time consuming as the planks need cutting to size but it looks good, has plenty of space inside for my needs and once painted, should last a life time. Would I recommend this product. Yes, it nicely matched the larger log cabin and was well manufactured. Thanks Tuin!
Mr. Colin Ward
Jun 19, 2017
Easy to assemble , everything arrived well packaged. Would be better if you could reverse the door .
Paul O'Donnell
Jul 12, 2016
The cabin is from Tuin, and therefore, as expected, it is great quality. I had 2 problems really. Firstly, it is quite low and therefore, although I ordered the flooring, I did not fit it because at only 5'8", I would not have been able to stand upright inside. Secondly, The facia in the front and back has a very sharp end and as it is low, I already hurt my head twice before I sawed the edges off. I hope the manufacturer change that.
Jul 8, 2015
Very impressed with the side sheds so far. Bought two of them, one to go either side of a log cabin. The only issues I had was:
1) that they are supplied with the door fittings attached. I have therefore had to get a carpenter to remove and reverse the lock and hinges of one of the door sheds - otherwise, the door of one of the sheds would have been at the rear of the main cabin. I guess the advantage here is that if you are only getting one, the door hinges and lock are already fitted, so one less job to do. Perhaps they should offer them with a choice of right or left opening doors?
2) I had to create slots in the timbers that fit to the main cabin. Surely if you are buying a side shed (that is obviously going to be fitted to another wooden log type building), there should be specific fixing points. I only say this as it was quite awkward to create slotted holes with a drill. This would have been much easier with a router.

That being said, still happy with the sheds. The instructions provided were quite basic but the Email support was very informative and helpful. No problems getting a speedy response at the weekend.

I must admit that building the sheds and the main cabin was really enjoyable!